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Monday, January 31, 2011

Last Week...

Last week was wonderful! We went to the BYU production of Peter Pan in which Daysha played Tiger Lilly. She was awesome!

Tannon finally got to Spain. WOO HOO! He's going to be such a great missionary there.

I found some pictures of Dawson at his 'disco skating night'. Blurry, but at least someone took a couple of photos. Too funny!

Kori and Daci came to visit from Chicago.

Easton and Daysha were here spending time too.

GOOD TIMES! Dan-the-Man and I couldn't feel more blessed!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mayberry Cards and Layouts

When you hear the word "Mayberry," what do you think of? For me, until just recently it brought to mind memories and visions of Andy Griffith, Aunt Bea, Opie and the gang. Not anymore! Close To My Heart has knocked my socks off with this BEAUTIFUL new paper kit called Mayberry. It deliciously blends the Close To My Heart exclusive colors of sorbet, cocoa, honey and olive (are you hungry yet?). It debuts in the brand new Spring/Summer 2011 Idea Book on February 1 (which you will be able to view page by scrumptious page right here on my blog that day).

I am having so much fun with this paper pack and couldn't wait until February 1 to share these projects with you! I thought the colors and patterns PERFECTLY complimented these photos of Daci playing in the leaves back in 2009. I hope you enjoy my projects. Hint: remember those AMAZING new Kraft Color Ready borders I talked about in my last post...well, you MIGHT just see a few more on these projects! As always, just click on any photo to see it larger and in more detail.

Have a wonderful Saturday! I'm off to clean. Blech! I'd MUCH rather play some more with Mayberry! Here are some close ups of the projects for your enjoyment:

Left side of layout:---------------

Right side of layout:----------------

Layout Detail Close-ups:-------------------

5" x 7" card:-------------------

6" x 6" card:----------------

3.5" x 8" card:----------------

4 1/4" x 5 1/2" card:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kraft Color-Ready Borders (Video Tutorial)

This little video tutorial is so much fun. These "Kraft Color Ready Borders" are one of the new products in Close To My Heart's Spring/Summer Idea Book which debuts here on my blog on Feb. 1 (only 5 more days!). I love these little puppies. They are only $5.95 for 50 (yep, you read that right...FIFTY) borders. You get two each of 25 designs. That's only .12 per 12" border, so add them to your Feb. 1 wish list. The video tutorial is just over 3 minutes and so worth your time!

I have also included close up images of a portion of a card and another of a layout I made using these borders. I'll show you the REST of the card and layout on Monday, Feb. 1 when I debut the February Stamp of the Month (which I also used on this card and layout). In the meantime, enjoy the little sneek peak.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Paper Topiary and MORE!

Saturday was a crazy but FUN day at the Pedersen home. I had a team meeting with my Close To My Heart team (thanks to the 15 ladies who attended!) and then Dawson went to Lone Peak's Preference dance.

The first photo you see today is of a 'show and tell' that Trish Morton made and brought to Team Meeting. It is a GORGEOUS topiary she made by misting 2" squares of tulip cardstock, wadding them up, letting them dry, sponging cranberry ink over the top for some depth, and then gluing them to a styrofoam form. Clever! Thanks for sharing, Trish!

Here are a few more photos of team meeting. We made a fun banner (inspired by Lisa Stenz) that I will be offering as a workshop to my customers in March. Be watching for photos and advertising for that here on my blog in February.

Everyone creating away making their darling banners:

Yvonne and Trisha (the topiary creator!):------------------

Lynette and Sarah:----------------

More fun creating:

After Team Meeting, it was time to get my 'little' 16 year old ready for his date to the Lone Peak Preference Dance. His friend, Shanae asked him over a month ago. They had such a great time. All of the cheerleaders (Sophomores, JV and Varsity) rented a bus and all went in one group with their dates to dinner and the dance. Dawson had a blast! The night before, they rented out a local roller skating rink for 'disco skating'. Dawson had a sprained ankle so he used a scooter instead. I'm still trying to find photos from that because he looked hilarious! He didn't really have anything 'disco-ish' so Shanae lent him a pink tank top (about 3 sizes too small), he rolled up his jeans to his knees, and wore striped socks. Disco? No! Silly? YES!

Daws the Boss:

Shanae, Dawson, Talon and Taylor:

The group. Dawson and Shanae are in the far left corner:

Friday, January 21, 2011

January Stamp of the Month Card (Find Your Style)

This GORGEOUS card (4 1/4" x 5 1/2") was given to me last week by my friend, Denise Anderson-Turley. Isn't it to die for? Thanks, Denise. It was soooo nice of you to think of me.

