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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Installment #4: Close To My Heart Convention Artwork

Here is another installment of some of the artwork I used in my class at the CTMH National Convention.

I'm sure you are shocked (NOT!) that another of my examples features my sweeter-than-sweet granddaughter, Daci.

This layout was to illustrate that a great place to find color inspiration is in the Close To My Heart Idea Book. The color combo you see here is in the brand new Autumn/Winter Idea Book that will be released on September 1 (and as you know, you can see it right her on my blog beginning that day). CTMH is awesome in the way that they organize their book. Each 2-page spread features a color combo put together by the Art Department and all of the artwork on that page is made with that color combo. I get TONS of color inspiration this way.

Two of the colors you see on this layout are brand new in the September 1 Autumn/Winter Idea Book. I can hardly wait for you to see them. In the meantime, while you are waiting for the new Idea Book, the current one is FULL of great products and ideas. One that I would recommend is my current favorite stamp set: Damask Tiles (C1342). You can see it used here stamped in the blue color on the white cardstock behind the photo of Daci, and also on the "SWING" letters in small amounts. Isn't that a GREAT set? You can order it, or anything else in the current Idea Book by heading to my site and clicking on "Shop Online."

Lastly, I thought I'd share one of my favorite color combos from the current Idea Book (Summer 2010). It can be found on pages 54-55. Crystal Blue, Sorbet and Twilight are a great color combo as illustrated by the artwork on these pages.

Have a colorful day!

Monday, July 26, 2010

August Play Group Layouts (Splendor)

Layout #1 - "Discover"

Layout #2 - "Daci and the Ducks"

Layout #3 - "Easton and Daysha"

I have yet more artwork to share with you today. The coolest part of all is that this artwork can be YOURS (of course with your own pictures and journaling) if you attend my Play Group class in August. If you are not familiar with my Play Group classes, you can read more about how it all works on the left side of my blog under "Play Group Information." They are held at my home in Highland, UT. You can also participate long-distance. Just email me to let me know you want to participate ( and I'll give you the long-distance details.

I need to hear from you no later than Thursday, August 5 if you would like to participate.

We will be using the fun and summer "Splendor" Kit in August to complete our three 2-page 12" x 12" layouts.

Play Group Dates and Times to choose from in July:
Tuesday, August 10, from 10 am - 1 pm
Tuesday, August 10, from 7-10 pm
Wednesday, August 11, from 10 am - 1 pm
Wednesday, August 11, from 7 - 10 pm

We will be making the three 2-page 12" x 12" layouts you see here. Feel free to click on any of the photos of the layouts to see them larger and in more detail.

Shopping List

Basic Kit:
Splendor Level 2 Paper Pack (X7124B) - $12.95

Splendor Level 2 MyStickease (X7124C) - $4.95
Irresistibles Pizzazz Die-Cuts (Z1307) - $4.95
Splendor Designer Brads (Z1317) - $4.95

Total: $31.89* (this is including shipping and tax)

Better Kit = Basic Kit plus the following:
Autumn Harvest Brads (Z1215) - $4.95
Finishing Files (Z1091) - $5.95
Chocolate Stamp Pad (Z2111) - $5.25
Goldrush Stamp Pad (Z2123) - $5.25
Topiary Stamp Pad (Z2155) - $5.25

Total: $62.46** (this is including shipping and tax)

Best Kit = Basic and Better Kits plus the following:
Friendship Alpha Large (E1016) - $34.95

Total: $102.55*** (this is including shipping and tax)

*at this purchase level you qualify for the July Stamp of the Month at 25% off ($17.21)
** at this purchase level you qualify for the July Stamp of the Month at 50% off ($11.48).
***at this purchase level you qualify for the July Stamp of the Month FREE

Email me ( to sign up for August Play Group Classes. I need to hear from you no later than Thursday, August 5. If you are not interested in coming to Play Group, but saw some products you'd love to own while clicking the links above, you can order from my website 24/7...even in your jammies!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Installment #3: Close To My Heart Convention Artwork

Thanks to those of you went to Baby Bands and Bling earlier this week and ordered after my post about the beautiful new Vintage Collection. Unfortunately, none of you posted here on my blog to be put in the running for my blog candy. So, I guess I'll save that blog candy for another time.

Here I am with another post of some of my Convention class artwork.

