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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Family is Best

I have been meaning to post some of our Thanksgiving photos ever since the big day and have just not gotten around to it. We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner this year with my parents (LeRoy and Nedra, a.k.a. Grandpa and Grandma O), my little sister and her son (Gaylyne and Griffin), and our family (including Rick, Kori and Daci). My other sister and her family spent the holiday in Orlando with Mickey. And, our Easton is finishing his last 2 months of his 2 year LDS mission (he'll be home the end of January!). So, it was a small but cozy dinner. There were only 11 of us this year.

My mom did a dynamite job on the table and the cute little snack mix bag favor we each got. She made a delicious dinner and did all of the 'hard stuff.' We all just helped with side dishes. What a relaxing year it was for everyone but Mom, cooking wise.

Grandma O's beautiful table
Cute favor (Thanksgiving snack mix) at each of our place settings (click on the photo to see it larger and read the tag)
Grandma O slaving away in the kitchen

This big teddy bear, Dan-the-Man is my favorite blessing.

Grandpa Dan and our little Daci
Dawson and two favorite goof balls. Lose the hat, Tannon. It makes you look even MORE goofy!
Gaylyne, Kori, and Rick...a bunch of cheesy folks
Grandpa O helps seat Griffin

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