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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pedersen Slush...YUM!

When Dan-the-Man and I got married, I wanted to incorporate holiday traditions from both of our families into our life together. Of all the traditions, the one that was most important to Dan was Pedersen Slush. His mom, Halene made it for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. After trying it for the first time myself, I had to agree that it was delicious. So, every year we make TONS of it. In fact, for Thanksgiving this year, I made 4 gallons. No kidding!

I thought you might enjoy the recipe too:

Pedersen Slush

In a large freezer container (I use a 1.5 gallon large tupperware container)
  • Dissolve 2 C. sugar into 8 C. very hot water
Then add:
  • 1-36 oz. can pineapple juice
  • 1-12oz. can frozen orange juice concentrate, melted
  • 1-8 oz. can frozen lemonade concentrate, melted (I just use the 12 oz. can and don't use it all)
  • 2 bananas, pureed like baby food
Whisk all of this together well and then add enough hot water to fill to one gallon. If you are using a 1-gallon freezer container, then don't fill it all the way up. It expands as it freezes. Also, the pureed bananas tend to float to the top so be sure to go out and whisk it a couple of times as it freezes so the bananas are evenly distributed.
To serve: scoop frozen slush into glasses or cups using an ice cream scoop like you see Dan-the-Man doing in the photo (the Cutco one is the absolute BEST!) then pour Sprite on top to make a slush. Add Sprite to your taste. Dan likes his pretty "sprite-y", while I like mine more slushy. Enjoy!

Monday, November 29, 2010

December Play Group Layouts (Mistletoe)

I am way behind and seem to keep getting behinder and behinder. Easton and Daysha's wedding is coming up soon (18 more days!) and between that and Thanksgiving I feel like I need at least another week before December gets here. Alas, that is not to be. I will have to make due with the time God gave me (which, by the way, God. It never seems to be enough!).

The photos you see today are of the three layouts we will be making in my December Play Group classes. Of course you can click on any image to see it larger and in more detail. It's too late to sign up for December classes but next week I will be posting the pages for my January classes, so be watching for them. I gotta say, they are AWESOME! I'll be teaching lots of new techniques in my January classes.

Layout #1 Below: "Christmas Time"Close Up of Layout 1's Journaling Below:
Layout #2 Below: "Christmas Eve at Grandma's"
Layout 3 Below: "Christmas 2009"Close Up of Layout 3's Journaling Below:
Even though it's too late to sign up for December's class, I thought you might enjoy seeing the pages anyway. If you're not coming to class, you can always use them for inspiration when scrapping on your own.

These layouts were all made using Close To My Heart's elegantly beautiful Mistletoe Level 2 Paper Pack (X7130B), Mistletoe My Stickease (X7130C), Mistletoe Level 2 Assortment (Z1330), Pearl Opaques (Z1336), Cranberry Ribbon Rounds (Z1209), and Red, Pink and Purple Assortment Sparkles (Z1326).

You can shop 24/7 on my website for these and so many other wonderful items. Click here to begin!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thankgsiving! My day was spent with family, good food, and lots of great conversation and fun. I am so grateful for so many things, but if I had to pick my 'mostest gratefullest' this year, it would have to be that Dan found a great job.

If you've been reading my blog for very long, you know that in October of 2008, after over 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Dan lost his job. It took him about 18 months of looking and working toward finding another job every day to find one. I am so grateful that job finally did come. I'm grateful for what we learned during those 18 months (although I would NEVER choose to go through it again), and I'm grateful that we determined at the beginning of it all that no matter what happened we would make sure that through it all we would become closer and stronger as a family and not let it tear us apart. I am so grateful that we worked so hard to make sure that was the case.

I love my family! I'm so grateful for each one of them. But, most of all, I am soooooooo grateful for my hubby, Dan-the-Man!

I'm also grateful to all of YOU, my blog readers. Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow, Snow and SNOW!

I've been out all morning running errands trying to beat the blizzard. It will be interesting to see what this storm brings! I have never, in all my years in Utah, seen such a thing. Radio stations are closing, grocery stores are closing, just about EVERY business around me is closing today by 4 pm...even the craft stores (I can see grocery stores and radio stations, but craft stores? Those are a necessity! lol.). The storm is supposed to hit our area between 5 and 7 pm. For a state that is used to snow, and lots of it, this is unheard of. If this blizzard is everything it has been predicted to be, it will be quite an experience. I mean really, who ever heard of the radio stations shutting down? Of course my son's basketball team is still practicing. Priorities, my friends, priorities.

