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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sing Along With Me...

and Elton John (I just changed the words a bit):

I'm leaving on a jet plane
But I know when I'll be back again.
On Sunday
I'm so excited to go......

Off to Close To My Heart Leadership Conference I go today. Hi-ho, Hi-ho, it's off to California I go (sing along...from Snow White). OK, so I'm singing WAY too much lately.

Anyhoo, I won't be posting while I'm gone. I'll be back on Sunday and back to bloggin' Monday morning. "See" you all then.

P.S. Be sure to read yesterday's post. You still have 3 days to take advantage of this month's "Favorite Five" special from Close To My Heart. Click here to enter my website.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So Stinkin' Excited...Join Me!

"Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll start my day tomorrow with a flight a-new. Tomorrow, tomorrow, it soon will be tomorrow and be MY day! 'Til then I hope your day is HAPPY, 'til then I hope you're feelin' SNAPPY!" (Did you pick up the fact that you were supposed to be singing this to the Mr. Rogers song tune? If not, start over and try again. Yes, I'm feeling silly today).

Tomorrow is the day I leave for Close To My Heart's Leadership Conference in Long Beach CA. I'm so excited! No only will I get to see some of the fun new things that will be coming out in the Fall/Winter Idea Book (will be released for customers on September 1), learn some great new techniques in stamping and scrapbooking, but I get to spend time with all of my Close To My Heart friends. I have several of my team members attending too and I am so proud of them for what they are all doing with their CTMH businesses.

Have I ever told you how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my job? Every month when I receive my commission check for my team sales and my personal sales, I thank my lucky stars that I get to do something I love, with people I love, with high-quality products I love, and make such GREAT money doing it.

The photo you see here at the top is a picture of me with 3 of my dearest friends in the whole wide world. They are CTMH buddies (l-r: Michelle, Michelle, Jody, me). None of them would be part of my life without my CTMH business. They have become like sisters to me and I can't imagine my life without them in it!

I posted at the beginning of the month the special that Close To My Heart is running this month. It's an AWESOME special if you have every thought about becoming a Close To My Heart Consultant. I have posted those details again below. If you are interested in signing up, it's EASY, PEASY, LEMON SQUEASY. Just click here and then click on 'Your Opportunities', scroll to the bottom of that page and click on the link to become a consultant, then fill out the online form. Like I said, I'll be gone for the next few days at my CTMH Leadership Conference, but when I get home on Sunday afternoon I'll check to see if anyone has signed up while I was gone and contact you RIGHT AWAY!

Here are the details:
There is a very special "Favorite Five" campaign this month with Close To My Heart. Anyone who signs up to be a Close To My Consultant between July 1 and July 31 will receive an extra 5 items in their already amazing new consultant kit. Here is the list to choose from. Oh, and guess's free! On top of the items being free, there is no shipping and handling added, nor tax. WOW! If you've ever thought of starting your own Close To My Heart business, NOW is the time. I would love to have you on my team. We are called "The Pacemakers" because we keep "The Heart" (as in Close To My Heart) pumpin'! I provide lots of training and support (in person team meetings, conference calls, emails, one on one calls, artwork swaps, etc) to help you succeed with your business. To sign up, just head to my website (, click on "Your Opportunities" and then on the "click here" link at the bottom of that page. Signing up is EASY!
Choose your “favorite five” from this list of products
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To take advantage of this GREAT promotion, head to my website (, click on ‘Your Opportunities’ and then “click here’ at the bottom of that page. I’d love to have you on my team! We are called The Pacemakers because we keep “The Heart” (as in Close To My Heart) pumpin’! We have lots of fun and I offer lots of training and support to help you make your business a success!


I had so much fun making this card using this week's sketch 25 over at Card Patterns.

All products are Close To My Heart.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Our Little Star

This is my 2nd post today. If you are in need of a giggle, you'll want to be sure and scroll down to the first one. Oh my!

I just finished making this layout using the Inspired Blueprints sketch #26. Of course, I did have a great subject to work with. Kori did a great job using my camera (tee hee) to take these darling pictures of Daci when she was visiting last Friday (the 24th). You can click on the photos of the layout if you'd like to see it larger.

