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Saturday, July 25, 2009


Our little granddaughter, Daci was at our house for several hours yesterday. Kori took some photos of her in her darling little patriotic outfit on our front yard, which was in dire need of mowing. Oh well. Don't sweat the small stuff, right?

This was my favorite! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this little baby! Everyone told Dan and I how great it is to be a grandparents, but until we experienced it, we couldn't begin to understand. Isn't she scrumptious?

OK, wait. I have to include one more photo. This one makes me laugh. Remember those "Webols wobble but we don't fall down" commercials when we were kids? Well, Daci is just beginning to learn to sit up. She wobbles but she DOES fall down. Kori caught her mid-wobble. Too cute.


Rick and Kori said...

Ha ha! I know I love the wobble one too! I think she has the cutest face in it! It almost looks like she is missing an arm :) too cute!

Alanna said...

What a cutie pie. How fun that you all could spend some time with this cute bug.

Leslie said...

absolutely darling.

Melissa Laverty said...

Karen - I just want to nibble on her little pudgy arms! Too stinkin' cute!

Sharli said...

LOVE these photos of your darling granddaughter! She's so CUTE! I have one of my daughter (now 24) in the middle of wobbling over in her Christmas outfit (lemme see, that would have been 7 months). It's still one of our favorites from her baby photos!


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