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Sunday, May 31, 2009


No not the TV show, silly! The marriage. Mine. To Dan. 24 years. On May 3, 2009. I made a layout today to celebrate that momentous occasion after I finished making posters for basketball camp and before the boys all get home from Wyoming. I used a sketch from Creative Scrappers. I have included the sketch here as well. I just love this Dan the Man. He is the bestest 24 I ever did see.

All products are Close To My Heart. Colors: Indian Corn Blue, Sweet Leaf, Tulip, Desert Sand, Colonial White

Feel free to click on the photo to see it bigger. Daggone it! I just realized I messed up on the journaling. I'm going to have to fix that tomorrow. I have run out of energy for today. I think I'm going to hit the sack early.

I didn't raise a chicken!

Some of you may remember my post about Easton and saving the lady who was being beaten. If not check out my post from May 17 (My Hero). I finally made a card I've had in my mind for quite a while that I will be sending him tomorrow. It's kind of silly, but I had fun making it. I hope you enjoy it too!

When E was a little boy, he had TONS of fears. He was afraid of new people, going to the nursery at church, being anywhere where he couldn't see Dan or I close by, swimming, heights, etc. You name it, he was afraid of it. I'll never forget once we went to the library for story time when he was about 4 years old. The story they read was about the Olympics. They had put a piece of masking tape on the floor for the kids to walk on after the story like a balance beam. Easton climbed into my lap and cried and cried because he was so afraid to walk on the piece of tape on the carpet. He's come a long way, baby!

Supplies: (all Close To My Heart): Dutch Blue cardstock and stamp pad, Tulip background and texture paper (from Perfect Day kit), Desert Sand background and texture paper (from Bella kit), Colonial White cardstock, Cocoa stamp pad, Black stamp pad, Tulip stamp pad, 3D foam tape, Chocolate ribbon, Bird Basics stamp set, Argyle Backgrounds stamp set, black legacy writers, white bigger brad.

The Bug Lady

Yesterday was one of our three fund raisers for the Lone Peak basketball team's spring and summer tournaments. Tannon was unable to attend because he had 2 Junior Days (recruiting days) for possible football scholarships at Utah State University and the University of Wyoming. Dan was taking him to those, so that left lucky me to participate in the car wash. I must admit, we had a great time. All of the boys were there except Tannon and at least one other family member from each of their families. We spent the day scrubbing, buffing, window cleaning, tire washing, and having an all around great time.

My job was 'bug lady'. I cleaned the grills and front bumpers of each car and scrubbed off the bug guts. Lucky me! You can see me in all of my glory in today's photo. Tannon better bow down and kiss my feet when he gets home from his trip tonight. I did learn some valuable information. I know what kind of grill I want to have on my next car (definitely not the ones that are criss crossy!), I learned which bumpers are shaped best for the minimal amount of bug gut build up, and I learned that the slightly metallic paint jobs are easier to rid of bug guts than the more matte ones. Valuable info, don't you think? I also learned that butterflies make big messes!

Our day was successful and we were able to earn a good amount toward the travelling and fees of tournaments we are participating in. YIPEEE!

Off to make team tournament posters for the next fund raiser that starts tomorrow---Youth Basketball Camp. What will I do to fill my time when all of my kids are grown and gone? I think I'll enjoy every minute of all of this because after having 2 of my kids already reach the 'grow up and move out point', I realize how fast all of this really does go.

Have a wonderful day! I plan to with my poster boards and sharpie.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Thank you, Pat!

My friend, Pat did something extraordinarily nice for me this week. I finished this "Thank You" card for her tonight. I'm not worried that she will see it here since she doesn't do computers. So, I felt "safe" sharing the card with you before I give it to her on Sunday. Her favorite color is blue and this paisley pattern I created reminds me of her house. I hope she'll like it!

I stamped the paisley stamp in 2nd generation black in a random pattern and then filled in with the little flower where I thought a space was too blank. I used my Dutch Blue stamp pad and my waterbrush to color everything in and shade a little bit. I used a round sponge inked with Dutch Blue ink from my stamp pad to fill in softly between the paisleys. I popped the sentiment out with 3D foam tape. All products are Close To My Heart.

I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends!

My Card for Mojo Monday sketch #88

This is the card I created for the Mojo Monday sketch #88 this week. I enjoyed playing! I know many of you saw this card in my post on Tuesday, but I needed to post it by itself so that I could be eligible to win some fun prizes. I hope you don't mind seeing it again. Seeing it closer might be fun anyway since you can see some of the details better. Mojo Monday people...I hope you enjoy it too!

