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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Prediction for Idol's Kickoff Tonight

Thanks to all of you who posted yesterday with your 1-4 list of the remaining Idol contestants. Wasn't last night great? Adam's Led Zeppelin performance just about made me fall off of my chair.

I thought last night's performances went like this (#1 being best)
1. Adam
2. Allison
3. Kris
4. Danny

Gosh, that makes it hard for me to predict who I think will be going home. I'm going out on a limb here and saying that I think it will be Danny. I felt he struggled a bit last night and if the voters voted based mostly on what they saw last night, I think he will go. What do you think?

The hard part for me is that I really like all 4 and no matter who goes home I am going to be sad. Being the highly competitive person that I am that really surprises me. I usually am much more focused on a winner in anything I do or watch (especially sports wise). I am not the most graceful loser. So, seeing that Adam is my fave, you'd think it wouldn't matter to me who goes home tonight as long as it isn't him, right? But it does matter! Don't you almost feel that if you watch all season once it gets down to the last few they are almost like friends? No, I'm not a crazy stalker. But I have grown to like all 4 of these performers, not only their wonderful music, but who they are. Maybe when it comes to singing competitions my competitive streak softens. Who knows.


Brenda said...

Boy, are we alike when we watch this show, Karen! I did think Danny was going home. He really looked surprised that he stayed. Based on performance, he should have left last night. Lots of voting going on! Again, it will be a fun show next week when they go to their home towns!

Karen said...

It's fun to have an "Idol" kindred spirit. I am sad anyone had to go home. I'm looking forward to next week, too!


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