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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm back!

No, not back in Utah, Silly...just back to bloggin'! I really planned to blog in Washington, DC and even brought my laptop, but the darn internet wouldn't connect for me there due to my filter. Ugh. I am now at my daughter's house in Chicago and the internet is working just fine. WOO HOO!I have so much to tell you and show you (lots of photos in this post..some kind of small so click on any photo to see it larger).

First of all, if you haven't made your guess yet on where you think Tannon will be serving his mission (closest guess gets a Close To My Heart scrapbook kit from me), then comment here now! We received word that his assignment has been sent. It should arrive at our home in Highland, UT tomorrow (Wednesday) and he plans to open it at 8:30 pm. I will be posting on Thursday morning with the place and who the winner is (that is, if that envelope really does arrive on Wednesday). If you don't know what the heck I'm talking about, go back and read my post from July 4. It explains it all.

Secondly, my time in Washington, DC at the Close To My Heart National Convention was STINKIN' AWESOME! I had so much fun. If you know what any of the following things mean, you are one of my crazy partners in crime from Convention. If you don't, count your blessings. You are probably a mature, well-adjusted woman, unlike those of use who do {wink}. But, just for kicks, here are some of my favorite memories of Convention 2010: "Ooooh-liv-eeee-ah!", "I can't even make a fist!", "No one's feet, in the history of feet, have ever hurt as much as my feet hurt RIGHT NOW!", "Snort!" Seriously, I had so much fun 'filling my bucket' for the upcoming year with all kinds of new techniques and products and business ideas, re-connecting with people I love, meeting new people that I am sure I will love, and remembering what a GREAT company Close To My Heart is to be a part of. My buddies, Jody, Michelle, Tracey and Nichole and I spent one whole day sight seeing in our great nation's capitol. I am so proud to be an American!
George found time in his busy schedule to pose with Jody and I. Nice guy.

Me, Jody, Nichole and Michelle. Our feet were not yet hurting. 14 hours later we would be DYING!

After some SERIOUS drama, we got ourselves on the blue line on the Metro. Whew! This photo of Tracey is proof.

My oh-so-awesome Pacemaker team (at least those that were there). LOVE you guys!

Tracey and I after the closing banquet. This sweet friend kicked some tushie in the Album Contest. She won it all! Yeah, Tracey!

From DC I flew to Chicago to spend a week with my daughter and her little family. It is so great to see my granddaughter, Daci again (oh yeah, and Kori and Rick too {wink}) and get to know Chicago. We went straight downtown from the airport when they picked me up. Transformers 3 was filming and we walked all over trying to get a glimpse of some of the sets. In spite of a bunch of uptight security guards, we did see some cool things, including Ironside and the twins (Mudflaps and Skids). Chicago is a beautiful city and the people (not including Transformers 3 security guards) are sooooo nice! Last night we went back into the city where we met a high school friend of mine for dinner. It was so great to see you, Katie. I enjoyed every minute!
So, that about sums up my life since the last post. I will be returning back to Utah on Sunday and you can plan on seeing some artwork on Monday. I have been so excited to share all of the artwork with you that I have been working on the past several months for the class I was teaching at the CTMH Convention. It was top-secret until then, but now I can share it. YIPEEE! Also, here's a shout out to all the wonderful women who attended my class. You guys made it so much fun to teach!

I hope you all had a wonderful week! I have missed you.


Jolene Barron said...

Hi Karen-

I didn't get to talk to you at Convention (every time I saw you, you were busy), but I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your Extravaganza class. I learned a ton and can't wait to put it all into practice!

I also wanted to tell you that your blog has always been one of my absolute favorites, and I feel like I know you because of your blog. Your artwork and photography are always top-notch! I hope to actually get the chance to 'meet' you next year in California!


Tammy said...

So glad you have had so much fun. You deserve it. Good luck to your son, I'm going to guess, Canada, Toronto, East. Not sure why, just a hunch.

Cheryl Nelson said...

Glad you have had and are continuing to have such a fabulous time!! I can't wait to hear wear Tannon will be heading!

Jamie Harder said...

Glad you are back and inspired to create and inspire all of us:-) Sounds like you had a BLAST!! I would have loved to have gone!

Anonymous said...

Very cool thanks for sharing everything from wax to ironside!


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