Supplies Used (Close To My Heart): Paper Garden Level 2 paper pack, New England Ivy cardstock, White Daisy cardstock and textured cardstock, Pansy Purple cardstock, Black stamp pad, Petal stamp pad, Pansy Purple stamp pad, Delight in Everything stamp set, Autumn buttons, Love Letters rubons, Neutral Embroidery Floss Assortment, Petal organdy ribbon, Waterbrush, Winter Cozy Assortment brads, Corner Rounder, 3D Foam Tape

My card for CPS sketch #117

I know I posted this card a couple of days ago on my "Color Me Monday" post, but I needed to post this card by itself to link to the CPS site to be eligible for some fun prizes if my name is drawn. So, forgive me for sharing this twice. I hope you enjoy it again, even more close up. This way you can see the details better anyway. CPS, I hope you enjoy it too!

Supplies used (all Close To My Heart):
Paper Garden Level 2 paper pack, Enchanted Level 2 paper pack, New England Ivy cardstock, White Daisy cardstock, Black stamp pad, Petal stamp pad, Pansy Purple stamp pad, New England Ivy stamp pad, Delight in Everything stamp set, Autumn buttons, Love Letters rubons, Neutral Embroidery Floss Assortment, Waterbrush, Corner Rounder, 3D Foam Tape.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Did you see?

I warned you! After American Idol ends my obsession moves to another show, So You Think You Can Dance. Did you watch last night? There was a dancer at the Memphis audition I fell in love with. I can't remember her name but she wore a grey pair of dance shorts and a grey crop dance top. She was blonde and had hip reconstruction a couple of years ago, but you would never have guessed. She only started training in classical ballet as a sophomore in high school. She was amazing. I have checked the website but can't find her or her name. Help me out if any of you watched last night and caught her name. She made it to Vegas. Anyway, I predict she will be in the top 10. How's that for an early prediction?

Moving on to tonight...tonight they are showing the Los Angeles auditions. Many of you know that my daughter, Kori used to dance for Utah Regional Ballet. She danced there with some amazing dancers. I have told you about one of them before, Naomi. She just graduated from Julliard. She has an awesome blog. Another one of them is Chanel. Chanel auditioned in L.A. this year and I have seen her on the commercials. She texted my daughter to tell her to be sure to watch tonight. I don't know if she makes it to Vegas or not, but I'm hoping (she's not allowed to say a word).

Here's to another night of SYTYCD tonight! WOO HOO!

Headaches and a little Italian man in Rome

I had the worst headache this morning. I was lying in bed with a pillow wrapped around my head thinking, "Wouldn't it be nice not to have a care in the world right now?" What a silly thought. That really wouldn't be much fun at all. But since I had a headache and the littlest thought made my head feel as if it would burst, it didn't seem silly at all. Then a picture flashed in my mind...this one. My daughter, Kori and I were in Rome last October and I just had to take a photo of this man when I saw him. He was sitting on a wall along the side of the Pantheon. He was playing his violin and looked so happy and carefree.

Even though my headache is getting better, I still think a day or two of nowhere to go, nothing to do, and no worries would be pretty nice. Then I would happily go back to real life.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Color Me Monday (5-25) on Tuesday

Jeanette Lynton's Color Me Monday choice this week did not disappoint! I had so much fun creating with this color palette: (Close To My Heart colors) Pansy Purple, Petal, New England Ivy and White Daisy. You can see samples of those colors here in the first photo in this post.

I created 3 cards and a layout using this color scheme.

On all 3 cards I used the full intensity of the color palette. Close To My Heart supplies used on the cards: Paper Garden Level 2 paper pack (X7094B), Enchanted Level 2 paper pack (X7087B), New England Ivy cardstock (1282), White Daisy cardstock (1385), Black stamp pad (Z2105), Petal stamp pad (Z2161), Pansy Purple stamp pad (Z2141), New England Ivy stamp pad (Z2135), Cottage Floral stamp set (set of 10, B1306), Delight in Everything stamp set (set of 10, D1204), Thank You stamp set (set of 19, D1361), Argyle Backgrounds stamp set (set of 4, D1325), Autumn buttons (Z1283), Love Letters rubons (Z1098), Neutral Embroidery Floss Assortment (Z1096), waterbrush, Winter Cozy Assortment brads (Z1113), White Daisy Collection accessories (Z1136), Corner Rounder (Z578), 3D Foam Tape (Z1151). Click here to order any of these great Close To My Heart products.

