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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ball, Ball and more Ball.

This past week both Dawson and Tannon attended the Lone Peak Basketball Camp from Monday through Friday. Dawson participated in the incoming 9th grade division and Tannon the varsity division. They both had a great week in camp. Tannon received the 'Best in Camp' trophy for the varsity division. Dawson won the free throw award (89/100! WOW!) and took 2nd place in the 1 on 1 competition in the 9th grade division. They both worked their little tails off and made their mommy proud...not because of the trophies, but because they gave it their all.

Saturday (yesterday) we spent at the University of Utah "Utah Shoot" (7 on 7 football competition). Tannon is the quarterback for Lone Peak High School and it was a big day for our team. We did really well and lost in the semi-final game to Bingham High School, who went on to win the whole tournament. I was proud of our team. They fought hard and played great. I hope this was a little preview of how well they will play once the regular season gets here, there are 11 kids on the field, and they are all in pads.

Dawson looks less than thrilled in his trophy photo because he had just lost in the final game of the 1 on 1 competition. Come on, kid. Be thrilled you won free throws! How did I get such competitive kids? I mean Dan and I aren't the least bit competitive. Eh Hem. Never mind. Tannon is being Tannon; silly as always...kissing his trophy. Gosh I love these boys!


Missgingerdots said...

I love this story and the photos are amazing!!! You have the most handsome boys. You must be so proud, they are such good kids!


Rick and Kori said...

CONGRATS BOYS! I am so proud of my amazingly talented little brothers! Can't wait for this season :)


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