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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Paper Roses

I have spent the last day making paper roses until my fingers cramped. I made 30 of these little puppies, 10 from a 12" Cranberry Cardstock circle (finished size is about 3", depending on how tightly you wrap it), 10 from a 9" Blush Cardstock circle (finished size is about 2 1/2", depending on how tightly you wrap it), and 10 from a 6" White Daisy Cardstock circle (finished size is about 1 1/2", depending on how tightly you wrap it), all sponged with Chocolate Ink and painted with Glitter Gel, and all for a special project for the Close To My Heart National Convention in 2 weeks. My fingers are cramping and covered with Liquid Glass (the adhesive I like best for these flowers), and I'm sticking to everything but it was worth it. I'm happy with how they turned out. WOO HOO! Aren't they COOL?

My friend, Tracey Mason, is the QUEEN of these flowers (she taught me) and has made a great video tutorial that will give you all that you need to make them just like her.

After watching, if there are any supplies you need to start 'flowering', click here to enter my website. Have fun!

Monday, June 27, 2011

July Play Group Layouts and Class Information (Fanfare)

Layout #1 - "Enjoy This Happy Day":

Layout #2: Daysha's Graduation:

Layout #3: Cool Dude (inspired by the WONDERFUL Joanne Walton)

Hello, everyone! July's classes are right around the corner and I wanted to be sure to post and let you know everything you need to know in order to participate. If you are not familiar with my monthly Play Group Scrapbooking Classes, you can read all about them on the left side of my blog. Just scroll down until you see "Play Group Information." You can click on any layout above to see it larger and in more detail.

This month we are using the fun and festive Fanfare kit. I love this kit for Summer, celebrations, 4th of July, sports, awards, graduations, and so much more. I think you will too!

If you want to participate, I need to hear from you no later than Thursday, June 30. You can call or email me at 801.360.9896,

Class Dates and Times to choose from in American Fork, UT:
Tuesday, July 5, 10 am - 1 pm
Tuesday, July 5, 7-10 pm
Thursday, July 7, 10 am - 1 pm
Thursday, July 7, 7 -10 pm
You can also host this workshop in your home (in Utah) with your friends during the month of July or August. If you are interested in doing that, please contact me (801.360,9896,

Remember, in order to attend, you only need to purchase the Basic Kit. Anything above and beyond that is totally up to you. This month, I suggest you consider the Better Kit. The few items I've added there make a huge difference to your pages. If you have any of the items in the Better or Best kits already, just bring them with you to class.

Basic Kit:
  • Fanfare Workshop on the Go Kit (includes Stamp Set, Fanfare Level 2 Paper Pack, Blue Buttons Collection, Neutral Embroidery Floss Collection)
  • 1 extra sheet of White Daisy Cardstock
Total with shipping and tax: $34.93*

Better Kit = Basic Kit + the following products:
Total with shipping and tax: $53.10*

Best Kit = Basic and Better Kits + the following products:
Total with shipping and tax: $125.20** (and you get the Stamp of the Month FREE!)

*at this level you qualify for the Stamp of the Month at 25% off (regularly $22.95, only $17.21 with the discount)
**at this level you qualify for the Stamp of the Month FREE

Saturday, June 25, 2011


My daughter, Kori gave us a little jingle yesterday morning. I knew she had her first doctor's appointment for her pregnancy, and figured she was calling to tell us how it went. She and Rick are super-excited to be having another baby. This one is due in February, so this baby and Daci are scheduled to be 3 years apart. They have wanted to get pregnant for over a year but her lupus was in bad shape and she had to wait until her body improved enough that the doctors felt she could handle another pregnancy safely. Knowing how excited she is about this baby, I was sure she was calling to tell me how wonderful it was to hear the little heart beat. I was in for the surprise of my life!

This is how our call went...

"Mom, you'll never believe this. We are having twins!"

"Shut up!" I said. "You are joking!"

"Nope, for real!"


"Mom, I'm telling you, we are having TWINS!"

I almost fell off my chair. It was a good thing I was sitting down.

Kori is already a high-risk pregnancy because of her lupus. I can't figure out if it's great news that she's getting a two for one-er, or if it's even more scary to be pregnant with twins while having lupus. Either way, we're choosing to be EXCITED with Kori and Rick and Daci. How can you not feel excited about twins? Right? I feel lots of prayers coming on! Twins...I just can hardly believe it!

I also included a cute photo of how Kori announced the pregnancy news to Rick last month. She and Daci baked a cake and decorated it and had it on the table with balloons when he came home from work. They also skyped us and Daci said, "Grandma, I made you a cake!" Then they held it up to the screen. TOO MUCH FUN!