I used the Color Me Monday color combo from Jeanette Lynton's blog as inspiration too. This week's Close To My Heart colors were: Moonstruck, Heavenly Blue, Outdoor Denim and White Daisy. As you can see, I added a touch of Cranberry too.

Close To My Heart products used: Outdoor Denim Cardstock (1275), White Daisy Cardstock (1385), Heavenly Blue Cardstock (1285), Stardust Level 2 Paper Pack (X7109B), Red Sparkles (retired, but you can easily make any color you want by coloring our clear sparkles with any color sharpie marker! Clear Sparkles order number is Z1104), Heavenly Blue Stamp Pad (Z2126), Round Sponge (Z697), Dimensional Elements Fresh Shapes (Z1019), Color Ready Alphabet Bold (X5750), Sanding Kit (Z1294).

Other products used: My Mind's Eye Parade Accessory Sheet

Click here to order from my website 24/7...even when you're looking at the stars!

Don't Laugh!

One of my sisters found this on someone from our high school's Facebook page (Go Rowan County Vikings!). I am laughing my guts out. Can you say "1984?" Yep, my senior prom. 4 of my best buds and I. We did have dates but I guess no one took pictures of us with them. :) Can you tell which one I am? Hint: I am way too tan and have on way too much light blue eye shadow. That should help you! If you're still not sure, look for the flower in the hair.

I had fun but I would NEVER go back to the way things were back then. You know...the dating, the trying so hard to fit in while still being myself, the school worries, etc. I am so happy being married, being a wife and mom and a grandmother and being myself without all the immature worries of fitting in like high school.

Don't worry. I won't torture you with more photos like this any time soon. Tomorrow I will go back to posting more artwork.

Happy day to all of you!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tip for the Day

My tip for the day:
Go and check out my daughter, Kori and her hubby, Rick's blog. It is fun and filled with cute photos. Click here.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Our little granddaughter, Daci was at our house for several hours yesterday. Kori took some photos of her in her darling little patriotic outfit on our front yard, which was in dire need of mowing. Oh well. Don't sweat the small stuff, right?

This was my favorite! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this little baby! Everyone told Dan and I how great it is to be a grandparents, but until we experienced it, we couldn't begin to understand. Isn't she scrumptious?

OK, wait. I have to include one more photo. This one makes me laugh. Remember those "Webols wobble but we don't fall down" commercials when we were kids? Well, Daci is just beginning to learn to sit up. She wobbles but she DOES fall down. Kori caught her mid-wobble. Too cute.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sweet Bug

I made this "sweet bug" card using Jeanette Lynton's Color Me Monday combination for this week: Cranberry, Sorbet, Creme Brulee, Desert Sand (Close To My Heart colors). I also added one more neutral, black.

Koribug, if you are reading, this card's for you! You will always be my sweet little bug, no matter how old you get, how married you are, or how many children you have. Love you! -Mom

Close To My Heart products used: Adorable Stamp Set (D1183), Argyle Backgrounds Stamp Set (D1325), Beetle Bugs Stamp Set (retired), Black Textured Cardstock from the Basic Textured Cardstock Combo Pack (X5747), Spring Blossom Cardstock Combo Pack (X5756), Desert Sand Cardstock (1273), Black Stamp Pad (Z2105), Sorbet Stamp Pad (Z2164), Creme Brulee Stamp Pad (Z2167), Cranberry Stamp pad (Z2116), Black Legacy Writer (4275), Designer Ribbon Rounds Black Collection (Z1034), 3D Foam Tape (Z1151).

Click here to order from my website 24/7...even when you're feeling a little buggy!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

You Bring Me Joy

Am I driving you crazy? This is my 6th post today. If you want to see them all be sure to scroll down.

What can I say? When I got some time to create, I made the most of it. I think when you choose one kit and just go to town on several projects you can really get a lot done. As you know, all 6 of my posts today have featured the Emporium Kit from Close To My Heart. LOVE it!

This is the 2nd layout I did today of Tannon. It used sketch #144 from Pencil Lines, but I turned the sketch sideways because I happened to have a photo that was vertical. I love this picture (you may recognize it from my post from a couple of days ago) because it shows just how pretty his eyes are. I caught him while he was sitting and watching a football game on TV and he didn't even notice! Why is it men can't multi-task in any way, shape or form when watching TV? That is a subject for another time. The good news is that because of that purely male trait I was able to get this very cute photo.

