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Saturday, October 10, 2009

104. 3. 37. 28.

What the heck do those numbers mean? I'll tell you! In our win over Jordan High School last night, Tannon had 104 yards rushing (not bad for a throwing QB who runs the spread), threw for 3 TD's and the final score was 37-28. WOO HOO! Go Knights!

I don't have photos from the game yet, but I LOVED this series of photos of one of Tannon's runs a few weeks ago against Hillcrest (slippery little dude).

Tannon had one huge run last night on a 3rd and long situation. He broke several tackles and then even hurdled a defender to get the first down. Imagine a crazy woman in the stands jumping up and down and screaming and that would have been me during that play.

You can read an article on last night's game in the Deseret News here.

It's off to Payson today to watch Dawson play his last regular season game. Go Freshman Knights! So keep your fingers, toes and eyes crossed some more.

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Jennifer Bohnart said...

your action pictures are incredible! I hope I can learn to take some good pictures of my little fb hard to keep up! Maybe a good way to ask for a camera upgrade???!!

my football Hubby is always impressed with your boys...he loves reading your notes too about their games! Enjoy the season!


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