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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, Easton!

The layout you see pictured here today is the layout I did after the last birthday we were able to spend with Easton (until today, that is!). He turned 19 in December of 2007. He left less than a month later for his 2-year LDS mission. As many of you know, we as parents don't get to see them during those 2 years, and only get to talk on the phone on Mother's Day and Christmas. Thank heaven for those weekly emails! Now that Tannon is on his mission, I am experiencing that all over again.

Easton returned home in January of this year and what a year it has been between then and now! He got home in January, began dating his wife in February (although they knew each other growing up, they never dated), got a job and worked until he left for Cedar City for college and his football scholarship in June, proposed to Daysha in August, finished a semester of school and his first college football season, and was married on December 17. WHEW! What a whirlwind.

Easton, I am so very proud of you for so many things: for the man you are, for serving a mission, for choosing such a wonderful wife, for working so hard in school (3.92 this semester!) and football (go, T-birds!), and for the honorable priesthood holder and member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that you are. I love you! Happy 22nd Birthday! Enjoy this montage of some of my favorite photos of Easton growing up. I still can't believe my little boy is a married man!


Rick and Kori said...

Yay! Happy Birthday E! So fun to look back on your little boy pics. Can't believe we were ever that little. I'm so proud of you and all of your great choices! Love ya! (Oh Mom, I think you meant "weekly emails" not "monthly emails")

Karen Pedersen said...

Thanks, Kormeli Snort! I fixed it. You were right, I did mean 'weekly'.

Tracey Mason's Studio said...

This post is precious. I loved looking at the photos of E from wee one to hot one! ha-ha! good thing that kid is married!

Oh, and I got a bone to pick with you lady! That stinkin book you sent has me all upset! I DON'T LIKE THE ENDING! Why? Just why poor Jack?

Tracey Mason's Studio said...

Darn. I was so upset over Capt. Jack that I forgot to say Happy Birthday to Daysha's husband.
Happy Birthday E!

Laurel said...

Great pictures!


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