One thing that is not closing down is my website. If you are holed up waiting out a storm, there is no better time to do a little shopping! Of course I had to get that in! Tee hee.

In the midst of this panic, my son, Easton is driving home from Cedar City for the Thanksgiving holiday. Everyone say a little prayer for him to make it safely over the mountain passes!

Off to make something warm and wait for Dan, Easton and Dawson to get to our home safely tonight. I hope you and yours are all safe in your homes too.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving Card

With Thanksgiving less than a week away, I decided to make a card for each member of my family to tell them how thankful I am for them. This is one of the cards (5" x 7") I made. I sort of experimented on this one, so I'll explain what I did to get the 'look.'

Before I explain, I just wanted to note a couple of things:
  1. The stamp set that the sentiment in the lower right hand corner came from is this month's (November) Stamp of the Month (D1444-A Little Thanks).
  2. Close To My Heart has been MORE than generous this month! If you spend $100 (before shipping and tax), you get this stamp set (D1444-A Little Thanks...$22.95 value) and any other A-D size stamp set (up to $22.95) in the Autumn/Winter Idea Book absolutely FREE! That's $45.90 FREE when you spend $100. I have included a photo here of the entire stamp set (actual size of the carrier sheet is 6" x 6"). What are you waiting for? Either head to my website to order, or email or give me a call (, 801.360.9896). We'll get your order taken care of in a jiffy!

New techniques I tried:
  • On the damask embossed piece I did the following: on a Sunflower piece of cardstock I stamped the damask tiles in sunset ink and then quickly embossed them with clear embossing powder. I wasn't sure I was 100% excited about how bright it all looked when I was done since I was going for something warm and inviting for Thanksgiving. So, I filled a little 2 oz. spray bottle with some water and about 20 drops of chocolate reinker. I placed the piece on some newspaper and sprayed away. LOVE the look! After it dried I was ready to go! Oh, you'll want to carefully wipe the embossed parts off since the spray won't dry on them.
  • The base of the card is sunset cardstock. Again, I thought it looked a bit bright for the look I was going for so I took my desert sand pad and rubbed directly onto the paper, first from side to side and then up and down until I had covered the whole surface area. Perfect. Again, just the look I wanted.
  • The words in the lower right hand corner are also embossed, this time using cocoa embossing powder.
  • I think I've shared this tip before, but just in case I haven't...did you know that you can created scalloped edges (like the chocolate cardstock scallops that border the damask piece) with our corner rounder? All you have to do is remove the guard and turn your rounder upside down so that as you pop along the edge you can see where to line up the next scallop. Neato, Cheeto!
I was pretty pleased with the look when it was all finished. I hope the recipient of this card will like it too! It's a simple look because I really wanted the cool techniques and style of the patterned paper I created to be the focal point.

Close To My Heart products used: A Little Thanks Stamp Set (D1444), Damask Tiles Stamp Set (C1342), Sunset Cardstock (X5758), Sunflower Cardstock (1242), Chocolate Cardstock (X5643), Sunset Stamp Pad (Z2191), Chocolate Reinker (Z2211), Versamark Pad (Z891), Cocoa Embossing Powder (Z1246), Clear Embossing Powder (Z671), Designer Ribbon Rounds-Cocoa CollectionCorner Rounder-with guard removed (Z578).

Click here to visit my website and shop 24/7...especially when you're feeling thankful!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Art & Soul: Stencil, Sparkle and Shine

Today the newest webisode of Close To My Heart's Art & Soul was posted. You can watch all 12 minutes of jam-packed-creative-goodness on my website here.

This webisode features LOTS of fun tips and tidbits, among which are:
  • stamp stenciling
  • stitching
  • adding sparkle and shine
  • great ways to use dimensional element ornaments
Speaking of Dimensional Element Ornaments (Z1337), I happen to love those little suckers! The 6" x 6" card you see here is one I created using one of them (as you can see, they layer!) with some very non-traditional holiday colors (Sweet Leaf, Sunset and Smoothie) for fun. To create the shimmery look, I just rubbed each Dimensional Ornaments piece on a stamp pad the color I wanted, let it dry and then painted over the top with a sheer layer of our Create-A-Shade Pearl Paint (Z1039).

