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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Technical Difficulties and some Oldies but Goodies

I am frustrated! I did something not-so-smart without even realizing it. I inserted a 8GB memory card into my card reader and totally messed everything up. My card reader only takes 4GB and less but it didn't tell me that. Why didn't it just spit my card out and say, "No thank you"? Instead it let me put my card in it's mouth and then promptly shut itself down and now will not let me put ANY card in it's mouth without doing the same. So right now I have all of these beautiful photos of artwork that I cannot download to my computer and share with you. I hope to have things fixed and back to normal soon so hang in there.

In the meantime, I dug through some of my old photo files and found 2 cards that I made for a workshop I held a couple of years ago. Enjoy!

Close To My Heart products used on "Baby" card: Spring Harmony 12 x 12 Cardstock Combo Set (X5682), Black Legacy Writers (4275), Heavenly Blue Stamp Pad (Z2126), Baby Pink Stamp Pad (Z2102), Key Lime Stamp Pad (Z2131), Amethyst Stamp Pad (Z2100), Black Stamp Pad (Z2105), Grey Flannel Marker (Z2324), Solo B stamp set (B1226), Solo A stamp set (B1225), Solo Y stamp set (B1249), Pastel Colored Pencils (Z922), Spring Harmony Brad Assortment (Z1212),
Stamp set with words and small flowers is retired.

Close To My Heart products used on "Congratulations" card: Adorable Backgrounds stamp set (D1200), Congratulations stamp (retired), Grey Wool Cardstock (5571), Grey Wool Stamp Pad (Z2125), Just Blooms White Daisy Variety Pack (Z1300), Metal Brad Assortment (Z1217), Spring Soft Chalks (Z902), White Daisy Grossgrain Ribbon (Z270).

Click here to order from my website 24/7...even when your card reader is giving you grief!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Time..what a strange concept

Isn't time funny? It seems when my children were little time went so much slower. As they have grown, in fact about the time they hit 3rd grade, it seems time warped. I feel like I blink and a day is gone, or even a week!

I was missing my missionary son, Easton today and decided to pull out his scrapbooks and look at pictures and re-live memories of him. As most of you know, he is serving a 2 year mission for our church. The last time I saw him in person was January 13, 2008. He will return home on January 26...4 more months. Anyway, back to my point. As I was looking through some of his books, I found this layout. I made this layout (click on the photo to see it larger) in January 0f 2007 when he signed his letter of intent to play football for Southern Utah University (SUU) after his mission. I'll never forget this day. He and his best friend, Trevor (also on a mission and returning in December) were both offered full-ride scholarships to SUU. Not only were they both excited about fulfilling their dreams of playing college football and having their educations paid for, but they were doubly excited to be able to do it together. Less than one year after this layout was made, they both left on their missions. That seems like yesterday in so many ways!
Easton and the little boy of one of the families he is teaching on his mission

Now, almost 3 years later, they are both coming home from their missions soon and will be heading to Southern Utah University in the Spring. And, to make it even more ironic, my younger son, Tannon has been given the same offer...full-ride scholarship to SUU to play football after he completes his 2 year mission. Deja vu!
Tannon playing football this year.

Friday, September 25, 2009


One last post for today. As you know, I spent 3 days last week at a retreat for my team (CPR-see posts from last few days). I had to leave for a few hours on Friday night because I just could not miss my son, Tannon's football game. While I was gone I was texting everyone at the retreat sharing the 'play-by-play' of the game. We ended up winning 49-9. Tannon threw 3 TD's and rushed for one. WOO HOO! Everyone at the retreat shared in my excitement. In fact, after the 4th TD, they texted me this photo of several of them spelling out "W-I-N" (come on, be creative. You can see it!). Hillarious, don't you think? I LOVE my Close To My Heart team!

Speaking of football, this was a week of ups and downs. As I mentioned, Tannon's team (Lone Peak) beat Hillcrest 49-9. That was an up. Dawson's team lost 8-7 to Maple Mountain. That was a down. We are hoping for two 'ups' this week! Tannon and the Knights play Alta (#2 in the state last week) tonight at their field. After our win last week we went up to #4. YIKES! No pressure at all. I'm scrrd (said like a rapper). Dawson and his team play Pleasant Grove tomorrow. GO PEDERSENS!Dawson during the Maple Mountain game. He was workin' up a sweat!

Tannon vs. Riverton 2 weeks ago, avoiding a sack

Super Saturday

One of the other things that I did last week was to help put on Super Saturday for the church women's organization (the Relief Society) that I am president of. I am so lucky to work with women who are talented, dependable and full of joy doing their jobs! Mary M. and her committee were amazing putting on this day of crafting, service, food and fun. Thank you, ladies! I love my church job!

We filled the day (10 am - 4 pm) with wood craft classes, a stitching class, card making classes, a digital scrapbooking class, a candy making class, a soap dispenser class, a hair flowers/bows class, a beautiful buffet lunch, a clothing exchange (and all left-over clothing was donated to Deseret Industries) and a quilt that was tied to donate to the Humantarian Aid Center. What a day! THANK YOU to all of the teachers of the classes who so willingly and graciously shared their talents with the women who attended.

I am so grateful for the women who continually enrich my life. What a blessed woman I am!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's in the bag!

The doctor's bag that is! Lynette made these darling doctor bags filled with pills (M&M's) for our Create and Prosper Retreat (CPR) last week. SO stinkin' cute! You rock, Lynette!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More CPR...

Had to share more CPR fun and art (don't know what CPR is? Check yesterday's post!). Enjoy!

