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Friday, February 27, 2009

American Idol

I am writing this post to get the word out about Taylor Vaifanua. The Vaifanua family has been good friends of Dan and I for, LOTS of years. I tried to count but it just hurt my head. Let's just say we are old and have been friends since college. Dan and Brian played football together at both Ricks Junior College and Southern Utah University. Taylor Vaifanua (their daughter) is now in the top 36 of the popular TV show, American Idol. Taylor is an extremely talented young lady (16 years old) who would make a wonderful role model for young people to look up to. So, gather all of your friends and family together on Tuesday and Wednesday nights starting @ 7 pm CST. Voting takes place after Tuesday's show and results are shown on Wednesday. There have already been two weeks of narrowing down the top 36. This coming Tuesday (March 3) is the night that you will see Taylor sing as a member of the top 36 trying to make the top 12. There will be 12 singers on Tuesday and then on Wednesday they will choose 3 from that group of 12. Taylor needs all of the votes she can get! So, pass this on to all of your friends and family. GO TAYLOR!


Samantha said...

I didn't watch - do we know what happened yet?

Karen said...

Unfortunately, Taylor didn't make the top 12. Sadness. But, I am very proud of her and the GREAT job she did!


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