Have fun watching Art & Soul! And, when you're done, feel free to click here to place an order. You can order on my website 24/7...even in your jammies, which is a HUGE plus this time of year!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Interactive (To the Max!) Layout

Photo Above: Layout with Both Flaps Closed

Photo Above: Layout with Both Flaps Open

I have been having so much fun since Close To My Heart's Magic book came out. Magic is full of beautiful layout patterns with all kinds of fun interactive options. The one-page layout I am sharing today was designed by Naomi Smith, but I sort of did my own take on it. It was based on some ideas she had seen in Magic. Believe it or not, there are 32 photos on this one-page layout. Are you flipping kidding me? Nope, I'm not! Another cool thing about this layout is that it was made using the Hooligans kit, but it is not a Halloween layout. These designs and papers are equally cool for "birthday party", "celebration", or just plain "fun" layouts.

This layout was made using very few supplies. In fact, these supplies are all I used: Hooligans Level 1 Scrapbook Kit (X7129A), Lagoon Mini-Medley (Z1340), Licorice Opaques (Z1335), 12" x 12" Flip Flaps (Z1325), 12" x 12" Memory Protectors (4110), 3D Foam Tape (Z1151), Magic Book (9034). The flip flaps are what make the 2 side panels on this layout open.

The photos aren't the absolute greatest because it was easier for you to see how the layout works by seeing it in the protectors. As always, feel free to click on any photo to see it larger and in more detail. Oh, and thanks to my friend Leslie for being the 'hands' while I took the photos.
Photo above: I cut a slit in the protector and paper on the inside right flap (see photo above to see this interactive tag in it's 'place'). This way the tag can slide in and out of the layout and still be protected.
-------------------Photo Above: There is more to this little tag than meets the eye! Can you see how many photos I was able to add by making this an accordion tag? You see 4 here....
Photo Above: and then when you turn the accordion tag over, there are another 4. Talk about space well used!
Photo Above: Just when you thought there couldn't be anything cooler than what you've already seen on this layout, I've got something MORE to show. If you look at the upper right photo in the center section of the layout, you'll see this cute photo of me making treats with my little granddaughter, Daci. There is a ribbon that ties around it, for GOOD REASON! Keep reading...

Photo Above: When you untie that little ribbon, you find another accordion. WOO HOO! I have photos on the front side...

Photo above: and on the back side!

If you go back and look again at the photo of the layout with both flaps open, you'll see that I added another interactive tag that tucks in on the left inside flap. This layout is full of surprises...or should I say Magic?

To order Magic, any of the products used on this layout, or any other GREAT Close To My Heart products, head to my website and then click "Shop Online".

Friday, November 12, 2010

Scrappin' with Loader

I'm very excited for my day today. I'm scrappin' and lunchin' with a long-time silly and spunky friend who recently moved to Utah.

We have had so many fun experiences together over the years, from earning trips together with Close To My Heart, to shooting a scrapbooking show together (in which Loader handled an unexpected 'technical difficulty' without any difficulty at all. I, on the other hand, laughed until tears were running down my face), to rooming together at CTMH events.

Not only does Michelle keep everyone around her in stitches, but she is a very talented artist. I can't wait to watch her work today and learn from her creativity. Love ya, Loader!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank You, Marian!

My sweet friend and downline, Marian Q. surprised me with this card in the mail last week. I was so happy when I opened it and saw that Marian is loving the new Close To My Heart Clear Cards as much as I am and that she made one to send to little ol' me. How beautiful is this card, anyway?!!! Oh, how I love my Marian, and happy mail!

One of my favorite things about the clear cards is how incredibly creative you can get with putting papers on the front cover, the back front cover, the inside back cover, and the outside back cover. The way you layer and glue makes it so much fun to see how it looks all together and how each layer looks separately. As you can see in the photo of the open view of the card, all the different layers work together to create the finished look you see when the card is closed.

CTMH Products Marian used so brilliantly!: Nature's Gift Stamp Set (C1424), Magnifique Level 2 Paper Pack (X7127B), Cocoa Stamp Pad (Z2114), Cocoa Embossing Powder (Z1246), Sanding Kit (Z1294), 4 1/2" Clear Cards-Round (Z1309).

