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Monday, July 27, 2009

Don't Laugh!

One of my sisters found this on someone from our high school's Facebook page (Go Rowan County Vikings!). I am laughing my guts out. Can you say "1984?" Yep, my senior prom. 4 of my best buds and I. We did have dates but I guess no one took pictures of us with them. :) Can you tell which one I am? Hint: I am way too tan and have on way too much light blue eye shadow. That should help you! If you're still not sure, look for the flower in the hair.

I had fun but I would NEVER go back to the way things were back then. You know...the dating, the trying so hard to fit in while still being myself, the school worries, etc. I am so happy being married, being a wife and mom and a grandmother and being myself without all the immature worries of fitting in like high school.

Don't worry. I won't torture you with more photos like this any time soon. Tomorrow I will go back to posting more artwork.

Happy day to all of you!


Sharli said...

Oh Karen! No, I didn't guess - but I will say that all of these young women are just gorgeous! Wow! What a neat photo to have turn up.

Lori said...

Very cute. We all have pictures that we can laugh at. Not at us, but at the clothes. My senior prom had me in a fru-fru dress too. I am pretty sure it was a "gunny sax" dress. You look very cute.

Brenda said...

Love it, Karen! As soon as I saw the picture I clicked on to see if I could guess which one you were. Easy to spot - that same lovely smile and happy eyes!

Leslie said...

What a wonderful time your high school years must have been. Lots of great friends. Great photo. beautiful smiles.

kimber said...

Oh YES, I can totally tell which one you're absolutely adorable! And that dress could be worn today. It's gorgeous!! My Jr Prom dress could never be worn today. In fact, my niece, Lacey, wore it as a joke to a dress up party. She won some kind of a prize for having the WORST dress! It was so big and so fancy that the day after Prom, the newspaper called, came to my house, took pictures of me in the dress, and did a write up on the expenses of Prom. Funny thing is, I was just thinking today about that dress! I may have to dig up a picture! You are stunning in this picture! (Hope you don't have skin cancer though!) What a fun picture. I love it.

Laurel said...

Cute! Like you though, I wouldn't go back to then either!

Missgingerdots said...

I'm laughing my guts out too! SO FUN!


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