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Friday, July 17, 2009

Welcome Home!

Welcome home, Tannon! We finally got him home this week after being gone for 10 days. He started at football camp and then flew out from there to Louisville, Kentucky where he played in a national basketball tournament.

I missed this guy! He fills our home with laughter and silliness. I missed his singing and dancing around the house. I missed him asking me what we have that would be good to deep fry (see 2nd post from July 5 entitled "A Deep Fryer?"). I missed his asking if there are any yard jobs that need doing because he wants to work on his tan. I missed him showing me his latest dance move. I missed him coming in 5 minutes after curfew and acting like he didn't realize it (OK, not really!). I just plain old missed him. Why do kids have to grow up?

I had to include this picture of him the day he got home. I was tending my little granddaughter, Daci and Tannon decided to try his hat on her. SO CUTE!


Janelle said...

I completely agree with you. My children are still young (2, 4 and 8) but even that I can't believe. They are such precious creations of God and I can't express how much I enjoy them. They are just beautiful. So I know how you feel!

kimber said...

Oh that picture is priceless...and your front porch is gorgeous by the way!!!

Brenda said...

What a great way to welcome him home! Kids do grow up way to fast, and I can't believe the years pass so quickly.


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