You may have noticed that Marian didn't add any 'bling' to this brads, sparkles, ribbons, chipboard, etc. It's just SIMPLY beautiful without any of those things. Marian's design was stand alone beautiful.

Oh, and I have one little disclaimer to add. If you happen to notice my dirty fingernails in the 2nd photo, ignore them. I've been distressing with black ink today and my fingers show it!

Click here to shop for these, or any other wonderful CTMH products on my website 24/7...especially when you want to brighten someone's day by making them some happy mail!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thank You Card, Sweet and Simple

I think CTMH's November Stamp of the Month is a MUST HAVE. If you are like me, the cards you make the most of and send the most of are Thank You's. True Dat? True Dat! "A Little Thanks" is the perfect set for all of your cards of gratitude!

This card took less than 5 minutes to make. Sweet and simple! It used the November Stamp of the Month (D1444-A Little Thanks). Other CTMH products used: Circle Around Stamp Set (D1300), Splendor Level 2 Paper Pack (X7124B), Splendor Brads (Z1317), Grey Wool Stamp Pad (Z2125), Versamark Pad (Z891), White Daisy Embossing Powder (Z673), Big Pinks (Z1033), White Daisy Variety Pack Flowers (Z1300), Corner Rounder (Z578), 3D Foam Tape (Z1151), Craft Heater (Z555).

Did you know that if you place an order of $100 (before shipping and tax) that the November Stamp of the Month is FREE ($22.95 value). On top of that, if you place an order of $100 or more (before shipping and tax), you also get to choose any other A-D size stamp set in the book FREE as well (excluding stamps of the month). That means you could get up to $45.90 in stamp sets FREE with a $100 order during the month of November only! Head to my website and click on shop online to take advantage of this awesome special! To read more details about this special, click here.

Not sure what you want to spend your $100 on? Well, I have a suggestion for you? You know that AWESOME Studio J online scrapbooking program I have been raving about here and here? Well, a one year membership is only $99! You could purchase that and one other item and get those free stamps simple as can be! Just put in order item number SJMEM12 when ordering on my site for the Studio J one-year membership.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I love you, Studio J!

Can you tell that I'm in love with Studio J (Close To My Heart's online scrapbooking program)? I've talked about it here and there the past few months, but am just falling deeper and deeper in love every time I make a layout.

Here is another layout of my definitely darling Daci that I made in Studio J. Dynamite! Of course, you can click on the image to see it larger and in more detail.

Email me ( or give me a call (801.360.9896) and I'd be happy to set up a one-on-one Studio J coaching session with you to show you the ropes. I am happy to come in person if you're within 1-2 hours of my Highland, UT home, or if not, I can coach you on the phone. Honestly, I think you can figure it out yourself with no problem-o at all! It truly is a very intuitive program. Just head on over to my website, click on Studio J, and create an account. It's TOTALLY FREE TO PLAY. Create as many layouts as you want. There is absolutely no charge unless you love it and want to purchase a membership and the layouts you created.

In the past few days, after personal coaching sessions, Barbara and Julene just HAD to have a membership. I'm pretty sure you'll feel the same way. For more information about Studio J pricing, click here.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall Pinecone Layout

This is my 2nd post for today. Be sure to scroll down to see the first!

My daughter, Kori sent me these darling photos of my granddaughter, Daci. She said that Daci discovered pinecones for the first time and was thrilled. She spent over an hour just picking them up, lining them up and bringing each individual pinecone to her mommy for approval. What fun it is to see the world through a child's eyes!

I thought I'd share a close up of the journaling and some of the detail (feel free to click on any photo to see it larger and in more detail). Enjoy:

Close To My Heart Products used: Amore Stamp Set (December Stamp of the Month, available 12/1 - 12/31/2010.. watch for ordering information on my website then), Colonial White Cardstock (1388), Desert Sand Cardstock (1273), Hollyhock Cardstock (1246), Hollyhock Stamp Pad (Z2128), Cocoa Stamp Pad (Z2114), Dimensional Elements Monograms: K, N, E, W (Z1065, Z1068, Z1059, Z1077), Dimensional Elements Perennials (Z1139), Color Ready Alphabet-Hodge Podge (X1406), Autumn Garden Mini-Medley (Z1119), Clear Buttons (Z1155), Basic Buttons (Z1206), Natural Hemp (Z280), Round Sponge 3D Foam Tape (Z1151), Magic Moments Level 2 Paper Pack (retired).

