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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Missing L

So I guess my ABC's of Me post yesterday was missing the L. "Hmmm," thought I. "How did that happen?" So I went back to Lisa's blog to see if there was an L in hers. Her L was missing too. Imagine that. What could L stand for? This has caused some major thinking on my part. It could be Laughs at... or Loves... How about both? Here are my two L's: Laughs at: Dan the Man (daily) and Loves: Dan the Man. How's that? Same answer for both.

Next up: EASTON GETS HOME IN 14 DAYS! YES, TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY! "You're screaming, Karen!" you say. You are absolutely right. I am screaming. And jumping up and down. Can't wait! Here he is in his missionary clothes chopping wood for a gentleman in Houston.

I also promised to share some photos of my weekend with my downline, Pam and her Close To My Heart team (Joyful Expressions) in Grand Junction, CO. We had a blast. I LOVED spending time with all of you and hope that something I said may be helpful to you in your businesses! I am so thrilled to have such a wonderful team of consultants with Close To My Heart (we are called The Pacemakers because we keep THE HEART pumpin'!) and am so proud of my downline who love this business as much as I do and who have built such outstanding teams of their own. Pam, you ROCK! Don't forget that if you sign up to be a consultant this month (click here to sign up) you get a FREE Felicity pack ($34.95 value) with your New Consultant Kit ($99 for over $350 in products). I wish I had gotten photos of everyone, but here are a few. I also shared a photo at the top of this post of a card I made (I will share this card again in February with a few others that I also made using the February Stamp of the Month, as well as product lists). You can always click on any photo in my posts to see them larger.

Oh, before the photos, I have a serious problem I hope someone can help me with. The first night I was there, I returned to my hotel room to go to bed and couldn't sleep. So, I rented a movie (The Time Traveler's Wife). I fell asleep with 5 minutes left. I am sooooooo mad! Can anyone email me and tell me how it ends? I feel asleep just as he appears in the front hall with a gun shot wound. I woke up to see the credits rolling and to find out that it was impossible to rewind. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me. How frustrating is that?

Twice a day the hotel brought in trays of veggies and fruit and meats and cheeses. It was perfect. Here is Patti enjoying some snacks.
Here is my downline, Pam. Love you! Pam, you have done such a GREAT job building your team and supporting them in their businesses.
Hi, Verna!
Here are Erin, Heather and Tracy working away.
Stephanie made some cuter than cute invitations for her 1 year old's birthday party
Cathy finished a beautiful event calendar.
Deena also made a gorgeous event calendar.
Cathy watched movies on her portable DVD player while she scrapped. She amazed me with her organizational skills.

Hi, Vicki! Your brother is going to LOVE the album you made for him!


Helen Onulak said...

I've never seen anyone chop wood with a tie on before - a first for everything! How exciting that he's coming home soon. Doing the happy dance for you.

Looks like you had a FABULOUS weekend with Pam & her team.

Kelli said...

Great pic's! I love retreats! I was thinking, I would love it if you posted some pic's of your scrapbooking area you run your play groups in! If you could that would be great!

I hope the next two weeks go by quickly for you!

Karla Kroese said...

Great card with the Feb SOM. Love that one! I'm sure these two weeks will seem like snail speed, but to your readers, it will be here before you know it. Praying for patience!

Laurel said...

I love, love, love this card!!! Hey I made a card for you, check my blog.

Nicole Norris said...

Very cute card. I love February's stamp of the month. Oh I am sooo excited for you (about your son coming home) I can't imagine how exciting it will be to finally have him back where you can hug him to death. I bet your other kids can hardly wait. It is so cool to see the changes a 2 year mission can make. I loved having my brother home. I hope for your sake the time goes by quickly!


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