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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Last Day!

Girlfriends, it's the last day of the month, which means the last day to participate in two things:

1.  "The Philosophy of Fun"
2.  The March Stamp of the Month

1.  The "Philosophy of Fun" Special: If you sign up to be a Close To My Heart Consultant in March, you get the $99 Art Philosophy Close To My Heart/Cricut Collection FREE No kidding. Signing up as New Consultant with Close To My Heart is one of the smartest decisions I've ever made.  Our $99 New Consultant Kit is full of about $300 worth of product, add that to the FREE Art Philosophy Collection (valued at almost $150), and you get over $450 worth of outstanding product for only $99 when you sign up to be a Consultant during March.

Close To My Heart/ Cricut "Art Philosophy" Collection
This collection includes:
  • 1-Cartridge (over 700 images: font, shapes and 3-D items. A cartridge this quality would normally retail for about $60)
  • 3 - My Acrylix D-size Stamp Sets (all of which coordinate with the shapes on the cartridge!  This is about a $55 value.)
  • 3 - 9" x 12" Dimensional Elements (3 sheets of different shapes that all coordinate with the shapes on the cartridge!  This is over a $15 value.)
If you already have the Art Philosophy Collection, no worries. You'll get $100 in product credit instead!  This just keeps getting better and better.

"So," you're asking, "How do I do that?"

Easy, Peasy, Lemon Squeasy:
  1. Go to my website at and click on "Your Opportunities" and go from there.
  2. You will need to purchase the basic "New Consultant" kit for $99 (which is about a $300 value).  The website will walk you through this step-by-step
  3. After you sign up, I'll contact you and help you get going.
Here is a photo of what is included in the New Consultant Kit:

There are also some add-on kits you can choose to purchase to help you get started if you wish, but they are not required.  Yep, that's the truth. For only $99 you can become a Close To My Heart Consultant in March and get over $450 in product back. WOWZA! It makes  me want to sign up all over again.

2.  The March Stamp of the Month ("Potential"):  I have had so much fun playing with this beautiful set.  I've included an image below of the carrier sheet (actual size is 6" x 6").  I made the card headlining this post with this gorgeous stamp set.

If you spend $50, this set is yours for only $5 (a $17.95 value). You also have the option to purchase it for $17.95. Either way, it's only available during the month of March.  You can order it through me (801.360.9896, or through my website. Once your spend $50, you will be prompted to add it, or if you are purchasing it for the $17.95 price, enter item #S1202.

March 2012 Close To My Heart Stamp of the Month Set called "Potential"

Friday, March 30, 2012

Notecard Box, Cards, Matching Envelopes and Pen Workshop

How stinkin' cute is this box and cards, envelopes and pen designed by my talented friend, Lisa Stenz?  I already know the answer:  CA-UTER than CA-UTE!  Lisa kindly shared it with me and gave me permission to hold this class with my customers. You rock, Lisa!

To participate, read the rest of this post then contact me:  Karen Pedersen,, 801.360.9896.

This workshop is a "Double Your Fun" workshop, which means one workshop kit makes two boxes.  This is double your pleasure for several reasons:
  • You can make 2 boxes and keep one and give one away as a gift
  • You can split the cost of the workshop with a friend and each of you make one box. If you and/or the friend you sign up with is someone I have never met, you will each get an extra gift from me.
  • With Mother's Day and the end of the school year coming up, these make GREAT mother or teacher appreciation gifts. In that case, you may need both boxes to give away.

Finished workshop includes 2 projects of (see above photo):  
  • decorated box
  • 6 cards
  • 6 envelopes
  • matching pen
You can participate in this class one of three ways:
  1. Attend a class in person:  Class dates and times to choose from: Thurs,  April 26, 7-10 pm or Friday, April 27, 10 am - 1 pm. Both classes are in American Fork, UT. Sign up deadline to attend in person is Friday, April 20.
  2. Participate Long-Distance: I will send you a kit with instructions.  Add $5 to the kit cost for me to ship the kit to you.  I will cut out your Cricut images and stamp your items for you. You'll just have to put it together.
  3. Host this class in your home for several of your friends:  I am happy to come to your home and do this class for you and your friends. I will travel to Utah, Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, and Sanpete counties.
Now that I've gotten you excited, here are the kit details:

Shopping List  
You need only purchase the Basic Kit to participate. Anything above and beyond that is totally up to you. You can purchase "Better" or "Best" or mix and match items to your liking after you purchase "Basic."
This workshop makes 2 complete projects. Each kit includes everything you need for 2.