Close To My Heart Supplies Denise used on this beautiful creation: Find Your Style Stamp of the Month (D1452), Wings Workshop on the Go (G1016), Clear Sparkles (Z1104), Black Mini-Medley (Z1393), Black Stamp Pad (Z2105), Twilight Stamp Pad (Z2160), Vineyard Berry Stamp Pad (Z2157), 3D Foam Tape (Z1151), Colonial White Waxy Flax (Z1081).

Click here to find out how to get this gorgeous stamp of the month set during January only.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

OH, Sophia! (Layouts and Cards and Banners, Oh My!)

I have spent the last two days finishing up a VERY special project. My Close To My Heart team means the world to me. Every so often I offer what I call a $2000 Challenge. Each member of my team who reaches $2000 in sales in that specific month gets a "Board in a Bag" from me.

"What is a Board in a Bag?" you ask. Well, I'm happy to explain. As CTMH Consultants, we like to display artwork for our customers to see. We usually do it on display boards, but those little puppies are kinda hard to mail, ya know? So, I create a display using a new paper kit and some stamp sets and accessories in the most recent catalog for each of my team member who hit the big $2000, put them all in a large plastic bag, then into a box and mail them to them. Once they arrive, they can take everything out and mount them on display boards to show their customers.

This time I chose to make their displays with the new "Sophia" kit that debuts Feb. 1. This kit is soooooo girly and gorgeous. You got a sneak peek at it last week when I shared a layout I had made using the Sophia papers of my cuter-than-cute granddaughter, Daci. I duplicated that layout for my ladies, minus the pictures of Daci and the journaling, of course. They get to put their own photos on journaling on theirs. Then I added 3 cards and a banner. I am so excited about how it all turned out.

Here are each of the individual items they will get in their bags (feel free to click on any photo in this post to see it larger and in more detail):

Item #1 - Board title piece that shows a sample of the papers that come in the paper pack:

Item #2: A Banner (each chipboard piece is 6" across and 7" long. They are another fun new item in our new Idea Book, which debuts Feb. 1). This banner was inspired by the VERY talented Lisa Stenz. Lisa, you never cease to AMAZE me with your artwork.----------------------

Item #3: 5" x 7" card. Can you tell I'm totally into pinwheel flowers right now?------------------

Item #4: 3" x 4 3/4" card. This was inspired by something that the CTMH Art Department made that I saw at the Team Builders Conference.

Item #5: 4 1/2" Circle Card. I'm lovin' these!---------------------

Item #6: 2 page 12" x 12" layout. This one has photos and journaling. Theirs will be blank for them to fill as they'd like.
If you would like information about joining my Close To My Heart team of consultants, feel free to email or call me (, 801.360.9896), or click here to enter my website for more info.

Monday, January 17, 2011

My VERY Fun Weekend at Team Builders

Close To My Heart ROCKS! I know I say that all the time, and guess what: I MEAN it all the time.

I just spent the last several days at a wonderful conference called Team Builders. CTMH invited their leaders to come and give input and provide perspective as they proposed changes and enhancements in policies and procedures to make CTMH an even BETTER place to be. How awesome is that?

In addition to proposal meetings, Q&A sessions, business classes, and updates from the Executive Team of the company, we also did some creating, some serious eating and had some even more serious fun!

The first two photos here are of a beautiful clip pin that the CTMH Art Studio created for me. They actually created one for each of the 60 consultants there. Each pin was one-of-a-kind. I am so excited to pin in on a lapel, on a necklace, a hat, and so many other things. Stinkin' cute!:

Here I am with two of my amazing Director downline, Pam on the left and Lynette in the middle. These two ladies are more than downline, they are dear friends that I love with all my heart!------------------
Here are two more cute friends: Monica and Jody. Monica is pregnant with #7 (I know! Unbelievable, right?). Jody is one of my 'forever roomies'.----------------

Another of my 'forever roomies,' beautiful Michelle with sweet Tracy

Thanks to my 'forever roomies', Jody and Michelle for making my stay as wonderful as every event I spend with them. Thanks to my two Director downline, Pam and Lynette for sharing this event with me and for being the awesome leaders that you are. Thanks to all of my CTMH friends, that are really my CTMH family for being so amazing. Thanks to CTMH (especially Jeanette!) for spoiling us rotten. Believe it or not, they didn't even charge a registration fee for this event. It was so important to them that the leaders were there to brainstorm and take part that they not only didn't charge a registration fee, but they showered us with free gifts and meals. We even had a private dinner at the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building with delicious food and a breath-taking view of the Salt Lake LDS Temple (see top photo for the group of ladies at my dinner table, and a few of the smaller photos below for the view). Unbelievable!

Sharryl and Jody enjoying the view at dinner:

Tracy and Michelle doing the same:


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