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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Livvi and Leukemia

Last week, we received the devastating news that our little 4-year old granddaughter, Livvi was diagnosed with Leukemia.  It has been a week that we will never forget. The good news is that she has about a 90% chance of beating this!  The bad news is that she has leukemia, it will be about a 2 1/2 year battle, and it will be rough. She has already spent much of the last week in the hospital, is on high doses of steroids, has had several rounds of chemo, and has been poked and prodded more than most people in a lifetime. We are so fortunate to live here in Utah where we are able to get her cared for at Primary Children's Hospital.  These are some of the best pediatric oncologists in the world.

I share this with all of you for a few reasons:
  1. If you are inclined to remember Livvi and her family in your prayers, we would appreciate it more than you know!
  2. I know that many of you reading this blog have 'gotten to know' my family over the years through my posts.  This is part of our family now, and we will be sharing it along with everything else.  This is a battle we are all fighting with Livvi.  You can follow posts on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #livstrong
  3. Our daughter, Kori and her hubby, Rick (Livvi's parents) have started a blog to detail Livvi's journey.  They know that when Livvi is older and has beaten this nasty disease, she will want to be able to look back and see what happened, how her parents felt, etc.  We thought you might want to follow along.  The blog address is:  There are about 5 or 6 posts already, so if you would like to follow from the beginning, just scroll down to the first post and work your way up.
As a grandma, I would do just about anything to take this away from our girl. I love her so much and would gladly switch places with her.  This sweet, tender little girl has more fight in her that she even knows yet. 


Lynn Olsen said...

You don't know me at all, but I'm a fellow CTMH consultant. I follow your blog because I love your artwork, and it has also been fun to see your family grow up over the years. So yes, in a way, I feel like I've 'gotten to know' you a little bit through your posts.

I've never commented before but feel compelled to say something this time. I just got done reading the heartbreaking posts on your daughter's blog, and it brought tears to my eyes. I can't even imagine what it must be like to see someone you love go through something so difficult and feel so out of control to do anything to help. I don't know if it's just because I'm getting older or if it's just more common, but there are two other families I know with young children going through cancer treatments right now, too.

But I am definitely a believer in the power of prayer and wanted you to know that I will definitely include your family in my prayers - for comfort and peace during this difficult time!

Julie Mcvay said...

I am so sorry to hear this. May God watch over you and the family during this time.

Becca Whitham said...

Oh...Karen. My heart is breaking for you. I will be keeping you, Livvi, and your entire family in my prayers.

Casandra Bennett said...

Karen, I am so sorry that your sweet grandbaby is fighting leukemia. My cousin was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 2. She is now 30, has been in remission for 28 years, and has three beautiful babies. It is terrible to watch children get sick and the feeling of helplessness we experience because of it. May God comfort and strengthen you and your family. I will be praying for your entire family, but especially your sweet Livvi during this difficult time.

Ruth Doherty said...

I am a former CTMH consultant. Life threw me some curve balls and I am not a consultant anymore, but I have followed your blog forever! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your sweet family. I KNOW that all will go well. It's sobering to know how quickly life can take a turn, but your family has such a strong bond and the support you all have for each other is such a blessing. All the best.

Sadie Jensen said...

I am so sorry there are really no words strong enough to express my hurt and pain for you at this time. You're family has been through so much and now this. I am thankful that you're family has the gospel and Christ in your lives to get through this. I will keep sweet Livvi and all of you in my prayers. I am just so shocked and sad I just don't understand why some things happen in this life but I want to share that I know the Savior is there for us. When I lost our baby boy years ago I had a priesthood blessing and what has stuck with me through the years is that Heavenly Father said, "If I could take this away from you I would but it is something you must go through for your own benefit." He also told me that my little boy was his before he was mine. As I went through such a trial I became so much closer to the Lord than under any other circumstance. Therefore not knowing why things happen, years later when I lost my husband in 2007 I was grateful that my husband had our little boy in Heaven to greet him. I know that Livvi will pull through this and she will be a fighter but it still is not easy. My love and prayers are with you and your family. If there is anything at all that you need I will be here.
Love Monika Kielbasa


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