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Monday, December 31, 2012

One Last December Stamp of the Month Idea and the Twins Birthday Bash

With today being the last day of December (and the year!), I wanted to do a quick reminder of the 3 specials that are only available through 11:59 pm (MST) tonight on my website.  I've also got another great idea to share with the December Stamp of the Month (see #2 below). Keep on readin'!

By the way, if you are interested in seeing the pictures I promised of the twins' birthday bash, they are at the very end of this post.

3 December Specials:
1.  Whooo's Your Valentine

2.  December Stamp of the Month
3.  FREE gift!


1.  Whooo's Your Valentine:
   You may or may not know that January is National Papercrafting Month.  Since we at Close To My Heart love to party, we are celebrating a bit early. Our National Papercrafting Month Special ("Whooo's Your Valentine") began on December 13 and runs through January 31.  Yippee! 

Spend $35 (either on
my website or by contacting me: 801.360.9896, and get the exclusive "Whoo's Your Valentine" treat tube kit for only $10 (valued at $40)!

The kit includes:
  • 12 die-cut boxes
  • 3 cardstock sheets
  • 1 sheet of silver glitter paper (so pretty!)
  • 12 treat tubes
  • An exclusive D-size stamp set created specifically for the kit!  (see below)

    Whooo's Your Valentine Exclusive Stamp Set (carrier sheet actual size is 6" x 6")
These little goodies are perfect for gifts and classroom projects. The "Whooo’s Your Valentine" kit will make Valentine’s Day a cinch! If ordering on my website, you will get a prompt at the end of your order to add it. Easy Peasy!

2.  December Stamp of the Month:  I know I have already shared a few things about this special, but the coolest part of all is that if you spend $50, you qualify for the December Stamp of the Month at $5 ($17.95 value) AND it will also qualify you for the "Whooo's Your Valentine" kit for only $10. That means you would spend $65 ($50 order + $5 Stamp of the Month + $10 "Whooo's Your Valentine" kit + a FREE gift (see #3 below) if you order on my website) and have $112.90 in merchandise. That's about a 58% savings.  Nifty!  The December Stamp of the Month is a great set!  

I have now shown you all 12 cards that I made with the December Stamp of the Month.  I hope you have enjoyed them all!  Today, I thought I'd share a photo of all 12 of them together (see the top of this post) as well as a GREAT idea of how to use this awesome set.

We carry a great little tool that every mother, grandmother, or aunt and uncle  person needs. It's called an Event Calendar (item #Z126, $8.50). It looks like this:
It includes a page for each month of the year and  measures 4" across and 18" in height. As you can see, January is shown above. There is a space for each date in January. In those spaces, you would write things like: Andrea and Scott's Anniversary (1991), Livvi and Street's Birthday (2012), etc.  There is a page like this for every month. This little gem will last forever and guarantee that you don't forget a single important birthday, anniversary, etc. Now, you may be asking yourself, "Why is she showing me this?"  The answer is simple: Because it is perfect to use with this month's Stamp of the Month.  Just take the cards I have shared this month, create them yourself in a 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" format (my cards were 4" x 4", so it's easy to just downsize a bit) and they are the perfect size for the top of each month of this event calendar.  Or, even better, create some toppers of your own with the December Stamp of the Month. The ideas and options for each little stamp are endless. Here's a page of the one I put together to illustrate:
Karen's January page of her Event Calendar.  I just added a topper made with the December Stamp of the Month to each page and then randomly stamped a coordinating stamp over the date portion of the page to tie it all together. It's ready to add dates!
Don't you love it?  This little puppy is a great post-Christmas gift to yourself to help you reach that New Year's resolution we all have of getting more organized, as well as a wonderful Mother's Day gift for your mom and even your mother-in-law in May.  Again, buying those now and getting them done would ALSO help you reach that "be more organized" goal!

December Stamp of the Month: carrier sheet actual size is 6" x 6"

3.  FREE Gift:  As a reminder, if you spend $50 or more on my website this month, you get this awesome glue pen absolutely FREE ($4.95 value)!  So, my advice to you is to take advantage of all 3 of these specials on my website and you get the advantages of all of them.  Using my website is the key because this FREE glue pen only comes with website orders. 
Now that we've got all of the business out of the way, I had to post some photos from the DARLING "Thing 1 and Thing 2" birthday party my daughter threw for the twins on Saturday.  Enjoy!

Rick did all of the piping on the cakes and cupcakes!  A multi-talented son-in-law I have!

Of course we made sure that we matched the wrapping to the party them too!

It was kind of hard to get a good photo of the darling banner Kori made (using CTMH products, of course) because it was on the window, but hopefully your imagination can do the rest.

Kori and Livvi

Kori and Street

Easton and Daysha lovin' in Livvi

Grandpa Dan-the-Man with Street. Street was more than a little nervous about the whole party idea.

Kori with her twins

The twins while we sang "Happy Birthday"

Daci getting into the party mood. Yes, she decided to dress as Snow White.

My kiddos. I asked them for just one cute photo of all of them together and this is what I get (l-r): Easton looking more than a little goofy, Daysha standing on her tip toes trying not too look quite as short with all of these tall people, Tannon and Dawson hugging since they have no spouses (they thought that was hilarious), Dawson being a goofball, and Kori and Rick being nice about the whole photo thing. You can tell which 2 people in this photo have children of their own and understand how much mommies want cute photos of their kids. You can also tell the 4 who do not.

Livvi and Street with their smash cakes. Livvi was enthralled. Street was afraid.


Kim- said...

Wow! Your cards are just gorgeous! The colors are perfect and vibrant and that is the best idea for the calendar toppers! You have a beautiful family and it looks like the party was a blast! Thank you for sharing!

Laurel said...

Looks like so much fun!

Casandra Bennett said...

Awe, what precious memories you've captured. My son was crazy about his cake on his first birthday, and dived into each moment with excitement. My daughter looked confused in most of her pictures trying to figure out what was happening. And at first, the cake was a surprise, but after a few minutes, and a timid taste of her frosting, she quickly learned that cake was something to be enjoyed. Happy Birthday to your sweet grandchildren. (A princess sister should be in full costume for such an occasion. I'm pretty sure it's in the big sister manual.)

Brenda said...

First of all, you ROCKED that stamp set. Such fabulous ideas for each month! Now on to that family of yours - you guys must have a blast all the time when you are together! Rick had crazy cake decorating skills - WOW! Thing #1 and Thing #2 just can't having their first already - this year has gone fast! And Daci - well, Miss Snow White is a cutie pie!!

Lynn said...

How fun to see all your "Year of Cheer" cards lined up together. Thanks for the inspiration on the event calendar. I have plans to use this set on mine, just haven't gotten it done yet. Photos of the grandchildren, precious!

Stampin n da Hood said...

so stankin' cute! (oh! the cards, too!) LOL

Jamie Harder said...

Love the cards!!!!! And seriously CUTE photos!!

Rudy Rukus said...

So fun!! I bet you were in absolute HEAVEN!!!

Rhett and Tiffanie Jackson said...

Totally made me giggle! Can't believe the twiners are 1!! Cute cute!


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