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Monday, January 31, 2011

Last Week...

Last week was wonderful! We went to the BYU production of Peter Pan in which Daysha played Tiger Lilly. She was awesome!

Tannon finally got to Spain. WOO HOO! He's going to be such a great missionary there.

I found some pictures of Dawson at his 'disco skating night'. Blurry, but at least someone took a couple of photos. Too funny!

Kori and Daci came to visit from Chicago.

Easton and Daysha were here spending time too.

GOOD TIMES! Dan-the-Man and I couldn't feel more blessed!


The Blakley's said...

Forget the like button, where's the LOVE button?!?!

Brenda said...

Oh what a blessing you family is!

Cheryl Nelson said...

What a fabulous week! LOVE that you shared it with us with these wonderful photos! TFS!


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