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Friday, December 11, 2015

Holiday Gift Ideas

Are you like me?  When I say that, I mean are you still hurrying to finish your gift shopping for the holidays?  I have some great solutions for you (and me!).

I have two things I want to focus on today:
1.  Planner and Accessories for a GREAT Price
2.  Base and Bling Jewelry

1. Planner and Accessories for a GREAT Price:  My first suggestion is this month's special:  the brand new Close To My Heart Planner and accessories.  Planners are all the rage right now. There are cute ones popping up everywhere, but in my opinion, there are none cuter or with more fun accessories than ours!

Attention all planner addicts! During December, you can get your hands on the new planner bundle for only $29.95.  That's over 15% in savings!

Here's what you get:
  • Gorgeous Everyday Life™ album - classic black with gold foil floral design (9 3/8" x 8 /14" x 1 1/2")
  • Everyday Life 2016 planner pages (includes 1 pocket folder pager, 12 monthly dividers with tabs, 1 designed page finder, 4 sheets of stickers {which are great for adding to dates and are sized to fit the roller stamp...see below}. All necessary parts are 3 ring hold punched.)
  • The coordinating Everyday Life Perfect Plan roller stamp (includes these 12 words and images:  To Do, Due Date, Shopping List, Memo, Pay Day, Don't Forget, No School, Birthday, Party,Vacation, and a cute row of boxes and a cute row of hearts)

With the new Everyday Life line, you’ll experience “memory keeping on the go” as you track your menus and shopping lists, stamp reminders, keep appointments, and tuck away precious memories—plus much more—all at once! This offer is only available while supplies last, so plan to place your order early in the month and start 2016 off right.

Here are other coordinating items you can also order (complete with links for your convenience):
2.  Base and Bling Jewelry:  These are quick and simple to make, darling to wear and look at, and priced at a point that makes them affordable for just about every gift on your list!  If you break it down, each necklace, if you include the chain, a pendant, and 2 charms, averages costing less than $11...not too shabby for a very un-shabby gift!

To make necklaces, you'll need chains, pendants, glass covers, style sheets, and a bit of liquid glass.  I'll even give you some simple instructions, then include links to the needed products.

a.  Carefully place your Style Sheet sticker on the pendant (Be sure you choose rectangle style sheets for rectangle pendants, square ones for square pendants, and square for round.  For round pendants, use square stickers and trace the edge of the glass cover to get your round shape. For oval pendants you'll need to use rectangle stickers and trace the glass cover to get your oval shape.).  Rub to make sure it is stuck very well.
b. Squeeze about a pencil eraser (or slightly larger) sized dolop of Liquid Glass in the center of the style sheet then place the glass cover on top and press hard.  You should see your liquid glass spread out across the whole area. If it squeezes out a bit from under the glass cover, never fear. Just take a baby wipe or wet paper towel and wipe it off. I keep squeezing for about  a minute to be sure everything is stuck really well.
c.  Let dry...usually about 30 minutes.
d.  Add your finished pendant and desired charms to your chain and you're done!  Voila!  Easy, peasy...and oh-so-cute!

Products needed:

Chains (gold or silver):  Our chains are 30" with a 2" extender and a lobster clasp: 

Pendants (you can choose between round, oval, square or rectangle, all in a choice of silver or gold , in packages of 3):

Glass Covers (round, oval, square or rectangle, in packages of 3):

Style Sheets (several to choose from, in both rectangle or square shapes. Approx. 28-32 per sheet).  The one that I love the most right now is called Lovely Blooms and is a square shaped set of stickers.

Charms: (these are, of course, optional...but really add so much. There are tons to choose from and they come in packages of 3.  You have a myriad of choices in both silver or gold)

Liquid Glass: This is, in my opinion, the best adhesive for adhering the glass covers (see instruction b. above).  One bottle will last a long time.  I use it to adhere chipboard accents to scrapbook pages, to adhere beads to projects, and so much more!

Enjoy your shopping!  I have included links for each of the items above, or here's the general link to my website.

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