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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2 Wins...Sort of!

Football updates...

Tannon and the Lone Peak Knights won on Friday night (Aug. 28th) against Mountain Crest (unfortunately I was home with those darn kidney stones). They beat the #4 team in the state 23-20. There were 5 lead changes in the game and Tannon threw a 73 yard touchdown pass to win the game with 1 minute left. WOO HOO, KNIGHTS! Here is the link to a newspaper article if you are interested. That makes us 1-1 so far this season. We play Riverton this Friday.
Tan-Man right before the game

Dawson's team lost on Saturday, but they won. What? Yep. They lost 12-0 to Spanish Fork. But, the league found out later that Spanish Fork played 3 ineligible players so they had to forfeit the win. I am hoping those 3 players were the ones that kicked our tushies. There were 3 really awesome players who really carried the load for Spanish Fork. So, in a not very exciting way, we start the season 1-0. We play Orem tonight. Dawson had 3 catches in the game and was happy with that. But, when a neighbor asked him if he would rather play like that or have a win, Dawson's replied with a resounding, "WIN!" I guess in a weird way he got both.Yummy Mouthguard!

one of the catches

Dawson's game. He was so happy that when jerseys were handed out he got the traditional Pedersen #10

Before Dawson's first game Tannon said he would spat him (spatting is a way of taping that goes on the outside of the shoe and up above the ankle). Tannon is the king of spatting. He does several of the Lone Peak players before every game and then makes them look like Chuck Taylor high tops, all with tape. Remember those? They're back! Anyway, all of the kids on Dawson's freshman team thought Dawson was the coolest spatted kid ever. Thanks, big brother. What a nice thing to do!
and the spatting begins... (you can kind of see the finished product in the photo of Dawson's catch above)

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Kate said...

Congrats to the Pederson boys! That is awesome! I can't believe how old Dawson looks now!


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