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Thursday, October 15, 2009

On a Quest

So I am now on a quest. In one of the papers this morning there was a series of 4 photos. Tannon decided since he did so well hurdling an opponent last week, he'd try it again. I must say this time was even more impressive. Someone caught this craziness on film and emailed them to the paper. All I have is his name. That's all the paper would give out. They are not posted on the newspaper's website and the only way I can get copies of them is to find the guy who took them. That is my quest.

So, in the meantime, I took photos of the photos in the newspaper. My next move is to try to find this person in the phone book and ask him if I can purchase the actual photos.

While I'm doing that, I thought I'd share the photos I took of the newspaper. Grainy...but at least you can see the hurdle. Maybe Tannon should hang up football and run the 100 meter hurdles instead! lol!


Laurel said...

What a great series of shots! Good for him!

RBS said...

Sorry Karen I actually left my comment about this post on the rainbow post. So let me just say this, Great Rainbow picture and terrific win.

Brenda said...

What a leaper! I hope you find the original photographer!

Stampin Lucy said...

Wow, that is AWESOME!! I am so into my sons Football right now, I am crazed!! Now exactly how you feel wanting to get those pictures!!

Crystal said...

Wow! Those are a great series of photos! I wish you luck in finding the source so you can have your own copy!

Lucia said...

Karen, You talk way over my head about football. :)


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