This layout is of Dawson when he was just a little tyke (Kindergarten). As you know if you've been keeping up with my posts since the CTMH Convention, the class I taught was on color. This layout was to illustrate that just because it is a holiday with traditional colors (i.e. Halloween=black, lime green, orange and purple; Christmas=red and green; Easter=pastels) doesn't mean that's how you have to scrap it. Why not let your photos dictate your color combo? It makes the layouts stand out as different than every other layout that is done in traditional colors. As you can tell, I let Dawson's costume dictate the colors for this layout.

The stamp set that I used is just TO DIE FOR! I can't tell you the name of it just yet, but stay tuned because it is in the new Idea Book that will debut September 1. You'll be able to see the whole book on my blog that day. Anticipation (think the ketchup commercial),'s making me wait! It's keeping me wai-ai-ai-ting.

In the meantime, while you are waiting for your ketchup to drip, there are LOTS of great things available to order RIGHT NOW from the Summer 2010 Idea Book. Click here to view it page by page, then click here to order from my website 24/7!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

5 New Tips and Tricks From Art & Soul

Before you read today's post, be sure to check out my previous post. There is a chance to win some blog candy...but hurry fast. Today is the last day to play!

I always get so excited when the third Tuesday of the Month rolls around.

"Why?" you ask.

"Because!" say I. "That is when the new webisode of Art & Soul is released each month from Close To My Heart!"

"Where do I see it?" you say.

"Right on my website!" I reply. "Just click on CTMH TV when you get there and the latest webisode will be right on top for you to view."

Enough back and back talk. I will just dominate the conversation from here. I know what you're thinking, "What's New." Right?

Seriously, this webisode is a must see! It's called Summer Splendor and is full of Stampin' and Scrappin' tips and tricks that you can't live without. Here are 5 to pay special attention to (in order of appearance):
  1. Sentiments that Speak (get out your scotch tape)
  2. Clear Cards hints (Photo here is of a clear card I made. Enjoy)
  3. Circle Punch Flowers (By the way, we are making 2 different kinds in my Play Group classes the next 2 months. We will be making some in August that are not shown in this webisode of Art & Soul, and in September, we'll be making the ones you do see in this show.)
  4. Studio J tricks with Photo Mats (so many new enhancements have been added to Studio J. If you haven't tried it yet, click here to play for free)
  5. Picnic/Party Place Setting ideas from Jeanette Lynton herself

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Vintage Collection - Baby Bands and Bling (BLOG CANDY!)

Just when you thought they couldn't get any cuter, they went and DID!

Vintage flowers and headbands for children AND adults are all the rage and Baby Bands and Bling has made sure to be on the cutting edge. Kori, you have outdone yourself with this Vintage Collection! These great flowers and headbands are perfect for little ones, or even 'big ones' like me!

Check out the new collection here.

Place an order at Baby Bands and Bling any time between now and Friday, then come back and post here to let me know you did, and your name will be put in a drawing for Close To My Heart's sweet stamp set, "You're Sweet" (B1351) {$13.95 value). I will draw the winner on Saturday morning and post that here and then we'll work out getting your address and I'll pop this set in the mail to you next week.

Don't you just LOVE blog candy?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Installment #2: Close To My Heart Convention Artwork

Here is some more of the artwork I did for my Convention class. In these examples I wanted to show how the exact same layout could feel totally different just by changing color schemes. I did one layout of each of my boys using the same layout pattern. You can click on any of the photos to see them larger and in more detail.

The layout of Easton is an example of a monochromatic color scheme. I chose shades of orange because it is Easton's favorite color. I used almost all cardstock on this layout, except for a very small piece of background and texture paper from the Caboodle kit-X7121B (on the left side of the layout). The rest of the pieces are stamped to create color and pattern. One of the gorgeous shades of orange that you see on this layout is a brand new color you'll see in the Autumn/Winter Idea Book on September 1. Fun, huh? CTMH Colors used: Sorbet, Parchment, Cocoa and (mystery color to be revealed Sept. 1).

The layout of Dawson is an example of pulling colors from the photo as inspiration for your color scheme. The papers I used come from a beautiful kit that will be available September 1 in the Autumn/Winter Idea Book. So stay tuned... Oh, did you know that consultants get to preview and order from the new Idea Books one month before customers? That means if you signed up now you could order from the Autumn/Winter Book in August. Click here for more information, or email me ( I'm always looking for great people to join my team.