You will notice on the layout that I used lighter values of the colors. This is easy to do with our textured cardstock because the back side is a lighter shade of the same color. Cool beans! You can also tell that I love chipboard by the extensive use of Dimensional Elements on this layout (flowers, borders, fresh shapes). I tend to use lots of chipboard on my creations. Close To My Heart products used on layout: White Daisy textured cardstock (X5671), Amethyst textured cardstock (X5682 for Spring Harmony combo pack), Petal textured cardstock (X5670 for Winter Cozy combo pack), New England Ivy textured cardstock (X5669 for Autumn Harvest combo pack), Petal stamp pad (Z2161), New England Ivy stamp pad (Z2135), Round Sponge (Z697), Neutral Embroidery Floss Collection (Z1096), Holiday Buttons (Z1285), Photo Clips (Z292), Dimensional Elements Perennials (Z1139), Dimensional Elements Fresh Shapes (Z1019), Dimensional Elements Borders (1156), Hodge Podge Color Ready Alphabet (X1406), Corner Rounder (Z578). Click here to order any of these great Close To My Heart products.

I had fun! I decided to incorporate a few challenges into each of the projects as well. See what you think: I used the Mojo Monday sketch for week 88 to make the card on the top right, I used the CPS sketch #117 for the card on the left, and then just did my own thing on the card on the bottom right. I used the Creative Scrappers sketch #53 to make the right side of my layout.

As always, feel free to click on any photo to see it in a larger size. Have a great rest of the day.

5 more days!

Time's a-tickin'! Don't miss it. There are only 5 more days left of the Tickled Pink special. Here are just a few little tidbits to remind you of what you get!

Join the National Scrapbooking Month celebration in May with this special Tickled Pink offer. It's a darling scrapbooking kit (see end of this post for kit contents) that is valued at over $41.00. You will be Tickled Pink during this campaign.

Plus, if you take part and get a Tickled Pink kit, you are invited to a FREE workshop at my home on June 9 (10 am - 1 pm or 7 -10 pm) to finish your pages. I will be giving you 4 extra sheets of cardstock so that you can complete two 2 page layouts as well as 6 cards (see photos of the layouts and cards on the left side of my blog). I have also created a cutting guide and will be serving pink lemonade to round out our Tickled Pink day. If you cannot attend the workshop but get the Tickled Pink kit, I will provide the cutting guide and cardstock for you anyway. WOO HOO! Excuse the little numbers you see on the photos of the cards. That's just in case you need photos because you can't come to the actual workshop. That way you can put your cards together on your own.

Here's how you can get Tickled Pink. (How cool that Close To My Heart allowed us several ways!)
1. Place a minimum order of $60 in stamp sets (exluding K size and Stamp of the Month) by May 31 and receive the kit FREE. If you are placing your order on my website ( and spend $60 in stamps, you will be prompted to add the kit to your order as you are finishing up your order.
2. Purchase the Tickled Pink kit at just $34.95 (almost 20% less than the kit value). If you're placing your own order on my website, use item number CC1004C). Limit one free kit per order.
3. Sign up as a new Close To My Heart Consultant between May 1 and May 31, 2009 and receive the kit absolutey FREE. You can sign up righ on my website ( Click on "My Opportunities" and go from there. I'd LOVE to have you on my team!

Included in kit:
  • 1-My Acrylix "I am" stamp set ($22.95 value)
  • 2-12" x 12" Floral B&T Duo Paper (1 with glitter-$1.18 value)
  • 2-12" x 12" Striped B&T Duo Paper (1 with glitter-$1.18 value)
  • 1-12" x 12" Blush Textured Cardstock (.63 value)
  • 1-12"X 12" Crystal Blue Cardstock (.63 value)
  • 4-12" x 12" White Daisy Textured Cardstock ($2.52 value)
  • 1-12" x 12" White Diaisy Textured Cardstock Die Cut sheet ($1.32 value)
  • 1-Mini-Medley Accents-White Daisy Collection ($7.95 value)
  • 1-Foam Texture Tool ($2.49 value)
  • 1-Cutting Guide and Instruction Brochure ($1.00 value)
Total Value: $41.65

I'd LOVE to see more of you take advantage of this awesome special. If you have any questions, feel free to email me (

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The ABC's of Me

I saw this on Leslie's blog and had to do it! FUN! If you would like to participate, just copy and paste this list of questions and change to your answers and post it on your blog with a link to mine. ( Then be sure to comment here and let me know if you have done it and include your blog address so I can come and learn more about you.