Basic Kit
1 - Pemberley Level 2 Paper Pack
2 - My Creations Card Boxes
2 - 10 packs of 3" x 3" envelopes
6 - extra sheets of White Daisy Cardstock
1 - Blending Pen
2 - Writing Pens (for inside the box)
2 - "Notes" die cuts

Total with shipping and tax: $41.98 ($46.98 if participating long-distance)

Better Kit = Basic Kit + the following items:
1 - Pacifica Stamp Pad
1 - Bamboo Stamp Pad
1 - Buttercup Stamp Pad
1 - Chocolate Stamp Pad
1 - 3D Foam Tape

Total with shipping and tax: $72.90 ($77.90 if participating long-distance)

Best Kit** = Basic Kit + Better Kit + the following items:
1 - Crafted with Love Stamp Set
1 - Card Word Puzzle Stamp Set
1 - Art Philosophy Cricut Collection

Total with shipping and tax: $213.87 ($218.87 if participating long-distance)

**Buy the "Best Kit" and get a free $24.95 album of your color choice for FREE!
 To participate, contact me:  Karen Pedersen,, 801.360.9896. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

April Play Group Layouts (Victory)

April Play Group classes are just around the corner (April 5 and 6). I'd LOVE to have you come to one of them, host one in your home with your friends, or even participate long distance. I'm confident you would enjoy what we do and be very happy with the projects you make!  Keep reading...

I need to hear from you no later than this Saturday, March 31 if you want to participate.  We will be making three 2-page 12" x 12" layouts using the "Victory" kit that are so rugged. I have used them for photos of my dad, and of my son, Dawson's sporting activities.  They'd also be great for camping photos, scouting photos, any type of little boy or teenage boy photos, hunting photos, fishing photos. The list is endless. 

Here are the layouts (click on any photo to see it larger and in more detail). I've shared the details of the class, the kits, and how to participate after the photos. If you are not familiar with my Play Group classes, scroll down the left side of my blog until you find the section called "Play Group Information" and read away!  Enjoy!

Layout #1 - "My Hero"

Layout #1: Detail 1
Layout #1: Detail 2
Layout #2: 'Triumph"

Layout #2: Detail 1

Layout #2: Detail 2

Layout #3: Detail 3

Layout #3: "Oh Boy"

Layout #3: Detail 1

Layout #3: Detail 2

 Class Dates and Times to choose from:
Thursday, March 15, 7-10 pm (this class is in Pleasant Grove, UT)
Friday, March 16, 10 am - 1 pm (this class is in American Fork, UT)

You can also host this workshop in your home (in Utah) with your friends during the month of February and earn FREE hostess rewards (free CTMH shopping spree!) while you do it. If you are interested in doing that, please contact me (801.360,9896, and I'll give you all the details.

You can also participate in this workshop long-distance. If you choose to do so, just add $5 to the cost of whichever kit you choose for the extra shipping.  I suggest if you are participating long-distance that you at least order the "Better Kit", and any stamp pads we are using that you don't already have.  If you participate long distance, I am happy to stamp the items using stamp sets that aren't in the kit for you since you probably won't have the stamp pads and alphabet stamp (unless you order the "Best Kit"). That is my little gift to you if you participate long-distance.

Remember, in order to attend, you only need to purchase the Basic Kit. Anything above and beyond that is totally up to you. This month, I suggest you consider the Better Kit. The few items I've added there make a huge difference to your pages. If you already have any of the items in the Better or Best kits, just bring them with you to class.

April Play Group Shopping List (for your convenience, I have linked each product to it's page on my website so you can see them). You are only required to purchase the "Basic Kit" to participate. Anything above and beyond that is totally up to you. I personally recommend the "Better Kit".

