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Thursday, June 18, 2009

We're back...with a SWOOSH!

If your youngest child were playing in the Utah Summer Games, if he did a great job, if his team made it all the way to the game that would have put them into bronze medal contention, if they lost that game on a last second buzzer beater shot by two, wouldn't you be happy? Nope! Not me. All I could think of the whole time was that Dawson, my baby (known still to me as "Dawsie") is growing up. He is going into 9th grade (that sounds much better to me that his 'freshman year'). He is beginning to look like a teenager. He is beginning to act like a teenager (heaven forbid). He played basketball like a teenager. Gone are the days of watching him play and when he travelled or fouled I thought, "How cute!" I have to admit that he is past the years of childhood and into the years of becoming a young man. Darn. I know, get over it. Celebrate where he is right now. I'm trying. But letting my baby grow up is pretty hard. I'm working on it.

We just got back from Cedar City last night (hence the lack of posts the past few days). The team Dawson played with in this tournament is also all 9th graders, but they played up in the sophomore division in the Summer Games. They held their own. They fought hard. I was proud of them. Dawson was especially happy with this little series of photos I took of him shooting the front end of 2 shots at the foul line (although if I ever design a gym, I will add MUCH better lighting for moms taking photos!). He said, "Look at that form!" Yep, he's definitely a teenage boy. I am slowly learning to accept it. But, I'm still calling him Dawsie! It's a mother's right. So there.

By the way, it's good to be home.


Melissa Laverty said...

Karen - blog awards are going around. I just left a little note on my blog today about how much I love yours...

Jennifer Bohnart said...

Oh I can only imagine what that must be like- seems like each age/stage gets harder. And especially with boys because you have to let them grow up and be on their own and independent. I love you sharing your feelings and stories too...and thank you for your comments on my Patrick. hope to see you at leadership! hugs...Jennifer :)


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