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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Wedding Sign In Book for Dawson and Paige

Something I have done for each of my children (and even some friends, nieces and nephews) is create a 12" x 12" scrapbook for their wedding sign in book. With our son, Dawson and his beautiful fiance,  Paige getting married this weekend, I created one for them too!  Thanks to our daughter, Kori for helping make it with me. We had tons of fun mother/daughter time as we created!

A few things to note:
  • You will  notice there is a lot of white space on each layout. That's for signing names and writing messages. It really is beautiful with all of the writing added!
  • The layouts in this book are very similar to each other. Kori and I decided to keep kind of one theme going throughout the album and just changing colors here and there. We went with dovetailed end banners, lots of fun color, flowers, and a few sequins here and there. It's pretty simple, but that's what we wanted!
  • The title page and the closing pages are not for signing. They just open and close the book nicely.
  • I have had people ask me how we have people sign the pages (since they are in a 12" x 12" album in protectors).  Here's what we do:  we put someone in charge of the book. It's their job to watch the book that night. We put one to two layouts out at a time for people to sign. When those are filled, my "book person" puts those back in the book and then puts a few more out.  By the time the reception is done, the pages are full of beautiful signatures and wishes to the bride and groom! It's an amazing keepsake forever.
title page

layout 1
layout 2
layout 3
layout 4
layout 5
layout 6
layout 7
layout 8
closing page

Making a wedding sign in book for someone you love is a perfect gift that will last forever!  



Melissa Robinson said...

Absolutely gorgeous and so purposeful; love that combination. Your kids, their spouses and their children are blessed to have you in their lives. Much love to you from me!

Sheryce Campbell said...

Beautiful, thanks for sharing.

Shari Froemming said...

Amazing Karen! Great job!

Lynn said...

These are gorgeous Karen! I love the repetitive design with all the floral variety. If course, you have beautiful photos for inspiration!

Paper doll said...

Wow your baby is getting married! Seems like you were just posting pictures and he was school. And your going to be empty nesters. Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations and your beautiful family!



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