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Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Roberts Family

Happy New Year, everyone. 1-1-11...pretty cool! At the Pedersen home, we have spent the day being kind of lazy. It started off with a big breakfast (omelettes, hash browns, bacon, fruit, etc.) and from there went to FOOTBALL. We will take a small break from football to head to Tangled this afternoon. What a fun day! I hope your day is as filled with fun and family as mine is!

Yesterday afternoon, my daughter, Kori and her hubby, Rick and all of his family asked if I would come and snap a few family photos. I am definitely not a photographer, but I was game (although I did end up wondering what the heck I was thinking after an hour in 13 degree weather taking them!). So, off I went to the Roberts' home. They have a gorgeous backyard area with scrub oak and it was full of snow. Perfect! Below you'll see a few of the photos I took.

I have to preface the photos with the fact that it is NOT easy to get 2 babies to look your way, and smile at the same time. Rick's dad, Fred, is 6'10" (those of you as old as I am may remember Fred from his NBA days: he played for the Celtics, Lakers, Jazz, Timberwolves and Spurs. You also might remember his famous on-court skirmish with Dennis Rodman...classic!). We had to kind of build around him. He even makes our 6'5" Rick look small!

Rick's Parents, Fred and Penny:

Rick's parents and siblings: Fred, Rick, Penny, Carly and Sophie (his brother, Sam is missing because he is serving a 2-year LDS mission in Brazil right now):

The whole fam damily: (l-r) Eleni, Carly, Micah, Penny, Sophie, Fred, Rick, Kori and Daci (again, Sam is missing):

Kori, Daci and Rick:
More Kori, Daci and Rick:
Our little Daci:
Eleni, Carly and Micah:


Christine Adams said...

What do you mean "I'm not a photographer"???? You are AWESOME! I don't know if you just have the "eye", some really good equipment, or techy software to make 'em pretty afterward, but honey, you ROCK as a photographer (among other things). ;o)

Happy New Year!

Tracey Mason's Studio said...

I think you did a beautiful job photographing the Roberts! Way to start off the new year my friend! Happy 1-1-11 to you!

Karen Pedersen said...

You guys are too nice. I can see at least 3-4 things I should have done differently. I'm glad you liked them. I hope they are okay with them.

Brenda said...

What great photos! Every time I see a new picture of Daci, I have to smile. What a cutie!

Laurel said...

Beautiful photos!

Rick and Kori said...

You did a great job, Mom! That definitely wasn't an easy photo shoot with our wild and crazy Daci but they turned out great!

Cheryl Nelson said...

You are a FANTABULOUS photographer!!
All these photos just make me SMILE!
LOVE them! Fab job!


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