The layout of Tannon is an example of a complementary color scheme. The 'reds' and 'greens' are muted, but still fall into the red and green category, thus making this a complementary scheme. I used the "It's a Guy Thing" (X7091B) papers and MyStickease (X7091C) for this layout. CTMH Colors used: Barn Red, Olive, Bamboo, Cocoa, Chocolate.


Oh, and click here to enter my website and order these, or any other wonderful Close To My Heart products 24/7...especially when you need some color inspiration!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Installment #1: Close To My Heart Convention Artwork

Layout #1 - Monochromatic Color Scheme (vintage and soft)

Layout #2 - Split Complementary Color Scheme (Happy and Carefree)

I'm home! It has been a whirlwind the last 2 weeks. Washington, DC was incredible, from the sight-seeing to the Close To My Heart Convention to the fun I had with my CTMH team and buddies. FYI: Our Close To My Heart Annual Convention next year is at Disneyland! I would LOVE to have you join us. For information about joining my team, click here (or just email me at Chicago was fantastsic. I must say that the people in Chicago might be the kindest and most hospitable of anywhere I have ever visited. It is a beautiful city, made even more beautiful to me by my loved ones who now live there. All that considered, there is no place like home (as Dorothy would say). I came home to a clean home, big hugs from my hubby and sons, and a dozen roses from Tan-Man. What a wonderful welcome. Sometimes even testosterone laced human beings do very estrogen based things. lol. Lest you think these guys are perfect, there were 7 loads of laundry waiting for me. :)

Okay, the real reason for this post, and I suspect the real reason you are stopping by my blog, is to see some of the 'top-secret' (until after Convention) artwork I have been promising you for weeks. So, without further ado, here is the first installment. You can click on any photo in this message to see it larger. There are lots of details to see on both layouts, so I'm thinking you will want to click!

The class I taught at Convention was a class about color, how to combine it, where to get inspiration, how color affects moods and emotion, etc. I LOVED preparing for and teaching this class. I hope my students enjoyed it as much as I did. The artwork I am sharing today is one of the examples I used in my class to show what a difference color can make.

These layouts are of my cuter-than-cute, sweeter-than-sweet granddaughter, Daci. If you look closely you will be able to see that the photos on the layouts are the same, it's the colors that are different. Let me explain my reasoning, the techniques and products I used, and you decide if what I did was effective. I'll start with Layout One:
  • First I changed the color of the photographs. If you are an iphoto user, all that is involved to do this is to click on the photo you want and then click on 'edit', then 'effects', then choose 'antique'. Voila. One little tip. I ALWAYS make a 2nd copy of the original before I do this and then antique the copy. That way I still have my originally colored photo. The photos you see on the first layout are antiqued (the photos on Layout Two are their true colors).
  • The reason I changed the color of the photos was to show what a difference the color makes in how a photograph feels. I wanted one of the layouts I did to feel vintage and soft, the other I wanted to feel happy and carefree. You decide if the colors and techniques I used accomplished this goal.
  • Layout One is made using a monochromatic color scheme. I used (CTMH colors) Vanilla Cream (X5646) and Parchment Cardstocks (X5645) with some Chocolate Ink (Z2111) and Parchment Ink (Z2142) and stamping (with one of my favorite stamp sets, Damask Tiles (C1342). I also used our Create-a-Shade Pearl Paint (Z1039) to paint over some of the papers I stamped, as well as the Dimensional Elements Simple Alphabet-Lower (Z1048) that I used for the "Wonder" words. I added some rubons to spell out "A world of...", for the little swirl border on page 2, and for the word "Memories" on page 2. (Love Letters-Z1098).
  • There are 2 techniques I wanted to explain from Layout 1: 1. If you look at the paper on the left side of page 1 and under the photos on page 2, you will see it looks almost like a vintage wallpaper. This is how I achieved this look: *first stamp the Damask Tiles stamp of your choice in parchment ink onto parchment cardstock. Then, while wet mist with a mixture of Chocolate Reinker (Z2211) and Water. Let dry and you have this beautiful look. Simple but oh-so-elegant. I just used a little mister that I found in the travel aisle at Target (I think it is meant for hairspray and was about $1). 2. The second technique is what you see on the papers in layout one under the word "Wonder" and across the bottom of page 2. Again, I used Parchment Cardstock and using one of the stamps in the Damask Tiles Stamp Set I stamped a pattern in Chocolate Ink. I let this dry and then using sponge paint brush I painted over the entire piece lightly with our Create-a-Shade Pearl Paint (Z1039) and then let it dry. You can also see this paper covering the A-door-ables windows (Z1321) on both pages. The one on page 2 with the photo on it opens to reveal hidden journaling. I love these little chipboard A-door-ables, and with the great price of $3.95 for 10 of them, you can't lose!
  • Other techniques used in Layout One: scissor edge distressing (both on paper and photos), sponging edges with Chocolate ink (again, paper and photos), ribbon flowers (great tutorial here...the only difference between my roses and these is I built mine on a cardstock circle so that I could glue it down flat) using our Designer Ribbon Rounds Cocoa Collection (Z1316) and our Twill Bulk Ribbon (Z1099). The pearls you see in the middles are available beginning on September 1 in the new Autumn/Winter Idea Book. You will see a link to that here on my blog on that day.
On to Layout Two:

