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Monday, July 20, 2015

Close To My Heart Convention 2015

Mickey and  I livin' it up at the 2015 Close To My Heart Convention!

I promised a little recap of Convention, and it has taken me a while to finally get to it.  Trying to get myself back in my normal routine after a week with my favorite Close To My Heart (CTMH) peeps can be tricky.  Working and playing hard in Disneyland can be difficult (ha!). I feel like my head is spinning with new ideas and inspiration...and that's a good thing!

I won't be sharing new products yet. I will be sharing a few on August 1, as there are a few early releases that you can purchase in August.  Most everything else goes live on September 1, so you'll see a lot from me then. You'll see a few sneak peeks in August though, so be sure to follow my Facebook business page as well as on Instagram (pedermom). I also post quite a bit on Pinterest (Karen Pedersen).

Monday and Tuesday, July 6 & 7:  Two of my friends and team members (Maria and Carma) and I decided to drive to Anaheim, CA from Utah for the Convention. We have done it before and its saves on travel expenses and we have tons of fun visiting.  We decided this year that we were only going to stop and eat at local chain restaurants.  We drove to Cedar City the first night and stayed there with my son, Tannon and his wife, Brookley. We ate at a cute place called The Brick House.  The next day, we stopped in Yerma, CA  for lunch at Peggy Sue's Diner and it was so much fun! The waitresses were dressed in 50's diner attire and the whole place felt like we had just walked into the 50's.

After lunch, we drove the rest of the way in to Anaheim. We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel and it was awesome. I always room with 2 sweet friends, Michelle and Amy. Michelle was already off riding rides and enjoying Disney, so Amy and I joined Carma and Maria for dinner at a yummy Mexican restaurant (guacamole made right at your table) then just enjoyed walking around Downtown Disney. 

Yummy guacamole made right at our table. 
Amy and I decided spreading joy was a great idea!

Wednesday, July 8:  Wednesday was our Leadership Day. It was fabulous. In order to attend Leadership Day, you have to be a leader (have downline) in the company.  I was full of new ideas and motivation by the end of the day!

Amy, Michelle and I taking a selfie during a break at Leadership Day
When a Convention of thousands of women descends on a convention center, they have to get a little creative with bathroom space. The plants in the urinals was a nice touch! ;)
The theme of the Convention this year was "Make It From Your Heart" and we used the Disney movie, "Up" as inspiration.  Of course, CTMH and Disney had Up scenes on hand for photos!

Amy, Michelle and I were feeling "Up"!
That evening, after all of my team who was able to attend Convention this year arrived, we had an awesome team meeting, filled with laughter and games. Our team theme for 2015 is "Unleash Your Inner Superhero" and we certainly did at our meeting! I am the most fortunate leader in all of CTMH, in my opinion. My team is the best.  About 35 of us were in attendance at Convention, but my team consists of over 250 members.  We even won a team award (see more info later in the post).

Thursday, July 9: was the official beginning of Convention. It was fabulous. CTMH does the best job not only teaching us and inspiring us, but they do top rate shows that go along with our themes.  Here's a peek at what we saw opening morning.

One of the perks of being a Senior Executive Director is seating on the front row of all of the shows and general sessions.  One day, I hope all of my team is up there with me, but until then, I love that those that aren't in reserved seating still reserve their own seating and sit together. Did I mention I have the BEST team?  Here are some of them saving seats on opening morning.  Can you see the cute Pacemaker (my team name) sign?

In addition to a fun opening show, we also received the brand new Annual Inspirations Idea Book that will go live to you, my wonderful customers, on September 1.  There are a few products that you can purchase in August, and I'll be telling you about those on August 1.  Until then, hold on to your hats. You are going to LOVE everything!  There is a group of girls (Lisa, Christine, Amy and I) that I have a tradition with of taking a photo with our new Idea Book every year. One of them was unable to attend Convention this year, so we fixed that by still including her in the photo by phone.  Cute, right?

After the excitement of the opening session, I got a quick photo with Carl and Russell.  Aren't they cute?
Carl and Russell are pretty darn cute!
Thursday evening, Close To My Heart threw an amazing exclusive dinner for all Directors and above.  I was so excited to have 2 Directors on my team, Brenda and Kimberly, share the evening with me!

Brenda, Kimberly and I.  I LOVE these girls and am so proud of them for the businesses they have built and love them both to pieces!

After dinner, Minnie came by for pictures with all of the Directors.  Brenda, Kimbelry and I struck the "Minnie pose" too.  When in Disney...
Friday, July 10:  It was another great day of excitement and inspiration.  CTMH surprised us with a brand new mini-catalog called "Holiday Expressions" that will go live with the annual catalog on September 1, and that is full of fun Autumn and Winter holiday goodies.  Seeing the snow fly on stage was the best!

CCO, Monica Wihongi, and her elves announcing the new Holiday Expressions
Friday evening was the awards banquet. I was so excited that my team, The Pacemakers (so named because we keep THE HEART {as in Close To My Heart} pumpin'!) received the award for #2 in team sales.  Did I mention I have the BEST team?  Every year, Close To My Heart reserves the front tables at the awards show for Executive Directors, Senior Executive Directors (that's me!) and Presidential Directors.  I got to have 2 guests. I drew names at our team meeting for the two lucky team members who got to sit up front and was so excited that Shirley and Sheila's names were drawn. They are both new Consultants and this was their very first convention. Now they are going to want to be up front every year. Get busy and become Directors, girls! YOU CAN DO IT!

Shirley, Sheila and I enjoying the awards dinner
Heading up on stage to receive our team award

CTMH doesn't skimp on awards. This lead crystal, heart shaped award pillar weighs a ton!
Here I am with CFO and CCO, Brian Holman and Monica Wihongi, after receiving our team award. I wish ALL of the Pacemakers could have been in this photo because THEY are the true earners of this award.

Saturday, July 11:  Saturday was the beginning of the last day of Convention. That is always bittersweet for me. I love Convention!  Saturday, I was teaching on stage.  I enjoy teaching and hope that something I taught was helpful to at least one of the Consultants who attended Convention this year!

Me, onstage teaching. 
I'd LOVE to have you join my team and join me next year at Convention in Orlando, FL at Disney World.  Whether you want to make a career of CTMH, like I did, or just want a great discount on your papercrafting supplies, or somewhere in between, you are welcome here!  It's easy, peasy and only $99 (and you get over $350 in products!).  To join, click here.  I'll contact you as soon as I receive word that you have joined my team and we can get going!


Morgan Vogt said...

What a beautiful photo summary of Convention! Thank you for sharing. :)

Lynn D said...

So much fun and so inspiring! Great to see you Karen.

Mary Newman said...

What an awesome re-cap of your time at Convention. So many fun memories were made. You are a wonderful leader and it shows through your team. It was fun to keep tuned in to all the fun things that were happening at Convention. CTMH really knows how to WOW the whole show!


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