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Trees and Things Technique Tutorial

Close To My Heart continues to be at the top of their industry not only in products, but in instruction. This past year they have outdone themselves with video tutorials that educate and inspire. This newest one is no exception.

This just over 3 minute tutorial shares several techniques with the Trees and Things stamp set (D1467). You can use these ideas and techniques with just about any set, but you've got to admit that this one is DARLING. I can think of so many fun uses for this set, year round. Before watching, you may want to scroll down to the bottom of my blog and turn off my play list so it's not distracting while listening to and watching the tutorial.

To order this set, head to my website and click on shop online, or just click on the Trees and Things link above the tutorial.

Have a wonderful Summer day!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Studio J "Free For All" Special...My Layout

I thought I'd share the layout I got with my free .jpg with Close To My Heart's Studio J "Free For All" June special. Not sure you know about it? Never fear, Karen's here! Just click here for more info on how to get YOUR free .jpg!

Like this layout? Well, you can make it too! Close To My Heart has come out with monthly video tutorials called "Love Your Layout". Here it is for your use. If you are having trouble hearing it over my playlist, just scroll all the way down to the bottom of my blog and click the pause button on the play list.

I used this tutorial to create my layout. It was easy, peasy, lemon squeasy. I just had two windows open on my screen at the same time, one with Studio J, and the other with the "Love Your Layout" video. I just paused the video when I needed to and went to my Studio J layout and did the steps and then switched back. Pretty cool!

These photos of Dawson and our dog, Browning were taken in 2006. Can you believe this is the same kid I shared the football and basketball photos of yesterday? I can't! Time flies when you're having fun.

I hope you're having fun doing whatever it is you are up to in your corner of the world today!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day, Tannon's Birthday and Dawson's Football and Basketball

As you know, yesterday was Father's Day and it was a grand one at the Pedersen home. Dan got spoiled rotten with wonderful gifts and a yummy dinner at his dad's house. We enjoyed a cookout and all the fixin's to go with it. Dan has been such a wonderful father to our children. I don't know many dads who spend more time with their kids than he does. He was never too 'macho' to change diapers, give baths, sing bed-time songs (although his songs never really sounded like the originals), or read stories. He was a true parent from the day our kidlets were born and continues to be now. Watching him with our granddaughter, Daci melts my heart every time. I love you, Dan-my-Man!

The two cards pictured above are the cards that Dan got from Kori and I with our gifts. Mine is on the left and Kori's on the right. I haven't really figured out why he got a store bought card from Easton (lol).

My father is amazing as well. I'll never forget the hours he spent in the back yard helping learn to pitch for softball, his insistence that "can't" should never be part of my vocabulary, and his generous, giving spirit. I don't know if I've ever known a more generous man than my father. I love this picture of my mom and dad. Two more Christ-like people, I have never known. They are currently serving their 4th mission. I look forward to them returning home in December but am so proud of them for the service they give and the example they set for all of us. I love you, Dad!

Dan's dad is the best father-in-law a girl could ever ask for. He loves his children and grandchildren and they know it. He raised the man of my dreams and for that I will forever be grateful. He never fails to find an opportunity to teach a life-lesson to all of us, which we all appreciate so much. Last night after our family dinner he sat us all down and gave us some advice and bore his testimony of Jesus Christ to all of the kids and grandkids in attendance. Priceless! I love you, Keith!

Our son-in-law, Rick is so sweet with his little girl, Daci. We are so grateful for him and the wonderful father, husband and provider he is! He is a man of few words, but many wonderful actions. I love watching him show his family how much he loves them through hard work and lots of laughter. I love you, Rick!

I'm glad there is a day set aside each year to honor the fathers in our lives. I sure have been blessed with wonderful fathers from every angle.

But all of that fatherly celebration happened YESTERDAY! TODAY is our Tannon's 20th birthday. I think this is the first time in 2011 that I have actually gotten a birthday recognition for one of my family members posted on my blog on the day of their birthday. I'm feeling pretty proud of myself. Tannon is on his mission in Spain and today also just happens to be his 8 month mark (16 more to go!). I can't believe he has really been gone that long. This is the first birthday he has ever celebrated away from home. We are so proud of him for the dedication he has shown in serving a 2 year mission. We miss the laughter that he constantly brings into our home, and the way he finds fun in any situation. The people of Spain are lucky to have our boy! Happy Birthday, Tan-Man! I'm not sure I'm ready for you to leave 'teenager-hood' behind. I love this photo of him and his companion at their most recent baptism (Selena). I love you, Tanny Manny Moo!

We spent the end of last week and most of the weekends at sporting events for Dawson. First we went to St. George to participate in the Dixie High School invitational basketball tournament where we won it all! WOO HOO! Good job, Daws and the Red Devils. Then it was back to Provo for Saturday for the BYU 7-on-7 football tournament. Dawson and Springville did great and made it to the round just before the semi-finals. They went undefeated through 6 games before losing to a team from Los Angeles who ended up making it through the semi-finals. I felt pretty darn proud of those Devils!

