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Monday, July 25, 2011

Baseball Layout (Fanfare)

When Kori, Rick and Daci moved to Chicago, they were excited to one day go to a White Sox game. Rick is a big fan. They finally did it a few months ago and I made a layout about it to share in my journaling class ("The Wonderful World of Words") at the Close To My Heart National Convention a couple of weeks ago.

The creative parts about the journaling were:

1. I journaled like it was actually Daci talking and telling the story of that day, and

2. I also added several photo tags in the pocket. I numbered each tag and in the journaling I stamped the little numbers next to the parts that went with the coordinating photos.

The photo flap that goes down over the journaling also opens. Here is a photo that shows it open, and also shows some of the tags pulled further out.

Here is what the journaling said: "May 21, 2011. I had so much fun today! My daddy's co-workers and their families went to the White Sox game together. My mommy and daddy decided to take me too. First we went downtown to one of my daddy's co-worker's homes for a tailgate. Right before we walked in her door, she asked my mommy, "Does Daci like dogs?" Mommy said, "Yes. She loves them!" Then she opened the door and a huge HORSE came running at us, at least I thought it was a horse. I have never seen a dog that big! My mom said it really was a dog though, a Great Dane. Horse or dog, it didn't matter. He was very cool and I LOVED him! He kept following me around everywhere and sniffing me with his big nose. He was taller than me and I think his head was bigger than my whole body. He was a nice dog and he made me laugh. We had our tailgate party up on the rooftop of my dad's friend's building. it was really high! That was weird. My mommy and daddy usually get mad when I climb up on high things and make me get down so I don't get hurt. But today, we all went all the way on top of a huge building in downtown Chicago to eat lunch and no one worried about getting hurt. After lunch we took the L-train to the White Sox stadium. I loved the train! I even got to miss my nap for the game. My mommy was worried that I would be naughty but I was an angel. She should let me miss my nap every day. The game was fun. We sat up really high and the field and the players looked really small. As usual, Mommy was taking pictures the whole day. Sometimes I really get sick of pictures! I did like the one I got to take where I looked like a real baseball player though. Daddy even let me ride on his shoulders after the game when we went back to get on the train. Even though I'm becoming a really big girl I was really tired. I tried not to but I fell asleep on the way home. Thanks, Mommy and Daddy for taking me to my very first Chicago White Sox game. I had so much fun. I like being a big girl!"

The papers I used are from the Fanfare Level 2 Paper Pack. You can order it and other wonderful products on my website 24/7. Many of the other wonderful products you see on this layout (like the Decor Journaling Spots, the Pin Clips, and a few of the images that were cut with our brand new Cricut Art Philosphy cartridge) are available on August 1. Be sure to check back on my blog that day for a link to view the brand new Idea Book page by delicious page.


Stampin n da Hood said...

well if that isn't the cutest stankin layout!
I love, love, love journaling special stories like that!

Kristin said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your journaling. And how the picture lifts to reveal more of the journaling. Thanks for the great idea!

Brenda said...

For some reason, your jounraling made me teary. Daci is growing so fast and "her words" are amazing!

Amy said...

This is just so super cute! I love it and this Chicagoland girl says Go White Sox!

Laurel said...

Wow! Amazing! Love the journaling!

Cheryl Nelson said...

This could not be more FABULOUS! LOVE the journaling, the use of the tags, the design...EVERYTHING!!!

Nicole Norris said...

Your journaling is always amazing. Do you want to journal my life for me? Pretty please?

Trisha Morton said...

OOOoooh, I love how this looks! Despite having a lot of journalling and pictures it still manages to be clean and simple! Very nice!

writersisters said...

Karen thanks for sharing your granddaughter's story with this layout! I'm so glad you're out there sharing the message of how important the journaling is.

Beautiful layout, of course. I'm continually inspired by your blog!


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