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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Celiac and Other Mothers

As most of you know, our son, Easton is serving an LDS mission in the Texas, Houston South mission. He has spent the last 6 months on Galveston Island and just loves it. There are so many opportunities for service due to the absolute mess that was left by Hurricane Ike. He also spends almost every minute 6 days per week teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who want to listen and learn. We have been so proud of him and are so excited for him to come home in about 10 more months. Many of you also know that Easton has Celiac Disease. He cannot have gluten in any form (and it is in just about everything!). I knew he would be OK on his mission because he is really careful about what he eats. My worry was what he would do when he and his missionary companion were invited to someone else's home to eat. I was worried he would eat something he shouldn't because he didn't want to offend someone and then get really sick. But, everyone has been so kind. Many people have gone out of their way to work around what he can and can't eat. In fact, I got a phone call from a family there on Galveston Island to let me know they were having Easton and his companion, Elder Peterson (yep, no joke. Elder Pedersen and Elder Peterson) over for dinner and that they wanted to fix Easton his favorite gluten-free meal. How nice is that? I emailed her the recipe and she is excited to give it a try. Easton will be so surprised, and so grateful for his favorite gluten free Chicken Broccoli Casserole. I am so grateful for 'other mothers' who care about my son and his welfare while away from home for 2 years.


Amy said...

Isn't it great to know that not only is the Lord watching out for him, but other mom's too. We just have that instinct. He is such a handsome guy you know! Takes after his darling momma!

Jayma Malme said...

This is so sweet. I also have Celiac and I hate having to be picky when people are so gracious to have you over for dinner. I can imagine exactly how he felt going in, and how excited he must have been to find out she went out of her way to make a special meal. Small gestures go a long way. Glad he can be back home now where he doesn't have to worry whether he'll be served a gluten-free meal or not.

Anonymous said...

wow didnt know that. Older post I guess


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