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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mini-Photo Book for Tannon

I've shared one of these little books with you before. In my opinion, they are the FASTEST, EASIEST way to scrap. I bought the little 4" x 6" photo book in the scrapbook section at Target for $1.99. I took out the covers in theirs and made my own. All products I used (except the little book itself) are Close To My Heart.

I wanted to send Tannon a little 'catch-up' of what has been going on at home the past few months while he has been in Spain. So, I made little dividers in my book: one for each big event I was including photos of. For instance: Easton and Daysha's Wedding, Christmas, Dawson's Basketball Season, The Super Bowl, etc. I decided to dress up each section page slightly by putting a little tab on the edge so that he can easily see where each section begins and ends. The whole book took me less than an hour. I'm tellin' ya...if you want a QUICK and EASY scrap project, this is the way to go.

I thought I'd also inlude a photo of Tannon. One day a week missionaries get something called "P-Day" (which stands for preparation day). On this day they clean their apartments, go grocery shopping, do their laundry, and if there's time they throw in a fun activity or two. The rest of the week is spent teaching the gospel and doing service from morning until night. On Tannon's first P-day in Spain, they went to The Rock of Gibraltar. There were monkeys galore and one of them loved Tannon's necklace. So, there's a hint: if you are ever going to be at The Rock of Gibraltar and want a monkey to climb on your shoulder, wear jewelry! One thing I noticed about this photo is the 'white stuff' on Tannon's hand. A friend of mine commented, "They must have gone and done some painting that morning for a service project." I'm thinking it probably has nothing to do with painting and everything to do with monkeys climbing all over him (if you know what I mean). Pretty gross but if anyone wouldn't mind, it would be my easy-going Tan-Man. Oh, how I miss this kiddo!

I hope you're having a great weekend! I'm off to spend the day scrapping with two of my friends!


Stampin n da Hood said...

what a great idea…and you're right…easy, peazy and oh so treasured!

Sue Laufer said...

What a cool little album! Gotta give that one a try.
Tannon looks great.

Cheryl Nelson said...

Such a fab idea! LOVE this!

Laurel said...

What a great idea! love it!


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