  • As I mentioned earlier, this layout was meant to feel "happy" and "carefree." I left the photos of Daci in their true colors. I used a modified Split Complementary color scheme that was inspired by the colors in my photos. I also felt they conveyed the happy, carefree theme I was going with.All 3 colors you see in this layout are new colors that will be available in the Autumn/Winter Idea Book on September 1.
  • I did quite a bit of sanding on this layout, and there is nothing better to have to achieve this look than the CTMH Sanding Kit (Z1294). It has everything you need to create just about any distressed look you want.
  • The technique I used on the bright green paper to achieve the striped look works like this: Take out the blade in your Fiskars Euro Trimmer (Z338). Line your paper up and ever 1/2" run your Dry Embossing/Scoring Stylus (Z608) along the paper in the cutting trough. Advance your paper another 1/2" in the trimmer and do the same thing again. Repeat every 1/2". Of course, you could do stripes closer together, further apart, or even create plaids, diamonds or just about anything. Remember as you are doing this that the part that will be 'poking up' is the side that was against the trimmer. Take your paper out of the trimmer, turn it over so the 'outie' side is up, and sand. Cool beans!
  • You will also notice that many of the chipboard flowers and leaves have white embossing on them. Lest you think I spent hours upon hours on these, I'll let you in on a little secret. I used the Irresistibles Pizzaz (Z1307) collections for these. These white chipboard pieces are already embossed. All you do is color with markers or sponge with a stamp pad on top and you have the most beautiful creations ever. LOVE these!
  • You might notice that I also sponged tone-on-tone ink on each piece of paper used in the layout. This is quick and easy and adds depth and personality.
  • I also glittered several of the flower middles. To do this, I just sprayed with spray adhesive and then sprinkled with Prisma Glitter (Z134).
  • I also added some rounded corners (on the photos and journaling square). It's important to note that any time you have a layout (or card for that matter) that has all square edges, it is not nearly as pleasing to the eye. Rounded edges don't have to just come from a corner rounder. You can see several other examples of things that add 'roundness' in this layout as well: the flowers, the polka dots, the edge of the piece that the photos are mounted on (page 2). Be sure to add both round and square edges to give your creations a more likable appearance.
I hope you have enjoyed today's artwork and explanations. I am so excited to be able to begin sharing some of my Convention class artwork with you over the next couple of weeks. I have created links to most of the products I have used above, which will take you straight to my website if you want to see that particular product. You can also click here to order from me 24/7...even in your PJ's! Have a wonderful Monday!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Close To My Heart's July Stamp of the Month

My friend, Margi G. made this amazing card using the July Stamp of the Month (see the left side of my blog for all the stamps in the set. TOO STINKIN' CUTE!). Don't you just love it? I have posted Margi's card here with her permission.