What a weekend! I'm a good way!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Scrapbook Sale...While Supplies Last

MORE items added to my website in the "Shop Online", "While Supplies Last" section. Get 'em while they're HOT!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Free .jpg from Studio J

You probably already know about Close To My Heart's free .jpg special this month with Studio J ("Free-For-All"), but just in case you don't, here's how it works:

During the month of June, ANYONE who has created a Studio J account (not just members, but ANYONE who has gone in and created an account, or who does during June) will get one FREE .jpg of a layout during June.

"What could I possibly do with a free .jpg?" you ask. Well, that is an easy questions to answer. Here are some ideas:

  1. Create a layout for your Christmas cards and then have them printed somewhere in 6" x 6" format and layer to create a 6" x 6" card.
  2. Why not use your free .jpg to print in 12 x 12 and add to your personal scrapbook?
  3. Print it in a smaller format (like 8" x 8") and use it to begin creating a mini-album for a friend or grandparent.
  4. Share your memories with friends and family by emailing and posting it on your blog and/or Facebookk. Everyone will love seeing what you've created!
  5. Enter the Close To My Heart Facebook Layout Contest: Click the Studio J Free-For-All tab on the left of your screen when on the Close To My Heart Business page (be sure to "like" this page if you don't already. They give away goodies all the time!) to learn about the contest, and then enter your web-ready .jpg file before the end of June.
To take advantage of this special, head to my website, click on the Studio J link, set up an account (if you haven't already) and start playing. It's was easy as that!

Enjoy a Studio J layout I created at the top of the post. Call or email me if you'd like a FREE 30 minute training session from me (, 801.360.9896)!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Pedersen Update

What a crazy past week it's been! We have had lots going on in our family and I'm excited to share a few of these events:

1. Our daughter, Kori, and her hubby, Rick are expecting baby #2. We are so excited! Kori and Daci (their 2 year old daughter) called me one day and asked me to skype. They said that Daci had made something she wanted to show me. When we were skyping, Kori and Daci held up a cake they had made together that was frosted and decorated to say, "We're expecting again in February!" I was so excited. Daci said, "Look, Grandma! I made a cake!" I asked her if she thought it would be a girl baby or a boy baby and she said, "A boy baby!" I guess we'll see if she's right!

2. Our son, Tannon as you know, is serving a mission for our church in Malaga, Spain. Here is a photo of the baptism he and his companion (Elder Peterson, in the suit, who is even taller than Tannon at 6'6") had this past week. It is so exciting to see people accepting the gospel of Jesus Christ! Way to go Pedersen and Peterson! We are all so happy for you, Selina!
3. Easton's wife, Daysha is performing at Tuachan in the productions of Little Mermaid and Grease. In Little Mermaid she is one of the sisters and in Grease she won the part of Cha Cha. Her performances began this week and go through October. If you find yourself in St. George, UT any time soon, be sure to get some tickets. You can purchase tickets here. I'm not really sure where this photo was taken or what play it was for, but I found it on her Facebook page and stole it so I would have a photo to post of her today. Sneaky! Easton is still busy rehabbing that broken leg of his so he can be ready for football season.

4. Dawson played in a basketball tournament at Utah State University this past week. They did a great job and took 4th. Dawson was the 2nd leading scorer on the team for the tournament. We beat some really good teams and had 2 close losses. Darn it! We enjoyed our few days in Logan. What a fun town.
5. Dan-the-Man and I had to speak in church on Sunday. I'm glad it's over!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

June Stamp of the Month Autumn Leaf Cards

Below you'll see the same card, made with the June Stamp of the Month in 3 different color combos:

This one is Olive and Vineyard Berry:

This one is Goldrush and Barn Red:


This one is Autumn Terracotta and Pansy Purple:

The first card I made was the Olive and Vineyard Berry one. I liked it so much I made lots of them, and then even made it in several different color combos (as you saw above). It's simple but elegant, I think. I whipped up about 18 of these little puppies in just a little over an hour and a half. You can too!

To get the June Stamp of the Month, click here, then head to my website and order away, baby! Oh, the actual size of the carrier sheet for the stamp set that you see here is 6" x 6". If you have a 2" MyAcrylix Block, you are good to go for every stamp in the set!

CTMH products used: June Stamp of the Month (Jubilation), Grateful Hearts Stamp Set, Autumn Harvest Cardstock Combo Pack, Autumn Garden Cardstock Combo Pad, Autumn Harvest Stamp Pad Set, Autumn Garden Stamp Pad Set, Colonial White 50 Card and Envelope Value Pack, Desert Sand Reinker (mixed with water in Spray Pen for the sprayed ink on the card), Spray Pen, Clear Buttons, Bamboo Waxy Flax.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday, Dan-My-Man!

