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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tournament Time and Perfect 10's

This is the time of year that my boys are playing basketball tournaments like crazy with AAU, almost every weekend. The past few days have been no exception. Between Tannon and Dawson, we will have played 13 games between Thursday and tonight (Saturday). We are home now for lunch and a two hour break before we play again. Crazy but so much fun. So far both Tannon (varsity division) and Dawson's (freshman division) teams are undefeated so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that with the 2 games they each have left this evening that will still be the case. Wouldn't it be fun to have both boys' teams win the tournament? I say, "YES!"

Seeing these two photos together makes me think I need to do a scrapbook page of all 3 of my boys in their #10's. All of them wear this number is basketball and football. It all started with my oldest boy, Easton (on a mission for our church). He loved the number ten and fought to get it each year. AFter that Tannon chose to wear it to honor his brother Easton. Then when it was time for Dawson to start playing, he decided to carry on the tradition. I can see the title of the layout now..."Three Perfect Tens." lol.

That made me want to find a few more #10 photos. Clockwise: Tannon, Dawson, Easton

I don't know what I will do when all of my kids are grown and gone. Dan and I have decided that we will have to go over to the high school and pick a cute kid and act like he's ours. We won't know what to do without sports 24/7.

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