When asked how she did it, this is what she said. I have added links and CTMH product numbers and a few comments (my comments are in italics):
  • Stamped Extreme Caps (D1250) "LOVE" with Versamark Pad (Z891) and Clear Embossing Powder (Z671).
  • Masked the hedgehog.
  • Sponged Cotton Candy, Sky, Pear and Smoothie inks (all 3 of these inks are new CTMH colors that will be available in the Autumn/Winter Idea Book debuting Sept. 1).
  • Splattered with pure Bleach using an old toothbrush. (Did this in my laundry sink to avoid unwanted bleach spots on my clothes!)
  • I cut stencils to color Hedgehog with Sponge Daubers (Z726). Once the stencils are cut, it goes fast with even coverage. I used Desert Sand Ink (Z2118) for the body and Chocolate Ink (Z2111) with a bit of Black Ink (Z2105) for the fur.
  • Chocolate flower from Circle Around Stamp Set (D1300).
  • Bitty Sparkles (Z1263) and new Opaques Pearl Accents (also available Sept. 1 in the Autumn/Winter Idea Book. You'll love them!).
Click here to enter my website to order the July Stamp of the Month (available during July only) and any other great products that Margi used on this card. Click here to see the options of how you can get this stamp set. FREE is one of them!

By the way, I am still having fun in Chicago with my kiddos but am also looking forward to getting back home to my office and sharing some of my NEW artwork with you next week.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Drum Roll Please.... (Tannon's Mission)

Tannon opened his mission call tonight. He will be serving 2 years in the Spain, Malaga mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He leaves on October 20.

I am so proud of him! Congrats, Tannon.

The lucky guesser is "Sophie" who guessed Greece, which was the closest guess of all. Congrats, Sophie. I will get your scrapbook kit to you soon.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm back!

No, not back in Utah, Silly...just back to bloggin'! I really planned to blog in Washington, DC and even brought my laptop, but the darn internet wouldn't connect for me there due to my filter. Ugh. I am now at my daughter's house in Chicago and the internet is working just fine. WOO HOO!I have so much to tell you and show you (lots of photos in this post..some kind of small so click on any photo to see it larger).

First of all, if you haven't made your guess yet on where you think Tannon will be serving his mission (closest guess gets a Close To My Heart scrapbook kit from me), then comment here now! We received word that his assignment has been sent. It should arrive at our home in Highland, UT tomorrow (Wednesday) and he plans to open it at 8:30 pm. I will be posting on Thursday morning with the place and who the winner is (that is, if that envelope really does arrive on Wednesday). If you don't know what the heck I'm talking about, go back and read my post from July 4. It explains it all.

Secondly, my time in Washington, DC at the Close To My Heart National Convention was STINKIN' AWESOME! I had so much fun. If you know what any of the following things mean, you are one of my crazy partners in crime from Convention. If you don't, count your blessings. You are probably a mature, well-adjusted woman, unlike those of use who do {wink}. But, just for kicks, here are some of my favorite memories of Convention 2010: "Ooooh-liv-eeee-ah!", "I can't even make a fist!", "No one's feet, in the history of feet, have ever hurt as much as my feet hurt RIGHT NOW!", "Snort!" Seriously, I had so much fun 'filling my bucket' for the upcoming year with all kinds of new techniques and products and business ideas, re-connecting with people I love, meeting new people that I am sure I will love, and remembering what a GREAT company Close To My Heart is to be a part of. My buddies, Jody, Michelle, Tracey and Nichole and I spent one whole day sight seeing in our great nation's capitol. I am so proud to be an American!
George found time in his busy schedule to pose with Jody and I. Nice guy.

Me, Jody, Nichole and Michelle. Our feet were not yet hurting. 14 hours later we would be DYING!

After some SERIOUS drama, we got ourselves on the blue line on the Metro. Whew! This photo of Tracey is proof.

My oh-so-awesome Pacemaker team (at least those that were there). LOVE you guys!

Tracey and I after the closing banquet. This sweet friend kicked some tushie in the Album Contest. She won it all! Yeah, Tracey!

From DC I flew to Chicago to spend a week with my daughter and her little family. It is so great to see my granddaughter, Daci again (oh yeah, and Kori and Rick too {wink}) and get to know Chicago. We went straight downtown from the airport when they picked me up. Transformers 3 was filming and we walked all over trying to get a glimpse of some of the sets. In spite of a bunch of uptight security guards, we did see some cool things, including Ironside and the twins (Mudflaps and Skids). Chicago is a beautiful city and the people (not including Transformers 3 security guards) are sooooo nice! Last night we went back into the city where we met a high school friend of mine for dinner. It was so great to see you, Katie. I enjoyed every minute!
So, that about sums up my life since the last post. I will be returning back to Utah on Sunday and you can plan on seeing some artwork on Monday. I have been so excited to share all of the artwork with you that I have been working on the past several months for the class I was teaching at the CTMH Convention. It was top-secret until then, but now I can share it. YIPEEE! Also, here's a shout out to all the wonderful women who attended my class. You guys made it so much fun to teach!