Basic Kit:

Subtotal: $31.15
Total (including shipping and tax): $35.73

Better Kit = Basic Kit + the following products:
Subtotal: $51.50*
Total (including shipping and tax): $59.07

Best Kit = Basic Kit + Better Kit + the following products:
Subtotal: $97.20*
Total (including shipping and tax): $111.49

*at this purchase level you qualify for the Stamp of the Month ($17.95 value)  for only $5
March 2012 Stamp of the Month: "Potential"

Call or email me with your order and to reserve your spot at a Play Group class (801.360.9896, by this Saturday, March 31.

Also, don't forget about the March "Philosophy of Fun" special where you can get $450 for only $99. That ends on Saturday, March 31 at midnight (MDT)! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Pinstripe Sanded Paper, Perfect Bows and Shiny Letters

Today I have a video tutorial to share that I put together this weekend.  The photo you see here is of the 6" x 6" card I am making on the video.


The techniques I am teaching are:
  • Pinstripe Sanded Paper
  • Perfect Bows
  • Shiny Letters
You may even find a few more tips and tricks that are helpful as you watch it.  Enjoy!


Close To My Heart products used:  Take a Picture Stamp Set, Colonial White Cardstock, Hollyhock Cardstock, Juniper Cardstock, Chocolate Cardstock, Chocolate Stamp Pad, Hollyhock Stamp Pad, Juniper Stamp Pad, Creme Brulee Stamp Pad, Chocolate Striped Grosgrain Ribbon, Colonial White Waxy Flax, Pink Buttons Assortment, Mocha Opaques, Corner Rounder, Piercing Tool Kit, Liquid Glass, Sanding Kit, 3D Foam Tape.

You can purchase these and so many other wonderful products on my website...24/7!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Final Hawaiian Trip Update

Here it is...the final installment of my Close To My Heart Hawaiian Trip (Cruise) Update.  Enjoy!

Unfortunately I don't have any fun artwork to share today. I have been upside down working on a project that I can't share, which is killing me, but I hope to have more to share next week. 

Day #7 (Saturday, March 10, 2012): Oahu:
We docked and left the cruise ship around 8:30 am and had a big day planned touring Oahu before our plane left at 9 pm.

1st stop:  Dole Pineapple Plantation
We did a little shopping here and looked around then hopped back on the bus for our next stop.

2nd stop: Haleiwa
We looked around this historic town a bit and then grabbed some lunch. We found a little locally owned, side-of-the road spot and had some delish chicken.  Chickens are everywhere in Hawaii, just walking around the roads, in people's yards, wherever. We decided that maybe the owners of the chicken place just grabbed the wild chickens, which probably meant they were free-range and hormone free. HA HA!  We crack ourselves up.

3rd stop: Pearl Harbor
I didn't really expect this to be as emotional for me as it was, but I was overwhelmed by the thought of the sacrifice and history involved in this place. It made me stop and really ponder over those in the military, past and present, and the sacrifice they and their families make in their service. Dawson is a huge history buff, and is especially interested in WWII. This was one of his favorite parts of the whole trip.  We took tons of photos.  With almost everything we saw, he's say, "Mom! Take a picture of that!"

3rd stop:  The Blow Hole
COOL BEANS!  This is a place that when the tide and surf comes up it creates a natural geyser in the lava rock.

4th stop: Haunama Bay
BEAUTIFUL!  This is a very popular snorkeling spot on Oahu. We didn't stop to snorkel though, we just looked and were on our way.  One fun tidbit we learned was that when the early missionaries came to Hawaii, they brought mongooses to try to eradicate the rat problem. The thing they didn't think through was that one of them was nocturnal, and the other diurnal, so their plan didn't work. The mongooses were everywhere by Haunama Bay and they sure were cute little buggers.

5th stop: Diamond Head
This was a beautiful mountain and the homes around this area were unbelievably gorgeous, valued at millions and millions of dollars. Who lives there? What do they do for a living?  Do you ever wonder that when you are in a place like that?  I always do, and then think to myself, "Do they need a personal assistant?" There I go, cracking myself up again. :)

6th stop: Airport and Home
We boarded the plan around 8:30 pm and flew all night to return home. Neither Dawson and I could sleep much (I think we got about 2 1/2 hours between the two of us), so we arrived home that next morning and crashed.  What a week!


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