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Thursday, May 21, 2009

2 more...and a giveaway!

2 more Color Me Monday cards (from Jeanette's 5-18-09 color challenge) joined the first one last night after American Idol. I was just so wired after all of the excitement I had to sit down and create a little bit. I took a photo of all 3 cards I made together (you have already seen one of them).

I made a few extra of the tall card so the first 2 people who email me* ( with a photo of their own creation using this color combo (Indian Corn Blue, Sorbet, Taffy, White Daisy. These are Close To My Heart colors, but if you have other papers and inks that are comparable in color from another company, I will accept those creations too.) will receive one of my 3.5" x 8" cards in the mail as a gift from me.

*By emailing me your creation, you are doing it with the understanding that I may be posting it on my blog to share with others, of course giving you credit.

Now on to American Idol. As you all have probably gathered after reading my blog the past few months, Adam was my favorite. I really wanted him to win. But, I also had decided there was a very good chance he wouldn't. I figured that those who had been voting for Danny would be more likely switch to Kris than Adam. So I was prepared. I love both Adam and Kris so I knew I would be happy for Kris if he won. When he won, I felt that Adam was a class gracious and genuinely happy for Kris. I'd be willing to bet that they will both have BIG careers in their futures anyway. They are both winners in my book.

Now I'm ready for "So You Think You Can Dance". I LOVE this one too.


lvs2dance said...

cute cards! I agree with you about idol...I was happy with both of them. I think that they will both have a LONG career ahead of them.

Sue McGettigan said...

I'm so glad you were rooting for Adam too, so talented and such a nice guy! I'm so glad that both he and Kris were gracious and good friends to each other through the process, both fine young men and very talented singers!


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