I hope you all had a wonderful week! I have missed you.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

HAS Cards

Be sure to scroll down to my July 4 post so that you can post your guess and be in the running for some blog candy!

Surprise! As you know I am in Washington, DC right now. But, before I left I set a little post to surprise you today. I think you'll enjoy it!

I am part of a group called the "Humble Artist Swappers". About a month and a half ago I was creating the card that I was going to be swapping for the June 10 deadline. I posted a photo of the card I was working on, but not quite happy with, here on my blog and asked for your suggestions on how I could make it better. Because of YOUR help I was able to turn my 'okay' card into one I was proud to swap. THANK YOU! (see it pictured below).Below you will find everyone else's cards (feel free to click on any photo to see it larger). They all knocked my socks off!

The guidelines we were to follow as we created our cards for this swap were:
  • use at least one NEW patterned paper from the Summer 2010 CTMH Idea Book
  • use at least 6 different stamps on your card*have at least 8 layers, stacked on top of each other, in one spot on your card
  • use at least 2 different embellishments
  • use versamark ink somewhere on your card
  • card must be square

Monday, July 5, 2010

Washington, DC... here I come!

Today is the day. I'm on my way to the Close To My Heart National Convention in Washington, DC. I'm sooooooo excited. I look so forward to this event every year and all that I see, learn and do there. I also LOVE my CTMH buddies and am anticipating another week of fun and precious memories made with all of them.

After Washington, DC I am headed to Chicago to visit my daughter, Kori and her hubby and their little daughter Daci for a week. I can't wait to give them each a hug, see their cute new house, and spend some time with them in their new city. I'm thinking I will fit Daci in my suitcase to come home.

I will try to blog a little bit here and there over the next 2 weeks from DC and Chicago but I can't make any promises. I am not sure how busy I will be. I will promise, however that when Tannon gets his mission call I will post that FOR SURE. It will probably be in about a week and a half. So, if you haven't guessed yet, be sure to go to yesterday's post and leave a comment with your guess. You could win a CTMH Scrapbook Kit. WOO HOO!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4th, Another Hedgehog, and Tannon's Mission (Blog Candy)

Happy 4th of July! I am so grateful to live in this country. I love everything about the good ole' USA and am so proud to be an American. I'm so excited to leave for Washington DC tomorrow for the Close To My Heart national convention. What a great week to be in our nation's capitol.

Tannon finally got his papers submitted for his LDS mission and we should be finding out sometime in the next week or two where he is going. If you'd like to comment here with your guess, I will be sending a FREE scrapbook kit to whoever gets the closest guess. If more than one person gets it exactly right, I'll send each of them a kit. If no one gets it exactly right, I'll send a kit to the person who guesses the mission who is geographically the closest to where he is called. If you are not familiar with the whole LDS mission thing, here is how it works in a nutshell: when a young man turns 19 he is asked to spend 2 years serving the Lord on a mission away from his family (women 21 and older can also serve). Of course, it is their choice if they want to go but they have been asked by the prophet of our church to serve. My hubby served when he was 19, my oldest son, Easton went, Kori's hubby, Rick went when he turned 19 and then swept my daughter off her feet when he returned. I'm so proud of Tannon for continuing the tradition of serving the Lord on a mission! I have decided that not only do these young men go and serve others, but they go and learn what is really important in life and come home an even better version of the guy that left 2 years earlier.

There are over 300 LDS missions around the world. Click here to see them all. That might help you in making your guess where Tannon might go. I'm dying because he will probably get his call while I am out of town, either this week in DC or next week in Chicago. I will have to hear the news on the telephone! But, no worries. I will blog to you and announce the destination from DC or Chicago, wherever it may be.

On to artwork: as you know, I love this little hedgehog. The July Stamp of the Month is a keeper! Click here to find out how to get your own set. Here is one more card I made with him.


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