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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rick's Birthday, Mixed Football Emotions, and a Little Basketball

World's Best Son-in-Law: Rick.  Happy Birthday!
Today I am thankful for RICK and FOOTBALL and BASKETBALL!

First, Rick:  Rick is our son-in-law, our daughter, Kori's wonderful hubby.  We love him so much.  Happy Birthday, Rick!  Thanks for being the husband and father you are.  We are so grateful you are part of our family.  Have a wonderful day. I hope Kori make all of your favorite things and spoils you rotten.

Now on to football: I love me some football, especially when Pedersen boys are the ones I'm watching. My father played college football for Brigham Young University and I grew up in a  home filled with football. My hubby, Dan-the-Man played as well.  He played Jr. College ball in from 1982-1984 for Ricks College then went on to finish at Southern Utah University. He was a lineman. We are still trying to figure out where our receiver, DB, QB boys came from. Ha!

Easton playing for SUU vs. Cal (Easton's sophomore season)
Today is the final season game for the Southern Utah University T-Birds (and Easton Pedersen) as they take on the Northern Arizona Lumberjacks, who are ranked #11 in the nation FCS right now.  No worries.  We knocked off the #1 team a couple of weeks ago. We've got this! Good luck to Easton. He burst the bursa sack in his knee a couple of weeks ago but has been playing through it. I'm proud of his toughness and determination.  In fact, with a hugely swollen knee and a black and blue leg, he had his best receiving game of the season last week.  No too shabby!

The reason my emotions are a little mixed today is that I am always sad to see football season come to a close.  It ended a couple of weeks ago for Dawson (his final year of high school football) as we lost the final game of the season in overtime by one point.  A win in that game would have put us into the state playoffs. Sad night. Lots of tears were shed by this mommy as she realized she would no more be watching any of her sons play high school football.  That's not to diminish in any way the sadness the boys felt as they missed the playoffs by a point.
Dawson's final high school football game (red, #10)
After today, I will have to satisfy myself by watching the rest of the college football teams still playing and some NFL.  It's better than nothing, but not as much fun as watching my own boys on the field.

Although the ending of a football season is sad, there is also lots of football to look forward to.  Tannon returned from his 2-year mission for our church in Spain this Fall and is busily preparing to start school and his football scholarship at Southern Utah University, where he'll be on the team with his brother Easton. Dawson has high hopes of playing after his mission (which he will leave for following his high school graduation). Fingers are crossed all through the Pedersen home that one of the schools recruiting him offers soon!  Easton is currently a sophomore in eligibility so he has another 2 years to enjoy catching the ball for SUU.  Since Tannon is a QB, who knows, if he works hard he may just be starting at QB while Easton is still there and have the chance to throw to his bro. That would be cool, right?
Tannon in his senior season of football in high school. Can't wait to see him throw the ball in college!
Off I go to make some treats and straighten up as we get ready to watch the Southern Utah T-Birds and Northern Arizona Lumberjacks tee-off at 2:00 pm.  I'm so glad it's on television. We had hoped to drive to Arizona for the game but Dawson has basketball practice this morning so that was out of the question.  Ahhhhhh, that reminds me. When football ends, I still have basketball to look forward to! I feel much better now.  I am also thankful for basketball.  Here's to a great senior season for Dawson and the Springville Red Devils. 
Sprinville (Dawson, red #10) vs. Timpview last Spring. We won in 4OT!


Laurel said...

Wonderful photos of your gorgeous family Karen!

Rick and Kori said...

I'm grateful for all these things too! Especially that husband of mine :) Sad that Dawson's high school football career is over. Hopefully we will get to see some basketball games while we are there!

Anonymous said...

awesome kids! The football thing that would be so cool if it came true!

Brenda said...

Oh my goodness, you are a red-blooded sport mom! My sister is just like you with baseball, so I know how much this all means to you! These are great photos, too, Karen!!

Trisha Morton said...

Football in person is so much more fun!! Love your wonderful sports shots. Great photography!


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