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Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Bug Lady

Yesterday was one of our three fund raisers for the Lone Peak basketball team's spring and summer tournaments. Tannon was unable to attend because he had 2 Junior Days (recruiting days) for possible football scholarships at Utah State University and the University of Wyoming. Dan was taking him to those, so that left lucky me to participate in the car wash. I must admit, we had a great time. All of the boys were there except Tannon and at least one other family member from each of their families. We spent the day scrubbing, buffing, window cleaning, tire washing, and having an all around great time.

My job was 'bug lady'. I cleaned the grills and front bumpers of each car and scrubbed off the bug guts. Lucky me! You can see me in all of my glory in today's photo. Tannon better bow down and kiss my feet when he gets home from his trip tonight. I did learn some valuable information. I know what kind of grill I want to have on my next car (definitely not the ones that are criss crossy!), I learned which bumpers are shaped best for the minimal amount of bug gut build up, and I learned that the slightly metallic paint jobs are easier to rid of bug guts than the more matte ones. Valuable info, don't you think? I also learned that butterflies make big messes!

Our day was successful and we were able to earn a good amount toward the travelling and fees of tournaments we are participating in. YIPEEE!

Off to make team tournament posters for the next fund raiser that starts tomorrow---Youth Basketball Camp. What will I do to fill my time when all of my kids are grown and gone? I think I'll enjoy every minute of all of this because after having 2 of my kids already reach the 'grow up and move out point', I realize how fast all of this really does go.

Have a wonderful day! I plan to with my poster boards and sharpie.

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Amy said...

Hilarious, I'm so calling you the bug lady from now on. What a great helper and mom you are, you're seriously the best.


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