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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Did you see?

I warned you! After American Idol ends my obsession moves to another show, So You Think You Can Dance. Did you watch last night? There was a dancer at the Memphis audition I fell in love with. I can't remember her name but she wore a grey pair of dance shorts and a grey crop dance top. She was blonde and had hip reconstruction a couple of years ago, but you would never have guessed. She only started training in classical ballet as a sophomore in high school. She was amazing. I have checked the website but can't find her or her name. Help me out if any of you watched last night and caught her name. She made it to Vegas. Anyway, I predict she will be in the top 10. How's that for an early prediction?

Moving on to tonight...tonight they are showing the Los Angeles auditions. Many of you know that my daughter, Kori used to dance for Utah Regional Ballet. She danced there with some amazing dancers. I have told you about one of them before, Naomi. She just graduated from Julliard. She has an awesome blog. Another one of them is Chanel. Chanel auditioned in L.A. this year and I have seen her on the commercials. She texted my daughter to tell her to be sure to watch tonight. I don't know if she makes it to Vegas or not, but I'm hoping (she's not allowed to say a word).

Here's to another night of SYTYCD tonight! WOO HOO!


stampscrapnbowl said...

SYTYCD is one of my favorite shows. Some of these dancers are absolutely amazing.

The name of the dancer with the grey shorts & crop top is Caitlin Kinney. Just so happens, my son didn't get a chance to watch it (it was still on the DVR). I asked him to get the name for you :-).

Wouldn't it be amazing if one of Kori's friends made it! I'll have to watch for those names tonight.

Lucia said...

I watched some of this last night when I was making some projects. I can't believe some of those people embarrass themselves like that.

Rick and Kori said...

Last night was fun to watch! I was really sad that Chanel didn't make it to Vegas. I thought she was better than a few of the people that did make it but maybe the judges saw more potential than her. I still thought she did great and was proud of her though!

Karen said...

Me too, Kori! I thought she danced beautifully, but I may have been a little bit biased because we know her. Maybe next year. Be sure to encourage her to try out again!

Helen, thanks for the name of the dancer I fell in love with!

Lucia- I'm with ya! I like the show so much better when it gets to the top 20. No more embarrassments. Don't give up on the show yet!


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