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Thursday, July 23, 2009

You Bring Me Joy

Am I driving you crazy? This is my 6th post today. If you want to see them all be sure to scroll down.

What can I say? When I got some time to create, I made the most of it. I think when you choose one kit and just go to town on several projects you can really get a lot done. As you know, all 6 of my posts today have featured the Emporium Kit from Close To My Heart. LOVE it!

This is the 2nd layout I did today of Tannon. It used sketch #144 from Pencil Lines, but I turned the sketch sideways because I happened to have a photo that was vertical. I love this picture (you may recognize it from my post from a couple of days ago) because it shows just how pretty his eyes are. I caught him while he was sitting and watching a football game on TV and he didn't even notice! Why is it men can't multi-task in any way, shape or form when watching TV? That is a subject for another time. The good news is that because of that purely male trait I was able to get this very cute photo.

Close To My Heart products used: Emporium Level 2 Paper Pack (X7105B), Emporiuim Level 2 MyStickease (X7105C), Cocoa Stamp Pad (Z2114), 3D Foam Tape (Z1151), Clear Buttons (Z1155), Expressives Font CD Volume 1 (Z1280), Colonial White Waxy Flax (Z1081).

Non-CTMH products used: Hambly overlays

Click here to order from my website 24/7...especially if it brings you joy!


kimber said...

It's amazing to me that this black and white picture can convey so well the fact that his eyes are beautiful! When I looked at the layout, that was the first thing I noticed and then I read the post and that's why you love the picture. Awesome!!! I love the layout so much. The star, the buttons...just love it!

Vanessa said...

Wow, your creations are amazing!! Thanks for commenting on my blog, I am happy I found yours!


Korinne said...

Wow Mom, the two Tannon layouts turned out GORGEOUS! When I left the house they weren't quite complete but I still loved them, after adding the accessories I am IN LOVE with them! You are so inspiring! Love ya.


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