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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Pedersen Results Show

With Idol's results show coming tonight, I thought I'd share a few results of my own. Dawson's choir concert last night was so much fun. One of the songs the boys sang was Jail House Rock. They all donned sunglasses, loosened their ties and did the cutest dance as they sang. Dawson looked ridiculous because he thought it would be funny to wear the huge sunglasses that Dan had to wear after his cataract surgery. They also sang a beautiful song in Latin with the girls and several other beautiful songs. It was a nice evening.

The other results I have to share are not so good. Tannon's team lost in the semi-final game of the state AAU Spring Fling tournament. I was proud of them though. They fought hard and did their very best. Tannon played great, had 23 points, and gave it all he had. Losing stinks, but at least we lost knowing we gave it our all.

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Amy said...

Wow, you have lots of fun things that you have going on in your house. So are you freaking out??? Who is going to win tonight???? I still haven't watched last night, I know I know, lame. I will before tonights though. Can't wait.


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