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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The ABC's of Me

I saw this on Leslie's blog and had to do it! FUN! If you would like to participate, just copy and paste this list of questions and change to your answers and post it on your blog with a link to mine. ( Then be sure to comment here and let me know if you have done it and include your blog address so I can come and learn more about you.

Here's ME:
Age: 42
Bed size: King
Chore you hate: ironing, unpacking after a trip
Dad's Name: LeRoy
Essential start your day item: scriptures
Favorite actor(s): Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Reese Witherspoon
Gold or Silver: Silver
Height: 5’7"
Instruments you play(ed): Flute
Job title: Close to My Heart Executive Director
Kid(s): Kori, Easton, Tannon, Dawson, Rick (son-in-law), Daci (granddaughter)
Living arrangements: own a home in Highland, UT and live with my hubby, Dan the Man and my two remaining at home kids (we call them the leftovers, in a very loving way mind you), Tannon and Dawson
Mom's name: Nedra
Nicknames: Kare Bear. My hubby calls me this but recently Tannon and his friend have adopted it too. Silly.
Overnight hospital stay other than birth: when I cut two toes off in the lawnmower
Pet peeves: unkindness
Quotes you like: from Thumper on Bambi, "If you can't find somethin' nice to say then don't say nothin' at all!"
Rightie or Leftie: Rightie
Siblings: Andrea and Gaylyne
Time you wake up: 6:45 (I've gotten later in my old age!)
Umbrella: no
Vegetable you dislike: asparagus
Ways you run late: I get busy on the computer with my job or browsing scrapbook artwork sites or blogs and lose track of time. I once was 2 1/2 hours late picking up my son. I TOTALLY forgot. Luckily, he forgave me! I can't believe I just admitted that.
X-rays you've had: right foot, right and left hands, nose
Yummy food you make: my family's favorites are chicken broccoli casserole, chicken enchiladas, chocolate chip bars and better than sex cake (don't shoot me. I didn't name it).
Zodiac: Virgo

Happy Memorial Day tomorrow everyone.


Jennifer said...

How Fun was that?!! I just copied and added my answers so you can check mine out on my blog at
Thanks for sharing!

sandyh50 said...

Fun to read your answers. I made that cake too, a gal at weight watchers passed it out!

Anonymous said...

How fun Karen...and so easy to do. Looks like we have a few things in common.

Amy said...

You cut your toes off in the lawn mower, WHAT???? WHEN??? WOW???? Loved reading this Karen, you're such a cutie pie!

LauraB said...

added to my
funny the things we had in comman.
I really enjoy peeking into your "world"!


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