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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Beth's List

Beth shared her list. Love it! I love sleeping in too! I should add that to my list. Thanks, Beth!

1. Watching my children interact, look out for each other and love each other
2. Watching my amazing husband playing with our children
3. Date nights & weekends away with my hubby
4. Cozying up with a good "chick-lit" book
5. Breakfast with friends
6. Sleeping in
7. Creative time
8. Country music
9. Watching Grey's Anatomy (although it wasn't very joyful last night!)
10. Giving...whether it be a small gift, a handmade card, a hug or my time!

To read about these "10 Little Things That Bring Me Joy" lists and to share yours with me, go here.

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