As seems to be the precedence I am setting this year, I am a few days late honoring another of my family member's birthdays on my blog. This time it's my hubby, Dan-the-Man. I mean really, why correct a mistake when it's working so well for me, right? lol.

I love you more than you will ever know, Dan-o! Thank you for being the love of my life, for making me laugh when I need it most, and for loving me in spite of all of my imperfections. You were made for me and I couldn't be happier!

I love these photos of Dan with our granddaughter taken last year about this time. Nothing melts my heart more than watching him with her!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Baby Girl Card

I made this little 5" x 5" card last week for my friend's brand new, beautiful baby girl, Maya using our Sophia papers. Enjoy!

Close To My Heart products used: Sophia Level 2 Paper Pack, For Every Occasion Stamp Set, Dimensional Elements Perennials (retired), Hollyhock Stamp Pad, Versamark Stamp Pad, White Daisy Embossing Powder, Liquid Glass, Prisma Glitter, Round Sponge.

Order these or any other of dozens of wonderful CTMH products on my website, 24/7...especially when you're celebrating the birth of a beautiful new baby!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

June Stamp of the Month "Thank You" Card

If there is a holiday or event that the June Stamp of the Month ("Jubilation") doesn't cover, then I can't think of it! To see the whole stamp set and to view the 5 ways to get it, just click here.

The card I'm sharing today is a 'thank you' card that features the stamp from the June Stamp of the Month set that I like to call "the sunburst quilt circle".

The "gracias" greeting comes from the stamp set called "Thank You" (D1361).

I've also used these other CTMH products:
Honey Stamp Pad, Pacifica Stamp Pad, Black Stamp Pad, Pacifica Cardstock, Cranberry Cardstock, White Daisy Cardstock, 1 1/4" Circle Punch, Blue Ribbon Collection, Round Sponge, 3D Foam Tape.

To order these, or other great CTMH products, you can shop on my website 24/7...especially when you're feeling full of 'gracias.'

Friday, June 3, 2011

June Stamp of the Month & Free For All Special from Close To My Heart

*If you are interested in watching the tutorial at the end of this post, be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom of my blog and turn off the play list first.

*As always, you can click on any photo in this post and see them larger and in more detail.

Hola! As promised, I'm back with a 'real' post!

June is always full of so much fun and activity for our family. There are 7-on-7 football tournaments, Summer basketball tournaments, Dan and Tannon's birthdays, Father's Day, and lots and lots of sun! Close To My Heart must know that June means FUN for lots of families, so they have followed suit with a great Stamp of the Month set as well as a wonderful Studio J special this month. Read on, my friends...

1. June Stamp of the Month: This stamp set (Jubilation) is AWESOME because there is something there for almost every month of the year. I had fun creating some cards with flowers, cards with leaves, and cards with the sunburst quilt circle. I can't wait to create even more! Don't forget that it's available during the month of June only.

As always, you can get the Stamp of the Month in 5 different ways:
* earn it FREE when you spend $100 or more (before shipping and tax)
* earn it for 75% off ($5.74) when you spend $75 or more (before shipping and tax)
* earn it for 50% off ($11.74) when you spend $50 or more (before shipping and tax)
* earn it for 25% off ($17.21) when you spend $25 or more (before shipping and tax)
* purchase it for full retail price ($22.95)

To order this awesome set, just head to my website and start shoppin', 24/7! If you want to order the set at full price ($22.95), the order # is D1457. If you are getting it at a discount, you'll be prompted at the end of your order to add it.

2. "Free For All" Studio J June Special: During the month of June Close To My Heart is giving EVERYONE a FREE Studio J .jpg file, no purchase required. Simply create a Studio J layout, then order a FREE .jpg of your layout. It's as easy as that!

Never tried Studio J? Well, now is the time! I've included a quick tutorial below for your convenience. Be sure to scroll down to the very bottom of my blog and turn off my playlist before starting your video. And, you can ALWAYS call or email me with your questions. I'm even offering a FREE 30-minute training session in which we'll create a layout together. If you live in most places in Utah I'll come to you, or if you prefer you can come to my home in Springville. If you are long-distance we can do it on the phone! Call or email me to set up a time (801.30.9896,

Studio J Step-by-Step Basics Tutorial (only about 7 minutes):

Behinder and Behinder

As Winnie the Pooh once said, "I just keep getting behinder and behinder." Well, that about sums up my week. I will be back late this afternoon with a blog post for you to update you on all of the great June specials and to share some artwork. I'll also be updating the specials and events on the left side of my blog. Stay tuned....


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