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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Share a Smile Today!

I am proud to be part of a company that donates a portion of every single stamp set sold to Operation Smile, an organization that brings free cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries to those around the world who have no access to such medical care. Approximately $240 pays for one surgery.  I am proud to say that my customers have paid for MANY surgeries throughout the years just by rounding up the totals on their orders. 

Be sure to take 4 minutes and watch this video. I promise it's worth your while...and you'll probably want to grab a tissue or two while you watch!

There are several ways you can help in Close To My Heart's efforts with Operation Smile:

1.  Purchase the Operation Smile stamp set. $3 of that purchase goes straight to Operation Smile to help with a surgery.

2.  When placing an order with me, round up to the next dollar and I make sure your $ goes straight to Operation Smile to help with a surgery.

3.  Purchase the brand new t-shirt   (in red or grey...I got one of each!) for $25 and $10 of that purchase goes to Operation Smile. The rest just pays for the t-shirt and silk screening. Close To My Heart is not trying to make any money on these shirts. They just wanted to find another way to help. I also don't make any commission on these shirts. They are meant for bringing in money to help Operation Smile and nothing else.


Our very own COO, Monica Wihongi, spent a week in Mexico this past Spring assisting in Operation Smile surgeries. When she came home, she said she would never be the same. The experience had left an imprint on her heart that would stay forever.

Monica and the family of one of the children who was fortunate enough to be chosen for surgery that day.  Unfortunately, many have to be turned away because there is only so much money to go around to pay for the surgeries.  Wouldn't it be great if EVERYONE who came was able to be taken care of?
Here is Monica with Kate Walsch (remember her from Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice?).  Kate is a spokeswoman for Operation Smile and spent the week in Mexico doing the same thing as Monica...assisting families and children through the surgical experience.

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