Click here to order these, or any other products from my website 24/7...even after playing with pinecones! Oh, and don't forget the "A Little More Thanks" special this month...too good to miss!

Thanks You, Christine!

Don't you just LOVE it when you open your mailbox and find happy mail? I certainly do! Last week I opened my box to find this beautiful card from my friend, and fellow Close To My Heart Consultant, Christine David. Her artwork is unbelievable and getting a card from her is definitely something to celebrate! THANK YOU, Christine for this work of heart! I just love it!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Digital Scrapbooking made EASY with Studio J

I don't know if I have ever seen anything this beautiful that is THIS EASY! I created the layout you see above in about 10 minutes with Close To My Heart's answer to digital scrapbooking: Studio J.

The cool thing about this layout of my little granddaughter, Daci (feel free to click on the image to see it larger and in more detail) is that I created it with a Studio J Halloween Kit that was black, orange, green and bright purple. Using the color tool on Studio J I was able to change the colors to whatever I wanted....and I chose some really girly, sweet colors to match my subject! In the actual digital kit the polka dotted paper (that I changed to lilac mist) is orange and the argyle paper (that I changed to blush) is black, orange, green and purple. Cool beans if I ever did see cool beans!

More Cool Beans:
  • It's TOTALLY FREE to play with Studio J. Just go to my website (, click on Studio J, create an account and PLAY! You don't have to pay for anything unless you decide to order. So log on and play around. Check out all of the awesome features, upload some of your own photos and check out how fast and easy it is to make GORGEOUS Studio J layouts.
  • Studio J boasts great photo editing options, in addition to all kinds of great kits, layout patterns, embellishments, distressing tools and MORE!.
  • With Studio J there is no need to pay for kits, embellishments, papers, etc, etc. It's all part of Studio J. You just pay the same low membership or per layout price no matter what embellishments you add.
Three ways to purchase Studio J Layouts:

1. Buy a $99 One-Year Membership, which includes:
  • 50% off retail price on two page custom layouts. You get them for just $6.50 per layout, which is only $3.25 per page. Are you kidding me? We spend that much just developing our photos for classic scrapbooking.
  • 2 .jpgs of every layout you purchase; one high resolution and one low res. These make it easy to share your layouts with friends and family members, as well as printing more copies, or saving your layout files somewhere safe forever!
  • Access to all of the kits and page patterns in Studio J, as well as some that are for 'members only'!
  • FREE page protectors for all the layouts you order
  • FREE shipping and handling on one order per month
2. Buy a $30 Three Month Membership which includes the same benefits as the One-Year Membership but just ends up costing a little more per month. (3 Month Membership averages $10 per month, whereas the One Year Membership averages just $8.25 per month).

3. Buy a 5 pack for $55: This includes one shipment of 5 layouts. All costs are included in the $55 (shipping, layout cost, page protectors, etc.) 5 packs are AWESOME Christmas gifts. If you have a friend or family member who doesn't 'have the time' for classic scrapbooking, who says they 'are just not creative' or who loves anything digital, then this is the gift for them!

I personally love the feel of paper and all the foo-foo-la-la's of ribbon, brads and stamps. But, that doesn't mean I don't love Studio J. I do, I do, I do! I just love them both for different reasons. I love the creative release and artistic rush of classic scrapbooking, but LOVE the fast, easy, no mess option of Studio J as well. My solution: I do them BOTH! It's kind of like when you were pregnant with your second child and you wondered, "How will I be able to love another child as much as my first?" But then you give birth and you find you do! You don't love your first child any less, your heart just expands to add that much MORE love for another child. You know what I mean? My heart has expanded to love BOTH classic scrapbooking and Studio J scrapbooking equally as much. Dont' laugh! That's the best way I knew how to explain it!

So, give Studio J a try! Then, feel free to purchase a membership or 5-pack on my website, or call (801.360.9896) or email ( me with questions, comments, or to place your order with me. I'm happy to help you in whatever way works best for YOU!

