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Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Love Rainbows

I have decided that if I didn't already love rainbows, I definitely do now! It rained most of the day yesterday, which is my most favorite weather in the whole, wide world. I would usually be thrilled with a day of rain. But, with it being Fall break this weekend and that meaning our varsity football game was on Wednesday this week instead of Friday, the rain had me a little worried.

As you know, my son, Tannon is the quarterback for Lone Peak. We are a predominately throwing team. Rain does not usually bode well for prolific passing. The photo here (courtesy of the Daily Herald) shows a few fans arriving at the game about an hour before it started. The rain had just stopped and the rainbow had appeared. As we pulled in to the parking lot and I saw the gorgeous rainbow, I thought to myself, "Well, I hope that rainbow is a good omen for Lone Peak." And it turned out to be!

We beat the undefeated Pleasant Grove Vikings 33-3. We are now tied for the region lead. Our whole team stepped up and played a great game. I was so proud of our players! Tannon was 19-23 for 302 yards. He threw 3 touchdown passes and ran one in. He had about 100 yards rushing as well for the second week in a row. Here I go, proud mommy again. I just can't help myself.

You can read the articles in the Daily Herald. There is also a one minute highlight video on this site. To see it click here. Tannon is #10 (QB) in burgundy. There are also great articles in the Deseret News and the Salt Lake Tribune.

Our last regular season game is next Thursday night against Copper Hills High School. The state playoffs start the following week (Oct. 30 and 31st). GO KNIGHTS!

For those of you who are wondering about what is happening with Dawson's freshman team, they also made the playoffs and will play the first round on the 24th. Woo hoo!


Nicole Norris said...

That picture is gorgeous! Because my kids are not in high school yet I can say without repercussions Go Lone Peak!

Crystal said...

Beautiful photo! Glad it was a good sign!

Jamie Harder said...

Wow what a photo!! I love rainbows too:-)

RBS said...

I happened to catch the news on the morning news show this morning and they showed Tannon doing his zigging and zagging. Very Impressive. It was a great win. Good luck to him in next weeks game.


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