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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Create Yourself

Don't you just love the sentiment on this card? I do! It's so true. Life is not really about figuring out who you are as much as it is deciding who you want to be and becoming that through hard work and dedication to your goals. Enough philosophizing (is that a word?) and on to some art!

I used a few fun techniques on this card I thought I'd share with you. You may want to click on the photo of the card so you can see it larger and understand the techniques a bit better.

1. I stamped on B&T paper. The paper on the top half of my card was actually just the juniper colored pattern and I chose to add a bit of tulip to it with the small roundish stamp.

2. I dry embossed the tulip cardstock on the bottom half of the card. Just slide it in your fiskars trimmer and instead of cutting, use your embossing stylus or scoring blade (I prefer the embossing stylus) to score lines. I scored every 1/4" but you can do them as close together or far apart as you wish. Random distances apart is also fun. Take your paper out of your trimmer when you're done and turn it over so the score lines are poking up. Rub a fine grit piece of sandpaper over it (this only works with white core cardstock like Close To My Heart makes). Voila! Pretty, right?

3. Instead of using thread on my clear buttons, I actually used very thin strips of juniper and tulip cardstock. Cut them thin enough to thread through the holes and then tie in a gentle knot. You have to be careful but once you try it once or twice you'll be able to do it without tearing your 'cardstock thread.' Matching thread every time! Woo Hoo!

Close To My Heart products used: Life's Creation Stamp Set (D1304), Tulip Stamp Pad Z2166), Perfect Day Level 2 Paper Pack (X7100B), Colonial White Twill Ribbon (Z1099), 3D Foam Tape (Z1151), Clear Buttons (1155), Fiskars Euro Trimmer (Z338), Dry Embossing/Scoring Stylus (Z608), Sanding Kit (Z1294).

Click here to order from my website 24/7...even when you're in the process of creating yourself! You can also view my art and upcoming events and classes on my calendar.


Laurel said...

Fabulous! I love the cardstock threads! I also love that sentiment but have not ordered that stamp set yet as I only want the quote. perhaps I should just break down and buy it!

Melissa Laverty said...

That quote speaks to me on so many levels, too. I've used it on recruiting bookmarks, too. Really touched me today. Thanks for the reminder! See u soon...

Melissa Laverty said...

PS - you need to know that yours is the ONLY blog music that I like. In fact, I'm leaving your blog open just so that I can listen to your playlist. Another reason why I think U R 2 cool!

Kate said...

I agree with all the other comments, too. Love the "thread" idea. Can I steal it? Thanks for doing such great work!

Brenda said...

Karen, I remember being taught the CS trick at Convention last year. I just never remember to use! This stamp set is one of my favorites. I love that sentiment, but even mroe so, I love all the images. Beautiful card!

Jamie Harder said...

Beautiful card and how fabulous are your technique explanations!! So helpful:-)

Krista Ritskes said...

Wow, Karen, I'm impressed by the cardstock "thread"!


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