By the way, if you read yesterday's post, you saw the GREAT "A Little More Thanks" special that Close To My Heart is offering this month. Are you kidding me? You could buy a $99 One-Year Studio J Membership and one other small item and also get the November Stamp of the Month and another Stamp Set of your choice (up to a $22.95 value) totally FREE! What a great month to get that One-Year Membership!

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Little More THANKS

It's November. Can you believe it? Are you as sick to your stomach as I am from all the candy last week? I can't complain. I enjoyed every morsel that passed through my lips that has made my tummy feel this way. Sidenote: Why does food have to taste so GOOD?

Want to know how to get $45.90 FREE with a $100 order? Well, if you do then I have TWO HUGE ANNOUNCEMENTS today. If you are gearing up for Thanksgiving and already feeling a little bit of gratitude, then this post is for YOU!

Here's what you'll find in today's post:
1. November Stamp of the Month: "A Little Thanks"
2. November Close To My Heart Special: "A Little MORE Thanks"
Read on....

1. November Stamp of the Month: "A Little Thanks": As you know, along with a new month, comes a NEW STAMP OF THE MONTH, and this month's is a MUST HAVE! I love this set. I think of all the cards I make, "Thank You" cards are by far the ones I make and use the most. If that little factoid is true in your world too, then read on! This months stamp of the month, and Close To My Heart special are full of thanks and gratitude for YOU!

The November Stamp of the Month (D1444-A Little Thanks) is available to you to purchase or earn FREE during the month of November only. It's GREAT for thank you cards and layouts about gratitude. Read below to find out how to get it!
* earn it FREE when you spend $100 or more (before shipping and tax)
* earn it for 75% off ($5.74) when you spend $75 or more (before shipping and tax)
* earn it for 50% off ($11.74) when you spend $50 or more (before shipping and tax)
* earn it for 25% off ($17.21) when you spend $25 or more (before shipping and tax)
* purchase it for full retail price ($22.95)

Here is what the set actually looks like. The actual size of the carrier sheet is 6" x 6". That will help you understand the approximate size of the images. The artwork at the top of the post was made by me (feel free to click on the image to see it larger and in more detail). I will include a product list at the end of this post.

And if that weren't enough...GET THIS:

2. November Close To My Heart Special - "A Little More Thanks":
During the month of November, Close To My Heart is expressing "A Little More Thanks" to you with a FREE My Acrylix stamp set of your choosing. When you place a minimum order of $100 (before shipping and tax), not only will you receive the November Stamp of the Month ("A Little Thanks"...$22.95 value) FREE, but you will also receive one free stamp set of your choice from the Autumn/Winter 2010 Idea Book FREE (free stamp sets include set sizes A, B, C and D. Stamp sets that are not available as the free set include Workshops on the Go stamp sets, E-size stamp sets, and customizable K stamps. Tax and shipping apply). That means if you spend $100 (before shipping and tax) you could get $45.90 in stamp sets absolutely FREE!

This November special is just Close To My Heart's way of expressing "A Little More Thanks" to YOU, our valuable customers!

To take advantage of this AWESOME special, just click here to enter my website, then click on "shop online". You will be prompted to add the FREE Stamp of the Month (A Little Thanks) and your free set at the end of the order.

CTMH products used on my Stamp of the Month artwork above: A Little Thanks Stamp Set (D1444-Nov. Stamp of the Month), Versamark Pad (Z891), White Daisy Embossing Powder (Z673), Cocoa Embossing Powder (Z1246), Cocoa Stamp Pad (Z2114), Cocoa MarkerBarn Red Stamp Pad (Z2104), Round Sponge (Z697), Basic Brad Assortment (Z1218), Big Pinks Paper Flowers (Z1033), Clear Buttons (Z1155), Colonial White Waxy Flax (Z1081), 3D Foam Tape (Z1151), Corner Rounder (Z578), Embossing Stylus (Z608), Sanding Kit (Z1294), It's a Guy Thing Level 2 Paper Pack (retired), Autumn Organdy Ribbon (retired).

Non-CTMH products used: Stampin' Up scalloped circle punch, scallop scissors (unknown manufacturer).

Click here to shop on my website 24/7...even when you're tummy's a little sick from Halloween!


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