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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hello Super Awesome Card

Hello, Super Awesome! I'm back! {Sorry for the long break! We've had company coming out our ears for our family reunion this past weekend, and I gave that my full attention....P.S. It was "super awesome!"}

This card uses both the July Stamp of the Month and the super awesome Beyond Awesome stamp sets. I love 'em both!  I've included a full products used list (items that are still available) at the end of this post, complete with links and photos for your convenience.  Although the Enchantment Fundamentals papers that I have used on this card are already sold out, there are other color collections of these same papers (Whimsy, Adventure and Basics) that are still available, but only through July 31, or while supplies last (whichever comes first).  I highly recommend them! I use the Fundamentals papers over and over again, by themselves, and mixed with other cardstocks and even patterned papers from other kits. They are so versatile (a color and white print on one side, and a tone-on-tone- embossed print of the same color on the back), and oh-so-cute! The patterns are big enough for a pop, but small enough to take a back seat to something more bold. 

Back to the July Stamp of the Month. I love this fun "From the Notebook" set.  It's great for cards, scrapbook pages, and even to stamp in your planner.  Yes indeedy!  Even better is that for every $50 you order (before shipping and tax), you can get one of these little gems for only $5. Order $100, get 2...and so on.  Neato Cheeto!  When ordering on my website, you'll be prompted to add your set(s) before you check out.

Monday, July 18, 2016

You Are Ridiculously Awesome Card

Hello! You are ridiculously awesome!  What a perfect card to send to someone you love just because, don't you think?

I created this 6" x 6" card using the July Stamp of the Month and some of the Fundamentals papers and stickers that are retiring on July 31 (or when supplies run out, whichever comes first). You can see them here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.  I LOVE the fundamentals line and grabbed up as many of these beautiful papers and stickers as I could before they disappear. Also, there are lots of other items that are retiring this month. You can see them all here.

The darling and functional July Stamp of the Month (From the Notebook) is only available this month and is only $5 ($12.95 savings) with every $50 you order (before shipping and tax).  Order $100, get 2...and so on.  When ordering on my website, you'll be prompted to add your discounted Stamp of the Month set(s) before checking out.

July Stamp of the Month - From the Notebook

All of the products I used to create this card (that are not sold out) are listed at the bottom of this post, complete with photos and links for your convenience.

Have a ridiculously awesome day!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Designed Decor Frames Retiring

One of the products that is retiring the end of July (or when supplies run out...whichever comes first) that I am going to miss the very most is our Designed Decor Frame. It is perfect for displaying home decor layouts like this one, or even to display your most recent one page layout. I do this quite often and just switch it out as I create something new that I love.  Because I love these frames so much (I think I have 5 of them!), I figured you would too, and wanted to make sure you knew about them before they are gone.

Cool features of this frame:
  • back swings open for easy loading
  • magnetic closure
  • sawtooth hangers on back
  • interior dimensions: 12" × 12". tray depth: ½". total depth when frame is closed: 1¼"  


Another thing that I love about it is that it paints up beautifully. I painted one green last year to display this fun Halloween layout in, and it was also great for a Thanksgiving layout, and a Christmas one.  It even transitioned into St. Patrick's Day, Spring and Summer.  I just spray painted it green (with 2 coats) and then finished off with a quick dusting of spray glitter (hard to see in the photo, but everything's better with a little sparkle!).

We have already sold out of the cream colored frames, but there are still some of the black ones left. I suggest you hurry and get yours today before it's too late. I use these little babies ALL the time for so many things.

One more little bit of info:  if you buy 2 of them, that puts you over the $50 mark for being able to get this month's Stamp of the Month (From the Notebook) for only $5 ($17.95 value).  You'll be prompted to add your set as you check out on my website (easy, peasy!).

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Card Buffets on July 19!

Yep, it's time for another Card Buffet or two.  Since I have been doing Card Buffets, they have steadily grown and grown. This is such a fun way to come, have fun, create the cards you need, and go home with cards galore!

My next card buffet dates and times are:

  • Tuesday morning, July 19 from 10 am - noon in American Fork, UT
  • Tuesday afternoon, July 19 from 7-9 pm in American Fork, UT
Call or email me to reserve a spot (801.360.9896,

There will be some of the following cards to choose from:  birthday, thank you, sympathy, baby, wedding, all-occasion, and more!  The cards at the top of this post are some of the many you'll be able to make.

