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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Behind the Scenes - Family Pictures

We had family photos taken on Monday.  I can hardly wait the 2 weeks to see them!  In the meantime, we had our phones and cameras there too and took a few behind the scenes photos  (with our awesome photographer, Kelli Haub's permission).  I thought I'd share a few with you. I promise to share the real deals when we get them back.

It was ffffffreezing cold (about 25 degrees) but we 'braved' the weather for some cool pics! Please don't turn us into Child/Family Services for freezing the children (tee hee)!  You won't see any candids of us all together because, well....we were all busy posing and Kelli was taking the real pics.  If you are worried about what we did since Dawson is serving a 2 year mission in Australia, never fear! We held up a pic of Dawson in our large group shot.  Where there's a will, there's a way! He was with us in spirit. *wink*

Our photographer is the one on the left with the cute red hair (Kelli).  Brookley (Tannon's fiance) was snapping a few too.
Rick, Kori and their 3 kiddos. 
Tannon and Brookley being goofy
Easton and Daysha keeping Sage warm until time to take their family's pics
Easton, Daysha and Sage
Easton, Daysha and Sage
My big teddy bear (Dan the Man) and I
Dan and I again
Tannon and his fiance, Brookley
Kori and her family getting ready for the next pose

Is your family like mine? The girls are all excited about pics, and the boys...well, the boys are NOT so excited.  It always makes for laughs!


Laurel said...

Awesome photos, awesome family! Can't wait to see the rest!

Unknown said...

love the leopard print 'theme' - can't wait to see the others! MERRY CHRISTMAS Karen

Casandra Bennett said...

Adorable family pic's. Love the animal print theme. Happy Holidays!


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