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Friday, October 9, 2015

Card Buffet Classes in October

What do you think about these cards? You likey?  Well, these are just some of the card kits that are available to make at my October Card Buffets.  I'd love for you to come! These buffets will be held at my home in Springville, UT.  Dates and times to choose from are listed below. I will allow a maximum of 8 attendees at each class so there will be plenty of space for you to work.  When you call or email me to sign up (, 801.360.9896), I'll give you the exact address. 

Dates and Times to Choose From:
  • Tuesday, October 20 from 10 am - Noon
  • Tuesday, October 20 from 7 - 9 pm (THIS CLASS IS FULL)
  • Wednesday, October 21 from 7 -  9 pm
  • Thursday, October 29 from 10 am - noon
Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions:

How does a card buffet work?  Easy!  You come, you eat as much as you want (make as many cards as you want) in the time period of the buffet, and then you go home.

What do I need to bring to the buffet?  Adhesive. That's it. I supply the rest.  I suggest a regular paper adhesive of your choice, glue dots, and 3D foam tape or sqares. Bring plenty of each so you don't run out!

How many cards can I make?  As many as you want in the time period. The only rule is you have to finish each card completely before you move to the next card.

How much does it cost?  You pay by the card. $2 per card, which includes envelopes

How much time will it take to make each card?  That depends on you and how quick you are. It also depends on which cards you choose.  Some cards are a little more complicated, some are simple, and there are some in between.

How many kits are there for each card?  That varies but there are plenty of cards and kits to keep everyone happy!

What does a kit consist of?  All pre-cut pieces for the card, the card base and envelope, all embellishments, and the use of any tools and supplies (other than your adhesives) that are required to put the card together.

What kinds of cards will be available?  A good variety of all-occasion cards, Christmas cards, Thank you cards, birthday cards, etc.

What if I love one card and want to make several of that card?  No problem! I just ask that you take one kit of that card at a time and finish that card before you get out another one.

Is there any way to get my cards at a discount?  Yes!  There are 3 ways. 
  • When you call to reserve your spot, reserve a spot for a friend that has never attended one of my classes or workshops before and I will take .25 off your $2 per card price, which will get you your cards at $1.75 each.  Bring 2 friends, get your cards for $1.50 each, and so on.
  • The other way is to order at the buffet. For every $25 you order (before shipping and tax), you get .25 off the card prices.  Spend $25, get your cards at $1.75 each. Spend, $50, they'll be $1.50...and so on.
  • Sign up for my November Play Group Scrappin' Classes at the workshop, and your cards will be $1.50 each.

1 comment:

Mary Newman said...

Beautiful Cards Karen.....I need to get a card buffet going soon. I love the variety you have in this class.


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