Close To My Heart products used: Emporium Level 2 Paper Pack (X7105B), Emporiuim Level 2 MyStickease (X7105C), Cocoa Stamp Pad (Z2114), 3D Foam Tape (Z1151), Clear Buttons (Z1155), Expressives Font CD Volume 1 (Z1280), Colonial White Waxy Flax (Z1081).

Non-CTMH products used: Hambly overlays

Click here to order from my website 24/7...especially if it brings you joy!


This is the first of 2 one page layouts that I am posting today of Tannon and they both follow sketches. This one is from Creative Scrappers (#61).

This one features photos of my Tan-Man (l-r) at 6 months, 3 years and 1 year. Time flies!

Close To My Heart products used: Emporium Level 2 Paper Pack (X7105B), Emporiuim Level 2 MyStickease (X7105C), Cocoa Stamp Pad (Z2114), 3D Foam Tape (Z1151), Clear Buttons (Z1155), Expressives Font CD Volume 1 (Z1280), Colonial White Waxy Flax (Z1081).

Non-CTMH products used: Basic Grey Chip Stickers

Click here to order from my website 24/7, even when you are reminiscing.


More Emporium Kit! I love this kit. Have I mentioned that? Since this is my 4th post today with artwork featuring this kit (Close To My Heart), I'm guessing you have figured that out. I have more posts to go too. Have I scared you away?

This card was made using CPS's sketch 125.

Close To My Heart products used: Celebrate Life Stamp Set (C1287), Emporium Level 2 Paper Pack (X7105B), Emporiuim Level 2 MyStickease (X7105C), Twilight Stamp Pad (Z2160), Cocoa Stamp Pad (Z2114), 3D Foam Tape (Z1151), Liquid Glass (Z679).

Click here to order from my website 24/7...even when you are laughing!

Happy Souls

This 6" x 6" card was created with Mojo Monday's sketch (#96) for this week in mind. I have really enjoyed playing with the Emporium kit from Close To My Heart on most of my projects this week. What a great, versatile kit!

Close To My Heart products used: Emporium Level 2 Paper Pack (X7105B), Emporiuim Level 2 MyStickease (X7105C), Cocoa Stamp Pad (Z2114), 3D Foam Tape (Z1151).

Non-CTMH products used: ribbon (Reliant Ribbon Corp.), scalloped circle (unknown)

Click here to order from my website 24/7...especially when your soul is happy!

My Life...

This sketch is #24 from Card Patterns. As you can see, I turned the sketch on it's side this week.

I also had fun creating many of the accents for the card by just cutting some of the images out of my patterned paper.

Close To My Heart products used: Because of You Stamp Set (D1153), Emporium Level 2 Paper Pack (X7105B), Emporiuim Level 2 MyStickease (X7105C), Cocoa Stamp Pad (Z2114), 3D Foam Tape (Z1151), Liquid Glass (Z679).

Click here to order from my website 24/7...even in your jammies!

So Happy and These Are The Days

I am loving the sketches on all of my favorite sketch sites this week. These two sketches from 2Sketches4You are no exception. I am "So Happy" that I finally found a couple of hours to sit down and create. Brace yourselves for a plethora (good word, huh?) of cards, layouts and posts from me today.

The first card ("So Happy") and sketch you see are Cloud's Bonus Sketch.

Close To My Heart Products used on "So Happy" 4.25" x 5.5" card: Celebrate Life Stamp Set (C1287), Emporium Level 2 Paper Pack (X7105B), Emporiuim Level 2 MyStickease (X7105C), Twilight Stamp Pad (Z2160), Clear Buttons (Z1155), 3D Foam Tape (Z1151), Liquid Glass (Z679).

The next card and sketch you see are Sketch #31.

Close To My Heart products used: Celebrate Life Stamp Set (C1287), Emporium Level 2 Paper Pack (X7105B), Emporiuim Level 2 MyStickease (X7105C), Cocoa Stamp Pad (Z2114), 3D Foam Tape (Z1151), Liquid Glass (Z679)

Click here to order from my website, 24/7...especially when you're "So Happy!"