Each card you make is only $2*, and that includes everything to make it (you bring your own adhesives) plus the envelope, and that includes having me there to help you with anything you need!  If you've never made cards before, never fear! I'm here to show you how, and all of the cards on the buffet are easy, peasy!

*you can get cards for less than $2 each.  Information on how is in the frequently asked questions below 

Wondering why I call them Card Buffets? It's because it's like an all-you-can-eat food buffet. The difference is that instead of food, it's cards. Instead of eating, you're making.  You can make as many as you can finish in the 2 hour time period and pay at the end. 

These buffets will be held in American Fork, UT.  Dates and times to choose from are listed at the beginning of this post. I will allow a maximum of 8 attendees at each class so there will be plenty of space for you to work.  When you call or email me to sign up (, 801.360.9896), I'll give you the exact address. 

Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions:

How does a card buffet work?  Easy!  You come, you eat as much as you want (make as many cards as you want) in the time period of the buffet, and then you go home.

What do I need to bring to the buffet?  Adhesive. That's it. I supply the rest.  I suggest a regular paper adhesive of your choice, glue dots, and 3D foam tape or squares. Bring plenty of each so you don't run out!

How many cards can I make?  As many as you want in the time period. The only rule is you have to finish each card completely before you move to the next card.

How much does it cost?  You pay by the card. $2 per card, which includes envelopes. There are a few ways to get your cards for less. For every friend you register and bring with you, you get .25 off each card. So, bring 2 friends, and your cards are only $1.50 each, bring 3 and they are $1.25, and so on.  The other way is to order at the buffet. For every $25 you order (before shipping and tax), you get .25 off the card prices.  Spend $25, get your cards at $1.75 each. Spend, $50, they'll be $1.50...and so on.  Combine bringing friends and ordering and you could feasibly get your cards for FREE!!!!!

How much time will it take to make each card?  That depends on you and how quick you are. It also depends on which cards you choose.  Some cards are a little more complicated, some are simple, and there are some in between.

How many kits are there for each card?  That varies but there are plenty of cards and kits to keep everyone happy!

What does a kit consist of?  All pre-cut pieces for the card, the card base and envelope, all embellishments, and the use of any tools and supplies (other than your adhesives) that are required to put the card together.

What kinds of cards will be available?  A good variety of all-occasion cards, baby, wedding, thank you, birthday, etc.

What if I love one card and want to make several of that card?  No problem! I just ask that you take one kit of that card at a time and finish that card before you get out another one.

Is there any way to get my cards at a discount?  Yes!  There are 2 ways.
  • When you call to reserve your spot, reserve a spot for a friend that has never attended one of my classes or workshops before and I will take .25 off your $2 per card price, which will get you your cards at $1.75 each.  Bring 2 friends, get your cards for $1.50 each, and so on.
  • The other way is to order at the buffet. For every $25 you order (before shipping and tax), you get .25 off the card prices.  Spend $25, get your cards at $1.75 each. Spend, $50, they'll be $1.50...and so on.
  • By using the two methods above, you could feasibly get your cards for FREE! 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Masculine All Occasion Card with the July Stamp of the Month

Hello, Awesome!  Wouldn't you love to receive a card that made you feel awesome?  Chances are so would lots of folks.  I created this card with the July Stamp of the Month, and also included the "awesome" stamp from the Beyond Awesome stamp set (see below).  I love this stamp set mixed with the July Stamp of the Month, don't you?

Beyond Awesome Stamp Set

The July Stamp of the Month is yours for only $5 with every $50 you order (before shipping and tax).  Order $100, get 2...and so on.  When ordering on my website, you'll be prompted to add your set(s) before checking out. This set is not only great for cards and scrapbooking, but it's also especially awesome for planners too!

July Stamp of the Month - From the Notebook

Another thing I used on this card that you might want to note are the Enchantment Fundamentals papers.  These babies are retiring the end of the month (or when supplies run out, whichever comes first).  I love these papers. They are a white on color print on one side, and the other side of the paper is a tone on tone embossed print of the same pattern. Gorgeous! Unfortunately the Enchantment pack is already out of stock, but the Adventure, Whimsy and Basics packs are still available.   I've also included a products used list (the items that are still available), complete with links and photos, at the very end of this post for your convenience. To see all of the products that are retiring on July 31, click here.


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