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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rick's Birthday and a Recipe

About a month ago it was my son-in-law, Rick's birthday. In our family, as in many others, there is a tradition of letting the birthday boy (or girl) choose their birthday dinner menu. Rick chose chicken enchiladas, Spanish rice, spinach salad, cornbread and chocolate cake for dessert. It is also our family tradition that the birthday boy gets the 'special plate' (see photo of place setting). Rick also will get the 'special plate' this Sunday at our family dinner (the 'special plate' is for more than birthdays. It's for anytime something big happens for a family member). Rick was just recently offered a GREAT job following his graduation from BYU (in Information Systems) this coming Spring. The only sad part is that he, Kori and Daci will be moving to Chicago in June. As much as we will miss you three, we are so happy for your success and are so proud of you, Rick! Thanks for being such a great husband and daddy to our daughter and granddaughter.

I am finally getting around to posting the photos from our dinner and the recipe for the chicken enchiladas. My favorite photo is of Rick relaxing (or trying to) on the coach before dinner while Daci pulls his nose and hair. No rest for the weary! The recipe for the chocolate cake can be found here. Enjoy!

Karen's Chicken Enchiladas (makes 8-10 large burritos. I guess they are more like burritos than enchildas, but we call them enchiladas anyway. lol)

For filling and actual burrito:
6 boneless skinless chicken breasts, boiled and shredded
4 C. shredded cheddar cheese
1 can diced green chiles
1 small white or yellow onion, diced small
burrito size flour tortillas

For sauce:
2 cans cream of chicken soup
1 cup sour cream
3-4 C. half and half
2 T. powdered cayenne pepper (optional)

Top with:
1/2 C. shredded cheddar cheese
cracked black pepper
sliced olives (optional)

1. In large bowl mix shredded chicken breast, shredded cheese, chiles, and onion. Scoop some into the middle of your flour tortilla and fold the ends in then roll. Place each of these in a buttered casserole dish (I use the size larger than a 9 x 13).

2. Mix sauce together and pour over the top of the burritos. Be sure to get it down in between each one and cover them as well.

3. Sprinkle top with cheese, paprika and cracked black pepper. Bake at 350 degrees, uncovered, for about 30-45 minutes (until sauce is bubbling). For the last 5 minutes, you can add sliced black olives on top as well.

Delicious served with Spanish rice, some sort of green salad and cornbread, which is what we did!


Kate said...

Great news about the job opportunity. I am sorry they have to move so far away. :( Those chicken burritos sound great! I am going to put them on the menu this week! Does the cayenne pepper make it super hot? I'm a little bit of a heat wimp, but I want them to be flavorful. :) I love your blog, Karen!...and you!

Brenda said...

Karen, that will surely be an adjustment for you to have your children far away. It sounds like he has an excellent opportunity, though, so that is wonderful! Great recipe - I can't wait to try it!!

Rebecca said...

Hi Karen, I am going to try your recipe. I do one similar but usually pick up a roasted chicken at Sam's and use the chicken from that. Your's is probably healthier! LOL!

Congrats to Rick! It will be hard having them go to Chicago but will make those visits when you get to see them even that much more special!!

Happy Holidays!

Laurel said...

Great pics and the recipe sounds yummy!

Stampin n da Hood said...

Darling pictures of your traditions!
Love the one of you and of Daci!

Your recipes sound very yummy, too.
I don't cook but I appreciate your recipes along with another favorite site pioneerwomandotcom.

Anonymous said...


Melanie said...

Looks YUMMY!!!! Adding to my recipe collection.

EXCELLENT about the new job adventure for Rick; but sad they're having to move to Chicago.

Kate said...

I have to comment again for all who read this great blog! You have to make this recipe! Even if you have another chicken enchilada recipe...this one is probably better! These are amazing...just like Karen!

Nicole Norris said...

Where did you get your plate? What a great tradition. Congrats to Rick on his job. I think a web cam should be on your Christmas list.

Helen Onulak said...

Karen, sending you big hugs! I know what it's like to have your children live far kids are all away at college. But to have your absolutely adorable 1st grand-daughter move too....hmmmm....maybe they just need to leave her with YOU! LOL. I'm sure you'll find plenty of reasons to visit Chicago now!

The recipe sounds scrumptious and comes just in time for when the boys all come home for the holidays. Ken makes a great Mexican lasagna - we'll have to give this a try.

Joyce said...

Just need to comment on your granddaughters hair bow collection. They are always so cute! I can't believe that she keeps them on.

stamping hugs,


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