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Karen's FAVORITE Chocolate Cake

I am on a recipe roll. Maybe because I have had almost zero creative time this week but have had several things to cook for. This is my very favorite chocolate cake dessert. I think you'll love it too! I hope to have something creative to post again SOON! Hang in there. I am going through creative withdrawals and just HAVE to find some time to make something soon or else I might scream!

Karen's Favorite Chocolate Cake

Start with a 9x13 chocolate cake. You can make it by scratch or use a mix. I use the Betty Crocker Butter Recipe Chocolate Cake mix. I like to cook it about 5-7 minutes less than the box says. I wait until it is just BARELY able to be touched on top and bounce back. This makes a MUCH moister cake. I have found that most cake mixes have you bake the cake too least in my expert opinion (tee hee). Let cake cool.

Topping Layer One:
1 - 8 oz. cream cheese, softened
1 - 4 serving size instant chocolate pudding mix
1 - 4 serving size instant vanilla pudding mix
3 C. milk

Put cream cheese in mixing bowl and add one packet of pudding and about a 1/2 cup of the milk. Mix. Then slowly add milk as you are mixing (otherwise you will have TONS of lumps). After you have got a nice, smooth mixture with all of the milk added, put in the other pudding mix and beat until blended. Let this thicken for a couple of minutes and then pour over cake.

Topping Layer Two:
8 oz cool whip (or whip your own whipping cream)

Spread this layer over the pudding layer on the cake.

Topping Layer Three:
Add chocolate curls. The ones in the photo have wilted a bit because I didn't take this photo until the next day. I just use a carrot peeler and a chocolate bar and make my own curls. It works best if the chocolate bar has been refrigerated. Otherwise it gets melty as you work.

Store cake covered in the refrigerator and serve cold.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

And Away He Went...

Tannon got a call this afternoon from the coach of an elite AAU travel basketball team (Salt Lake Metro) here in Utah. At the last minute he needed one more player to go and play in a national tournament in Las Vegas. He said if he could go, he would be picking Tannon up in about 30 minutes. Luckily, we know the boy T would be rooming with very well and felt good about the situation. So, away he went.

Yeah or Boo Hoo? Both! I just got him home less than a week ago after being gone 10 days to a football camp and a basketball tournament in Kentucky, so letting him go again for another 5 days was a killer. On the other hand, he was so excited to play. What a great opportunity for him. GO METRO! I can't wait to hear how they do!

I love you, Tan-Man!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Cherry Sheet Bars

Yesterday we had several family members over for dinner and I made something I haven't made in a while for dessert. I forgot how much we love these! I thought I'd share the recipe with you!

Cherry Sheet Bars
(from Karen Pedersen’s Aunt Carol)

Cream and mix well:
½ C. margarine
1 ¾ C. sugar

Add one at a time, beating well after each:
½ t. vanilla
4 eggs

Mix in dry ingredients:
3 C. flour
1 ½ t. baking powder
½ t. salt

Spread ¾ of the batter on greased cookie sheet (not a jellyroll pan. That’s too big). It’s really sticky so you almost have to pat it with a spatula to spread it.

Top with:
1 can cherry pie filling (large can)
½ t. almond extract

Drop rest of batter in small spoonfuls, hit and miss, over top of pie filling. Bake at 350* for 25-30 minutes or until golden brown.

4 T. butter
4 T. milk
½ t. vanilla
1 ½ - 2 C. powdered sugar

Drizzle icing over bars. If you like it melty do it right when it comes out of the oven. I like it more like frosting and wait until the bars are cool to put it on top. On the other hand, it is good served hot with vanilla ice cream on top too! Gosh, it's yummy any way! I think I'll go have a cherry bar!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Did I share this?

I can't remember if I have shared this or not. Duh! Anyway, just in case I haven't, I thought I would. It is one of my favorite layouts of Easton. It's his 19th birthday layout and I made it a couple of months after he left on his 2 year mission (left in January, made layout in April). Gosh, I love and miss this kid! 6 months and one week until he gets home, but who's counting?

All produts except the stars are Close To My Heart. I can't remember where I got those cute red chipboard stars. I am on my way out the door and don't have time to list all of the specific products and their order numbers, but just remember you can always click here and order from my website 24/7.

P.S. You can always click on any image and view it larger.


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