Layout created by Tracy M. for a class she is teaching soon. She used the 'Jingle' Kit (X7115B) and 'On Target' Dimensional Elements (Z1226), and from Close To My Heart:
Mini-pizza box created by yours truly. I used paper from the 'Jingle' Creative Basics pack (X5808), one of the awesome chipboard snowflakes from our 'Flurry' Dimensional Elements (Z1225) and a darling pattern and tutorial that you can find here.:

Layout created by Carey C. She used the oh so popular Twitterpated pack and added some real feathers to her owls for a detailed touch.

Layout created by Carma H. Carma used a pack of paper called Seredipity that is no longer available for purchase. Darn! It's sure pretty though, isn't it?:
Workin' and playin' at CPR

I feel safe in saying that a good time was had by all! Gosh I love my job! Click here to order from my website 24/7...even at CPR!

Monday, September 21, 2009

C(reate) & P(rosper) R(etreat)

I'm home! What a week it was last week. It was beyond crazy but it was all so much fun and so worth it. That said, there is no place like home!

One of the many things I did last week was co-host a retreat (CPR) for my Close To My Heart team with my buddy, Lynette (see Thursday's post called "I'll Be Back"). CPR stood for "Create and Prosper Retreat" and boy did we create! Hopefully after all of the classes, sharing and discussions we had we will all be able to use that information to help us prosper even more in our businesses. The first two photos on this post are our group picture (minus Carey C who had to leave early. You are in the photo in my heart, Carey!) and one of Lynette and I (of course Lynette had her Mt. Dew in hand. Otherwise, how could she have stayed up until 2:30 am scrappin' on Friday night?). You can kind of get a glimpse of our DARLING CPR shirt in the photo of Lynette and I. We got black scrubs for everyone with a cute heart and stethoscope and our Create and Prosper Retreat theme. So darn cute!

Here is a photo of Lynette teaching a photography class. As you can see in the photo, we did not run short on treats and munchies at the retreat in any way, shape or form! Lynette and I split up the teaching responsibilities. We each taught 2 creative classes and 2-3 business classes.
I wanted to share some photos of artwork with you from the retreat. I thought you'd enjoy being there vicariously.

First I thought I'd share a few cards that were brought for a swap at the retreat. They are all awesome! You can click on any photo to see it larger.

Carma H's card (front and inside view):

Maria V's card:

Susann E's card

Heather J's card
Carey C's card
All of their creations were made using Close To My Heart products.

Next I'd like to share two beautiful layouts that were made by my partner in crime, Lynette. She taught these layouts as a class at the retreat and everyone loved them. They both feature the new "Grace" kit in the Autumn/Winter Idea Book (pgs. 16-19)as well as the matching MyStickease and the On Target Dimensional Elements (Z1226, pg94) which happen to be one of my favorite new accessory items. Woo Hoo, Lynette! Beeeee-autiful work, my dear! Both layouts were made using patterns from Close To My Heart's awesome how-to scrapbooking books, Cherish and Imagine (both on page 6).
Lynette also generously provided a packet for each attendee to make this darling 'heart beat' layout to fill with pictures of our retreat. It went perfectly with the CPR theme.

I also taught 2 creative classes. One was the Christmas Card Workshop that I will also be doing with my customers on October 20. You can see photos of that by clicking here. The other is a workshop for our All Sorts Mini-Album (Z1224, pg. 96) and using my fave; the "Jingle" kit (X7115A, X7115B, and X7115C, pages 8-11). I am offering this workshop to my customers on November 17 at either 10 am or 7 pm.

Page one (front cover):
Pages two and three:

Pages four and five:
Pages six and seven:
Pages eight and nine:
Pages ten and eleven:

Page twelve (back cover):
There is so much more I could share, but I think I'll stop here. I hope you had fun hearing and seeing about our CPR! It was wonderful but I am happy to be home.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Art and Soul - Crossing Borders

I'm back from my 3 day team retreat. Wow, did we have fun or what? The answer is YES! We had a great time together learning, creating and laughing. I just love my Close To My Heart team! Have I ever told you my team name? I can't remember. Well, we are called "The Pacemakers" because "We keep THE HEART (as in Close To My Heart) pumpin'!" How's that for a team name and slogan? I love it!

Now on to the real reason for this post: Close To My Heart's new "Art and Soul" episode is out and you won't want to miss it. It is just over 14 minutes long and focuses on borders...all kinds of borders. In fact, it's even called "Crossing Borders." Click here to watch it on my website ( You'll feel awed and inspired by great techniques and ideas and beautiful artwork on scrapbook pages and cards. You can even get a discount on the featured stamp set. Take a 14 minute break and watch it today!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'll be back...

I'm on my way to my team retreat this weekend (Thurs, Fri, and Sat). I won't be posting for a few days (probably not until Monday) but wanted you to know I will miss you all while 9 of my Close To My Heart team members and I are having fun learning, creating and enjoying each other. You are welcome to join my CTMH team and have fun at the retreat with us next year!

I just had to share a little bit. My friend and downline, Lynette and I (shown in the photo above while scrappin' together on an Alaskan Cruise we both earned with Close To My Heart several years ago) are hosting this retreat together. Lynette had the brilliant idea a few months ago when we were in the planning stages of making our theme "CPR." She and I put our heads together and came up with lots of fun classes with names that sounded medical (but are really CTMH and scrappin' related) and decided that CPR would stand for "Create and Prosper Retreat." Perfect since the next three days will be full of business classes and creative classes for our attendees.

So have fun in your lives while I am getting some serious CPR! I'll be back... (said like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator) and I'll have lots of fun photos and details about our CPR to share.


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