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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

And Away He Went...

Tannon got a call this afternoon from the coach of an elite AAU travel basketball team (Salt Lake Metro) here in Utah. At the last minute he needed one more player to go and play in a national tournament in Las Vegas. He said if he could go, he would be picking Tannon up in about 30 minutes. Luckily, we know the boy T would be rooming with very well and felt good about the situation. So, away he went.

Yeah or Boo Hoo? Both! I just got him home less than a week ago after being gone 10 days to a football camp and a basketball tournament in Kentucky, so letting him go again for another 5 days was a killer. On the other hand, he was so excited to play. What a great opportunity for him. GO METRO! I can't wait to hear how they do!

I love you, Tan-Man!


Leslie said...

Awwww, Karen. You are such a great mommy. You go Tannon! Hope they do well at tournament.

Sharli said...

Sounds like a great opportunity for him - just be proud, Mom.

Stampin Lucy said...

Wow, I know how you feel....My son just came back from Football camp (first time ever away that long) and I thought I was in a coma until I could hear he was okay by phone...then my heart felt good!! Isn't it rewarding to watch our kiddos grow =}
Your blog is beautiful and I am in total admiration of your gorgeous creations.


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