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Friday, November 27, 2015

Cyber Week Sale, CreativeLive, Making Tags, Simply Fundamentals Layout Number Four and MORE!

I'm back!  I haven't fallen off the face of the earth...but almost. It's been a crazy week.  If you are wondering why it's been a whole week since my last post, trust me, I've got good excuses. ;)  Between the Thanksgiving holiday, preparing for days for and being out of town for 4 days shooting Creative Live (see details below), a craft night with my girls, and just plain being exhuasted, the blog took a back seat.  The good news is that I'm back...and back with some really good stuff!

I've got 4 fun things to talk to you about today.  Yep, 4! That ought to make up for a week since the last post, right?

Here's what you'll find today...
1.  Cyber Week Sale (hold on to your hats!)
2.  CreativeLive
3.  Making Tags With My Girls
4.  Simply Fundamentals Layout #4

1. Cyber Week Sale: 

Do you love Close To My Heart? Do you love our products? Do you love scrapbooking, card making or papercrafting (or all 3?)?  Then this is the sale for you!  I will be posting more details on Sunday, but just know that there are going to be some good sales (in the ball park of around 39 items) at steeply discounted prices.  The sale runs Monday, November 30 through Friday, December 4.  Be sure to check back on Sunday to get all of the details and gear up!

2. CreativeLive:  I was one of 3 consultants invited to accompany Monica Wihongi and Jill Broadbent (from the CTMH home office) to appear on CreativeLive this past week.  "What is CreativeLive?" you ask.  It is an online channel filled with wonderful classes. We shot live for 2 days (8 hours a day) to share Close To My Heart, techniques, artwork, information, laughter and MORE with the world.  It was broadcase LIVE on and you can also go back and watch it there. Usually playbacks cost $, but not in this case. CTMH wants everyone to be able to learn about this wonderful company and all of our outstanding products so they paid the class fees for everyone, forever! How cool is that.  Watch our 24 classes here. You can see me in classes #14, #21, #22 and the wrap up at the very end of the classes.  It was tons of fun.  Not only did we work out tushes off while there (it was shot in Seattle, WA), but we made sure to play hard too. Here are a few photos of our week:

Thursday:  We flew in to Seattle and spent the day preparing for the next 2 days of shooting.
This is set up day. We arrived on Thursday and went to the studio for a production meeting and to set up everything for the set for Friday's shooting.  After that we enjoyed a delicious Mexican food dinner.

After dinner, cupcakes were a must.  How about that box?

Friday: was our first day of shooting.  
My partner in crime, Michelle, the fabulous Stacy Julian, and me.  This was off camera during Friday's shooting.

Kristina, Michelle and I setting up live audience table kits for Friday.

Of course we stopped to see the Space Needle. It was only a couple of blocks from our hotel.
On Friday evening after taping, and before dinner at a great seafood restaurant on the pier (Ivar's), we went to the Chihuly glass exhibit. I can't even begin to describe the awesomeness of it!  I was speechless (and that's quite a trick!)

Saturday: was my day on screen.  I shared it with 4 other people from CTMH (my buddy, Michelle, another wonderful consultant Kristina, and 2 peeps from the home office, Monica and Jill).  It was a day to remember forever!   

Hair and make up on Saturday morning. I could get used to this.  Note that I was still reviewing my notes.  Nothing like a last minute refresher before you go on!
This girl and I have 'grown up' in CTMH together. We signed up the same year (1993), and we have shared a friendship that has lasted all of those years. I was so happy that she and I were both invited to present at CreativeLive.

Here I am on-camera with the one and only Monica Wihongi

After the final taping on Saturday. These are the 5 presenters that represented CTMH for 2 days. We had a blast!  What an honor!

There may have only been 5 of us on-camera for our 2 day shoot, but it takes a village to make that happen. These are all of the staff, camera crew, sound guys, host, etc. that made the magic a reality.

On the plane on the way home, I certainly was assigned the right seat!  I was able to look right out my window and see this spectacular view of Mt. Rainier.  Breath taking!

3. Making Tags: 

My girls and I have a fun night-before-Thanksgiving tradition of getting together for a craft. This year we decided to make Christmas gift tags. We had tons of fun. Unfortunately, one of us was missing. Brookley (Tannon's wife) was unable to make it. They live 3 hours away and would normally have been up here for Thanksgiving, but Tannon and the Southern Utah Football team finished their regular season as #16 in the country, winner of the Big Sky Conference, and made the FCS playoffs. They will be playing #6, Sam Houston State on Saturday.  The team (and their spouses) had Thanksgiving dinner together yesterday before flying out to Houston last night.  We missed them on Thanksgiving, but are so exciting for the team!  Kori, Daysha and I made sure to make extra tags for Brookley.

Here are Tannon and Brookley after the Big Sky championship last weekend.  Tannon has been growing that gnarly beard since the season began. We call it the magic beard. He is not shaving until the season is over.  

4.  Simply Fundamentals Layout Number Four:  The layout you see at the top of the post, you know, the one that commemorates our yearly tradition of canning salsa, is the 4th of 5 layouts you can make with the Simply Fundamentals Workshop that you get if you purchase the November Simply Fundamentals special.  Here are some details of the layout:

As a reminder, here's how the special works.  Get one of our My Legacy™ album bundles, available during November only for $71.80 each...and that includes a FREE value package of memory protectors (25 of them, valued at $19.95) AND the FREE workshop cutting guides and instructions!

Wondering what you get in the bundles?  Well, let me tell you (are you holding on to your hat?).  I've also included links to each of the products in the list below so you can click on them and see them up close:

A few things to note:
  • You can order this special on my website.  If you do this, I'll be emailing you the instructions for the workshop.
  • You can order this special directly from me by calling or emailing me (801.360.9896, I'll email you the workshop instructions after placing your order.
  • You can also order this special from me if you are attending one of my Play Group scrapbooking classes in November at the class.  Again, I'll email you the workshop instructions when I place your order. 


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