Here's ME:
Age: 42
Bed size: King
Chore you hate: ironing, unpacking after a trip
Dad's Name: LeRoy
Essential start your day item: scriptures
Favorite actor(s): Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Reese Witherspoon
Gold or Silver: Silver
Height: 5’7"
Instruments you play(ed): Flute
Job title: Close to My Heart Executive Director
Kid(s): Kori, Easton, Tannon, Dawson, Rick (son-in-law), Daci (granddaughter)
Living arrangements: own a home in Highland, UT and live with my hubby, Dan the Man and my two remaining at home kids (we call them the leftovers, in a very loving way mind you), Tannon and Dawson
Mom's name: Nedra
Nicknames: Kare Bear. My hubby calls me this but recently Tannon and his friend have adopted it too. Silly.
Overnight hospital stay other than birth: when I cut two toes off in the lawnmower
Pet peeves: unkindness
Quotes you like: from Thumper on Bambi, "If you can't find somethin' nice to say then don't say nothin' at all!"
Rightie or Leftie: Rightie
Siblings: Andrea and Gaylyne
Time you wake up: 6:45 (I've gotten later in my old age!)
Umbrella: no
Vegetable you dislike: asparagus
Ways you run late: I get busy on the computer with my job or browsing scrapbook artwork sites or blogs and lose track of time. I once was 2 1/2 hours late picking up my son. I TOTALLY forgot. Luckily, he forgave me! I can't believe I just admitted that.
X-rays you've had: right foot, right and left hands, nose
Yummy food you make: my family's favorites are chicken broccoli casserole, chicken enchiladas, chocolate chip bars and better than sex cake (don't shoot me. I didn't name it).
Zodiac: Virgo

Happy Memorial Day tomorrow everyone.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Soft and Sweet

When I saw these photos, the first words that came into my head were 'soft and sweet.' I already have a layout in mind for these precious photos of our little Daci dressed in her Sunday clothes last week sitting in her cute shabby chic crib and leaning against her bedding. I'll share my layout when I'm done!

It's 10:30 pm right now and it's time for me to hit the sack. I will definitely not look as cute in my bed as Daci does in hers but that won't bother me at all. I love the feeling of climbing into my bed in my satin jammies (must be satin. Any other material sticks to the sheets when I turn over and that drives me crazy!) at night, letting out a long sign of relief to finally be there after a busy day, and then reading until the book drops out of my hand and I fall asleep. Heaven! Nighty night.

A day late and a dollar short, but I'm playing anyway

I heard about this wonderful Blog Hop for Heroes on Jennifer McGuire's blog (you will LOVE her blog. Her cards are already up) but was a little late in getting signed up. I decided to post a card anyway and tell you about the hop. Head on over to Cards for Heroes and at about noon today (pacific time) there will be a large button at the top. Click the button and you can begin hopping. There are about 130 participants who have created cards that will be sent to those in the military so they can have cards to send to friends and family while they are away serving our country. What a great thing to be a part of!

Again, if you'd like to hop, go to Cards for Heroes and there are instructions there so that you can see all of the beautiful cards that have been created and visit lots of fun blogs in the process. There are even prizes for hoppers!

Although I missed signing to be one of the blogs on the hop, I did find out that I can participate as a latecomer in a little different way. I guess my blog will be added to the list, but I won't be part of the daisy chain this organization is creating of the 130 people who signed up before the deadline. That's OK. The most important part is sending my card to the heroes of this country. Thanks for looking! Have a wonderful Saturday this fine Memorial Day weekend.

Friday, May 22, 2009

2 years ago...

Two years ago in May I earned my 6th trip with Close To My Heart. This one was a 7 day Alaskan Cruise for 2. Knowing that just a few short months later Easton would be leaving us for 2 years on a mission for our church, Dan and I decided we would really splurge. In addition to the two of us, we decided to take the whole family. Yep, EVERYONE: Dan and I, Kori and Rick, Easton, Tannon, Dawson, and my parents even joined us. It was a wonderful trip and we all have such fond memories of the time we spent together on a big ship in the middle of the ocean and seeing the breathtaking beauty of Alaska and Victoria, Canada. Today I thought I'd share a layout I did of our family while we were cruising through Glacier Bay and a few other photos of our activities. I can't believe this really was in May two years ago. That means that in 8 short months, our Easton will be home!

Some of my favorite memories of this trip:
*train ride through the Alaskan mountains and across the Canadian Border
*Rick, Easton and Tannon winning the ship's 3 on 3 basketball tournament
*hiking in one of the most beautiful places I've ever been
*boys smelling like fish after catching some beautiful salmon
*walking with Kori and my mom through the rain and shopping in Ketchikan
*bowling in the ship bowling alley
*seeing wildlife right off our balcony (and watching everyone squish in to see it)
*Glacier Bay
*Butchardt Gardens

I just love my family so much and am so grateful we had this trip of a lifetime together!


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